Kyra POV

The kingdom of Beldovia, another part of the world were being un natural is considered normal. For this is the place where different creatures live.

Obviously where there is a kingdom there is a king. Well there is an intresting story behind the choosing of the new leader.

Long ago when no man or animals roamed the earth. The gods and goddesses each decided it was time to create their people so they set to work each creating their own kind and before sending them down to earth they would hand the little glows of creation over to Athena the goddess of love where she would give each creature their special someone.

A mate

Once the pairing was done they were gently sent down to earth were each glowing light blossomed into a new creature. Spreading like veld fires and soon the once bare and empty land had flourished with so many unique species.

Soon enough they all started to become more stronger and intelligent that they all wanted more power that was to lead and have everyone now at their feets and have their creature race at the top of the food chain.

War began to spread out, what was once a quiet and peaceful nation had struck and became a place filled with dead bodies, blood and bones could be seen everywhere you turned.

One day a very wise, powerful and old wizard had decided enough was enough he set of to the mountains where he asked for help from the ones above.

A day passed and he came back down from the mountains happier than ever for he had found the solution to the problem.

He arrived to the heart of the war and cast a spell that would freeze their movements.

”You all want to be leaders of this land and you can be leaders of your own race but as we all know there can only be one supreme leader, which is why the gods and goddesses have decided to create a new species race that will have a small piece of each of us making them very powerful and smart enough to lead us all ” he states as he stares into the eyes of the leaders in search of some form of agreement. They all agreed accept for the vampire leader he despised the idea of having to obey someone.

He left the land along with his loyal people where they lived somewhere else. He made an oath that day one that was going to have a big impact on the world as we knew it.

Days later and the new species had been brought to earth everyone was excited to meet these so said powerful leaders that they all gathered that day at the mountain where they were informed it would come from. The wizard had come back from the mountain with a cloth wrapped delicately around the new king.

”Everyone please welcome your new king, king Alaric ” he responded and the crowd roared in excitement to the arrival of their new leader.

Somewhere on another island

”Cedric I hope you have some news for me ” the man asks as he seats elegantly on the throne made just for him as he stares down at one of his most faithful servant.

”Y y yess mmy Lord, the so said new king has arrived ” he meekly says whilst his eyes stared down at the now very interesting floor avoiding to meet the gaze of his leader.

”Oh how very interesting, so that old man was right then, well we will be changing that very soon ” he maliciously stated as grinned very widely.

The present

After the first king was brought to our land everything became much better. To make sure another war would not break out the land was splitted into 5 different areas namely Fairy kingdom, Werewolf Kingdom, Dragon Island, Witches & Wizards Cove and The Royal Palace.

Three years ago King Alaric passed his crown down to his son. He is way more ruthless and powerful than his father ever was. Everyone used to go to the Royal Palace but after he became king going there was basically a death wish.That is the history of our famous land.

”KYRA!! ” my thoughts are Imediately stopped by a voice I knew oh so very well.

The door to my very small room is kicked down once again and Im met with the face of the one person who was meant to love and take care of me.

”Get up you lazy goat and clean the place up and make dinner my guests are on their way in an hour ” and just like that he left . Ladies and gentlemen the man you just saw was the Alpha of the werewolf kingdom and my father.

Im sure your wondering why he is being so rude, well when I was born I was born in a were wolf family without a single ability.My family took me to many doctors and they all just confirmed on me being a human. They were so embarrassed that they slowly stopped considering me as they
e daughter and looked at me as a slave. And soon the rest of the pack members began to consider that idea as well.

Once the giant pack house was cleaned obviously with the help of the other servants. I immediately get to work on the big feast.

An hour later the guests have arrived. I quickly get dressed in my waiters outfit and rush out with the drinks,setting them down gently on the nicely decorated table.

Just as Im about to go back to the kitchen I am stopped by strong arms firmly gripping my waist. I flinch at the sudden contact but I can stop but feel entranced by the new found sparks coursing through my body.

”You smell absolutely amazing little mate ” the space invader says with his gruff deep voice.

”Lets see if you
e as beautiful as you smell ” and just like that Im quickly turned to face my invader and my jaw dropped like literally.

I was now faced with the one person who isn in my family that I hated so much. Jacob Lambert.

My childhood bully

”what the hell, how can the mood goddess pair me with a low life human ” he shrieks and that grabbed everyones attention including my Father and lets just say he was livid. I was kinda not allowed to leave my room but me being me I did not listen.

And you think that I wanted to be mated to an idiot like you

Next thing I know Im on the ground with a now very bruised cheek which he must have heard me with the way he now he lowered himself down to my level and gripped me by the throat which Im sure will leave some ugly mark tomorrow.

If I live until then.

I try to claw his arm of me but he has the upper hand in this situation. ”What did you just say to me mutt ” he asks and grips on even tighter and Im slowly seeing black dots forming I shift my eyes in the direction of family asking for help with my eyes but to my surprise they all have smiles on their faces. Everyone else seemed frightened to even want to interrupt this.

”Listen here you little runt you
e an absolute waste of my time so I Jacob reject you as my mate ” he angrily says and drops me down like a garbage bag.

Everyone begins to gossip louder and some words get to my Father words he did not like hearing at all. He walks up to me and gives a loud slap leaving loud echoes throughout the room. Tears begin to slip out as he drags me by the hair and outside where Im taken to the guards stationed by the entrance.

”Take her to the torture room ”

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