Third Persons POV

Ever since the General was appointed, every war they ever fought was always a victorious one. No one has seen how he looked, except for the king. Everyone in the Kingdom, including all rogues knew not to mess with them, for it would lead to very serious consequences.

Indescribable death

The general had agreed to come to the palace. Everyone got to work with decorating the whole palace for his arrival. Its now sunset and the horn can be heard from a mile away which signalled the entry of the warriors.

The brave many men marched their way to the throne. Only the best of the best and most trusted were allowed to stand before the king. The rest were left on guard duty at base camp.

The king raises his nose in wonder as he has now picked up a small sent, it was small but he could smell it. He ignores it Immediately and turns to look at his brave and loyal subjects who have been adorned with shiny armour gifted by the king himself.

All had their helmets on their sides, except for one, it made it hard to see his face. As he is about to address the matter. A familiar face cuts him off immediately.

”Your majesty how nice it is of you to invite us ” he answers and bows down towards his superior even though he was way older than the king.

”Uncle fred no need for any formalities you are family. And besides I had to bring you here to congratulate you and your tremendous leadership skills ” the king replies as he reaches out for a hug. That act of affection was only ever directed to the man he holds in his arm. Even though he wasn his relative by blood, but he was there for the king way more than his own father ever was.

”I would be honoured to accept such generous appreciation but you see I resigned Five years ago, so the position had gone to a very noble warrior ” he says with a now proud smile on his face.

”Oh I would love to meet him, send him in ” he signals to one of the guards by the door.

Seconds later and the same figure he saw that still had their helmet on entered and once they stood a few inches closer to where the king and the previous general stood. The scent was still lingering, even though it was very light being a powerful beast had its advantages.

The mysterious knight takes of their helmet, and one look at them lead the king in complete shock. The whole time he was referring the general as a ”he ” before him stood a woman who looked absolutely breathtaking. She had a very serious face on her that it somehow made the king wish he could see her smile for some unknown reason.

The previous general walks up to the woman and holds her by the shoulder, ”this is the new general, general Kyra ” he states with a big smile on his face.

”Your majesty, its an honour to have served you for the last five years ” kyra finally decides to speak hearing her voice somehow made it hard for the king to deny the fact that her voice was heavenly and it was one he would gladly listen to on repeat.

Quickly snapping out of his trance, ”uh y yess lovely to make your acquaintances ” he stammers out and that leaves himself stunned for he had never faltered in his language speaking.

Once she bows and leaves the room, the king unknowingly breathes out, Fredrick ( long for fred) gives the king a quick knowing look before leaving the room and the king with his never ending thoughts of questions.

It was soon nightfall in the Kingdom of Beldovia every one had now retired to their rooms. All except for the king as he walks down the quiet passageway heading for his chambers, his powerful ears have somehow picked up a sound coming from the garden. He turns to look out and search for the source only for his eyes to have spotted general Kyra and she seemed to be training.

He could not seem to look away from her as his eyes were fixed on her and her alone, he could not detect the new person that stood beside.

”When I first saw her she was being attacked by her own pack members, I saved her and took her in as if she were my own daughter, I trained her on how to protect herself since she was a human after all ” Uncle fred begins his story and that received a growl from the king at the mere thought of her getting hurt. He also seemed confused for he could not sense her being a human at all, but he was unable to decipher what she really was.

”Only for me to Soon realise that she never needed the training, she just needed a spoon full of confidence and a cup filled with love and care and she blossomed into what she was always meant to be. A brave warrior. ” He finishes of and smiles down at her.

With one tap on the back Fredrick begins his walk towards his chamber not before the king stops him with one of his never ending questions, ”If she isn a human then what is she? ” He asks

”She is a creature like no other ” he responds as he continues his walk.

The king turns back to the lady in the garden only to realise she was not there anymore. He sighs in disappointment and turns to retire to his room only to be stopped by general Kyra herself.

”With all due respect your majesty I do not do so kindly to people watching me when they have no desire to communicate with me ” she sassily responds with her hands on either side of her hips and an unreadable expression on her face.

”I apologise for that ” he responds and that leaves him shocked for he never used to apologise for anything to anyone. So why her?

General kyra huffs in annoyance as she turns to walk to her chambers..

The next day comes by swiftly everyone has started their day off preparing for the big welcome party. Everyone was bustling with excitement for it was the whole Kingdom that was invited for the first time in 5 years.

The king has not been able to sleep since his encounter with general Kyra. She was the star of his never ending thoughts. ”I think you should give her the dress ” responds Fredrick and that leaves the kings beta Dimitri to nod in full agreement.

”And why the ** am I supposed to hand over the dress to someone who smells like my mate? ” He asks as his eyes blazes with pure anger.

”I know the last one was not your real mate, and it left you heartbroken and shit but I think we should test out if she is your real mate and remember Nicole never got to the Luna crowning ceremony to try the dress on ” Dimitri casually says and now found himself caged to a wall with a firm hand gripping his neck.

”Don you ever utter that name again, do you understand ” the king viciously states as he stares him down. Dimitri quickly nods in full agreement before he was dropped to floor coughing for air.

”You should learn to be nicer to people in stead of being a mean sport ” he struggles to croak out.

The king shakes his head in annoyance as he faces his attention away from his idiotic friend and on to Fredrick who seemed quite amused at their encounter. ”How does the dress work again ” he asks genuinely curious and genuinely annoyed.

”Well the Luna wears the dress mainly during her crowing ceremony when its a full moon the moment she walks on the floor which is enchanted with powerful ancient magic fairy dust, If if she is the real Luna then her dress will change colour and a type of her style now the colour of her dress will indicate what type of leader she will be ” Fredrick responds as he looks into the eyes of the young people.

”I remember moms dress was yellow ” the king responds in wonder.

” yellow means she was a kind and caring leader ” Fredrick says.The king smiles as he remembers his mom being those two characters to everyone she met.

”But it might be hard for the fairy dust to work on her ” Fredrick states as he runs his beard in realisation.

”What makes you say that? ” Dimitri asks as he munches on his chip snack.

”After she fully recovered she immediately requested for a witch and put some spell on her not sure what it is because she won tell me ” he answers.

”Oh but didn your mom tell us that the fairy dust is too powerful ” Dimitri asks with food stuffed in his mouth.

”Stop acting like a child and yes She did so it could work ” the now hopeful king responds.

They all begin working out a way of getting one of the most stubbornest person on earth to wear a dress without her suspecting a thing.

Very interesting.

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