The white leopard had waited for almost half an hour. It was almost noon as the sun became brighter than the minute. The streets were bustling with people. The town was more lively and energetic than in the early morning Though the sun grew hotter, the cool breeze blew lightly.

The leopard guy angrily stared at the door her was leaning close to. He was loosing his patience.

His hands tightened into fists as he raised his left hand to knock. But before his hand could touch the door, it flew open.

Nyx walked out and turned to him. He looked angry, but Nyx ignored his glare and handed him a small leather pouch.

”Here. ” She said sluggishly.

The guy stared at the pouch in his hand and slightly opened it. There were definitely silver coins inside. The guy hummed.

Suddenly, Nyx extended her hand towards him.

”Thanks for the help, we both appreciate it. ”

He stared at her extended hand for a moment, then her face.

”Mmmh. ”

Instead of taking it, he nodded slightly, then turned and walked away with the pouch in his hand.

Nyx stared at his retreating back, she still had a full look on her face.

Whats his deal?

She quickly dropped her hand and hummed.

She then entered the house and closed the door. She didn have time for him, she still had to make breakfast.

Inside the house, Nyx was downstairs baking in the kitchen. The aroma was strong and sweet, and could be perceived from upstairs.

”Alya, who had been asleep, woke up in an instant. She abruptly sat up on the bed and looked around, but she saw no one. She smelled something delicious coming from downstairs. Unknowingly, her stomach rumbled.


She had been sleeping for almost two hours, and her stomach couldn take it anymore. With only food on her mind, she ran to the door and opened it. The scent became stronger.

”Smells like bread. ”

The corner of her lips quirked up as she closed the door behind her and ran downstairs as fast as lightning.

She quickly followed the scent and found herself in a place that seemed to be the kitchen. There weren any electrical appliances like a toaster, or a blender, but there was an oven and a stove, though it didn look anything like the ones she had seen before.

She spotted Nyx cutting some onions on a wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. Her eyes were red due to the strong stench of the cut onion. It looked as though she was about to cry. Alya tried to hold in her laughter.

Nyx quickly looked up to find Alya at the entrance. Years flowed town from her eyes because of the stinging scent of the onion she was cutting. Nyx tried to glare at her, but her eyes only stung the more. She let out a harsh breath.

e mean and heartless. Im suffering because Im cooking for you, and all you can do is stand there and laugh. She said with her puffed out cheeks. She looked like a crying onion.

”Who are you calling mean and heartless? I was gonna help you. You
e slow in cooking, I need to eat like yesterday. ” She walked to where Nyx was and snatched the knife she was holding. Nyx just shook her head and smiled. She allowed her to cut the onions, while she brought the bread out of the oven.

As soon as the bread was out, Alya gazed at the bread with pure joy. Her mouth watered at the sight. The bread was brown and looked so soft, like it could melt in her mouth when eaten. To her, warm bread was the best kind of bread.

Nyx looked weirdly at Alya, then kept the bread far away from her.

”We can eat after we
e done. ”

Alya quickly came back to her senses and continued to chop the onions and other vegetables, while Nyx made the broth.

In less than an hour, they finished preparing breakfast, or early lunch to be more accurate. Nyx set the food on the table while Alya helped clean up. As soon as they were done, they started to eat.

In less than ten minutes, Alya was already done. Nyx was speechless, Alyas bread and soup was much bigger than hers. Her bowl of soup was still half full, but Alya managed to eat both the bread and her soup in a short time. She stared at Alya, dumbstruck.

”You mustve been really hungry. ”

Alya looked away and blushed slightly. She felt as though she had eaten like an animal, though Nyx didn think that way at all.

”I haven eaten something as exquisite as this in my life…or my former life to be precise. ”

Nyx felt sorry for Alya, she thought she mustve had it rough in her past. What she made was just normal everyday food, and nothing special. She stared at Alya, her eyes shone with concern.

”Don worry about it, eat as much as you want, I don judge. If you need more, I could give you some of mine, if you want. ”

Alya quickly shook her head and jerked up to her feet.

”No need, Im already full. We still have to save the rest for later, right? ”

Nyx frowned.

”Ok, but if you
e hungry again, take some. ”

”Thanks. ”

Alya smiled and took her empty dishes to the kitchen, leaving a concerned cat beastkin at the table.

Feeling tired and full, she went back upstairs to her new room and sat on the bed. She stared outside the window and sighed deeply.

She gazed at the people below, who looked just like her. A whole new scene was right in front of her, completely different from what she was used to. She then looked up to the sky, the sun was so bright, and there were no clouds in the sky. If she was dreaming, she would never want to wake up.

She smiled to herself and laid down on the bed. She stared at the white ceiling, and thought of what was going to happen next, what her future would hold. She was somewhat excited, but scared at the same time.

Minutes later, she grew exhausted. Her eyelids got heavier, till it finally closed.

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