”I can wait to get back home ” Kyle one of my Best friends since childhood exclaims happily rubbing his hands together as he stares out the window before looking in our direction to see if we had felt the same way .

”Oh yeah, and why is that? ” Mason questions staring at him wearily.

”Why can I be happy to miss home, in fact I should be asking whats not to miss about home, with the beautiful forestry and flowers that grow all spring long along with good, the people and …. ”

”Madison ” Mason interrupts as he smiles cheekily after mentioning Kyles long time crush.

”Well yeah her too, I guess ” he answers back but this time with a slight stutter in his voice along with a blush that splashed itself on to his face.

I laugh at his shy gesture knowing that he is definitely not a shy person thats for sure.

If your wondering what we are talking about and who I am I will gladly assist you on that one since it is my duty to help and guide others even if it involves knowing about my story.

Well my name is Damien. I am the first born of King Mortimer and Queen Marian making me future king of Genovia the worlds best Kingdom known for its amazing resources and top notch warriors.

And don worry we don live in the old age where we use carriages and shit, no we are actually in the twenty first century the time of technology.

I shall be King in a few months time which I have to be ready for, thus further explaining my where abouts. I along with the company of my friends had gone to the ”Soon to be Leaders of tomorrow ” convention. A place where young princes and princesses who are all going to be Leaders in future come together and we are taught a lot on how to be a good ruler along with making friends with your soon to be good allies.

You are allowed to bring the people you know are going to be big helps in your ruling of the kingdom. Like for instance Mason is going to be head warrior since he is a great athlete, intelligent and very witty and everyone in the Kingdom agreed with me there so Im not favouring at all.

While Kyle is going to be my second in command. He was always the creative one among the three of us with fast thinking in times of danger, even if he can act goofy and silly at times he is extremely reliable.

The convention has ended so we are going back home where I will spend my few months of being Prince going back to high school for my senior year. Im not sure whether to be excited or annoyed.

Everytime me and the guys walk into a room at school all the girls would stare and they would all start lowering their shirts or skirt or even go as far as following me around and falling on purpose so I can help them out.

I may not know a lot about love and flirt gestures and stuff but one thing I do know for sure is that, thats most certainly not the way to get any guy with a sensible brains attention that Im sure about.

I have had my share of one night stands only a couple of times to either relieve stress of the whole soon to be king thing or to just avoid blue balls. I never sleep with the same girl twice now that is one thing I will never do.

Back to reality of the now we have now reached home and the castle has come into view. The car comes to a stop in front of the palace and I can already see my whole family and the entire staff waiting by the entrance.

We step out the car and I am already tackled by my little sister Amaya she is quite the handful one I must tell you but hey she is my sister after all and Ill always love her.

Next person to hug was my mother and then last but not least my father, the relationship I have with him is immensely strong Im so lucky to have been blessed with a man like him.

My parents are most certainly meant for each other because my dad is your typical strict, quiet rude kind of guy on the outside but a complete softie on the inside and he only shows it to us but mostly mother ofcourse.

Whereas my mother is a sweet, loving and carefree person so they just blend each other out. I guess its true what they say that opposites do actually attract.

Moving on, after we said our greerings we all made our into the palace with servants taking bags to our chambers.We reach the lounge area and sit ourselves down.Shortly after we were seated the servants came in with trays of biscuits and tea.

My mother is first to break the silence, ”So I have spoken with the school and you shall return the day after tomorrow with Amaya ”she points out in my direction.

Amaya was lost in her own world but somehow What mother said brought out of her thoughts, ”What!Tomorrow On my birthday really mom, I can go to school on my utmost special day of my life ”

”I know honey but its your exams and these exams are very important for your future if you want to become whatever it is you said you want to be, and don worry tomorrow is a Friday then the next is Saturday and you will have a big party inviting all your friends ”

”Except for one ”she grumpily answers before slouching into her seat.

”Who? ” Kyle asks with biscuits in his mouth. Sometimes I can mistaken him to be a six year old.

”My best friend in the whole entire world. They left to go live with the family in America. I miss my bestie so much ” She sighs and starts playing with her food.

”The person is quite the character I must say, but none the less if it wasn for them I don think our little flower would have ever come out of her shell and blossomed like she is destined to ” my mother lovingly answers as she smiles at Amaya.

”But at least they
e going to stay for christmas ” father answers trying to cheer her up and it worked almost instantly because her sad grump turned into a smile as wide as the Cheshire cat himself.

”Well he must be a special person for Amaya to be smiling that wide ”Mason answers his jealousy slowly surfacing to the top but he was able to hide it very quickly .

And yes you have probably guessed correctly Mason has had an enormous crush on Amaya since kindergarten.He hasn really said to us directly but the signs are pretty clear.

Amaya looks in his direction with an expression I couldn quiet decipher but out of nowhere she began to laugh her small laughs turned into giant fits of laughter.

30minutes later

Time passed and she was still laughing.She slowly calmed herself down and turned to face our puzzled looks.

”No ”SHE ” is not a boy but a lady ” Amaya answers and I swear I saw Mason sigh in relief.

”Well its pretty late which means dinner is ready right about now ”my father says taking a look at his watch and turns his gaze to the door where head maid Mrs Odin stood and she announced dinner was ready. (pronounced as Oh-deen)

We all head to the dinning room. Sitting ourselves and in matters time food is placed before us all food fit for royalty I suppose.

We spent the rest of the dinner catching up and adding in some jokes or two.This is what I had missed the most, my family hopefully one day I will get the chance of having one of my own.

Once dinner was over we all head to our rooms, My room hasn changed a lot since I left. Everything is still the same except that there was a basket on my bed filled with all my favourite treats and I instantly guessed it was from mother judging by the card shaped like a heart.

I quickly shower ,wash my face and brush my teeth getting dressed in my sweatpants and thats all I need. Sleep takes over almost Immediately. As I drift off into a dreamless slumber.

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