Chapter Four

Marcus POV

The sun lights rays floods into my room through the curtains, the birds sing the morning away with harmony.

I jump out of bed doing a little bit of stretches. My six oclock alarm rings just as Im about to head for the bathroom. I switch it off immediately and rush to wash my face and brush my teeth.

After my shower I quickly get dressed in my workout clothes, yep thats right workout clothes its a thing the guys and I do every morning before the day starts.We begin with going out on a jog around the palace, some stretches then we head for the indoor gym which we mainly use for our morning work out or when its cold. Then for got days we use the outdoor one.

After our workout routine had ended we head back into the palace. The moment we stepped in to the kitchen back door my ears are already assaulted by the loud blasting of music.

The sight before me was quite unusual Amaya and her friend Arabella are singing along to the song whilst making what looks to be pancakes. They are not even aware of our presence as they keep singing at the top of their voices.

Miss Odin comes out from the food pantry room and doesn even seem the slightest bit affected by the noise. In fact she has a smile on her face and thats how all the other servants look like, like as if this isn new to them at all.

”Miss Odin care to explain why those two have played such loud music and no one is stopping them, not even You? ” Kyle asks yelling over the music.

She turns to us her smile still present, ”come again my lord I couldn quite hear you there? ” She asks not forgetting to use the dumb name Kyle made all the staff to address him as or as I like to call them ”The helpers ” I feel calling them that is more respectful than calling them maids I mean they are humans just like us after all.

”I said why are they making so much noise ” he asks much louder than the last time hes face all red from the loudness of his voice.

Matteo starts laughing loudly at Kyles shocked face when Miss Odin removes the ear bud that was in her ear and asking Kyle to repeat himself once more.

”You see my lord whenever madam Arabella comes over for a sleepover thats just how they start they
e morning playing music and making breakfast for everyone. ” She explains before bowing her head as a sign of respect and leaves to carry on with whatever it is she was doing.

”Well it doesn seem like the music will turn off any moment now so lets just go and get ready and come back down ” I suggest and they both nod in agreement before rushing past me.

Now remembering I had wanted some water earlier I make my to the blast fridge I grab a bottle of water jugging it all down in one go.

Arabella/Bella POV

As I make my last pancake I turn to my left to see Marcus at the cooler and my eyes can help but wonder on to what hes wearing at how the loose tank top fits him well capturing his broad masculine arms.

Its a definite yes that theres an eight pack underneath that shirt.With the sweat glistening over him making him ten times hotter. What, Im a girl so ofcourse Im gonna stare especially when watching him gulp down the bottle of water in one go.

Once the water is all gone he discards the bottle into the bin not before his eyes come across mine and we just stayed like that until I broke the stare down remembering my pancakes were still on the stove.

Okay I need to snap out of it. But whats the problem its not like Im interested in him because One thing Im not keen on is being in a relationship with my friends relative even if they are their far away cousin or long lost brother. Thats one thing I know for sure is something I will never do.Especially with my lifestyle Im not sure being in a relationship is such a good idea.

I was not even supposed to be friends with Maya especially since our enemies would all want to use her as bait to bring us down, but she strictly told me that she would never leave my side no matter what they throw at her.

After we make breakfast we head to the dining hall where Mom and Dad are waiting for us. I consider them as parents of my own and they don seem to mind whenever I call them that be cause to them Im their rebellious daughter who they would risk their lives for . I have been raised in this palace for the last 13 years. I always came here so I am very well acquainted with the all the staff members young and old.

Just as I suspected Mom and dad had fancy Ear plugs in their ears. I silently laugh enjoying how they solved the solution so quick without even coming to check what the cause of commotion was.

I serve them their food myself since its another thing I love to do for them. I add extra pancakes for dad knowing very well he loves my pancakes although he pretends to hate it by always putting in picky comments like, their too dry, they are undercooked and my absolute favourite comment that always makes me laugh : ”Im only eating more because why waste such precious ingredients used to make such a foul dish ”.

And that comment never ever gets old for me. The guys come down shortly this time dressed in formal wear they surely cleaned up nice thats for sure. Once they settle in their seats ,they serve themselves and we have had a little prayer to bless the meal and we dived right in.

Im a fan of my cooking, I mean not to brag but….. who am I kidding Ima brag and brag hard because its what I do best Im the best cook around I can cook almost anything wait, scratch, that I know I can cook anything so yeah Im pretty much a big deal if I do say so myself.

Moving on, while we are in the process of listening to one of Kyles many ”interesting ” stories (note the airquotes:). My alarm starts blaring I grab my phone having a look to see that its half past seven which meant that we had thirty minutes to get ready and head out the door and by WE I mean Maya and myself since the guys are already ready.

I quickly leap out of my chair and Amaya soon gets the idea and rushes out as well we run up the many steps that keep laughing at us as they become more and more if only there was another way. Oh wait, OH COME ON!! and I face palm myself only remembering now that we have an elevator.

”MAYA get down here we have to go back ,there is an elevator that we can use ” I tell and she turns around looking down at me with a look of disapproval.

”We are almost there you can tell me you want to go all the way back down there to use the elevator and then come back up to the entry of the elevator that is right up there? ” She says as she points at the elevator I smile sheepishly at her but hold my ground liking how her face is so red with exhaustion and anger.

”Oh come on why waste your breath when there is an elevator down there that we can use, so what if we are getting closer we took ages to get up here forgetting the fact that there is an elevator we could have just used ” I argue back as I follow her as she keeps on moving up the steps.

”No if you want to waste your time going back down to an elevator that will lead you back up here fine go ahead whose stopping you, Im not holding you at all ” she responds and holds her hands up to prove her debate theory.

It Looks like my defense teaching lessons have worked cause my girl has got bite, it took me years to get her to learn to stand up for herself and what she believes in and its finally worked.

”Okay fine but could you carry me at least because I am beet like really beet so how about it help a sister out? ” I ask her not forgetting to add in a little puppy dog eyes while Im at it.

”Ugh fine hop on, you are really dramatic has anyone ever told you that ” she asks adding in a huff and starts complaining about how heavy I am.

”Quit your whining and no, no one has ever told me that ”

”Jeez I wonder why ” she mutters thinking I wouldn hear it which I infact did loud and clear, but Ill let it slide just for today.

”Oh nothing I said nothing ” she answers back adding in her fake smiles.

”Alright, enough chatting onwards my majestic mammal we have school to attend to, we can not leave my adoring fans waiting any longer ” I say imitating a certain drama queen who we both know very well.

My mimicking leaves Maya laughing like a full blown hyena leaving her legs weak and sending us tumbling down, making me laugh as well.

Maya catches her breath fast getting her self up along with hoisting me up. ”Okay okay come on if we don hurry we will not be able to meet the real deal, and I can wait to see the look on her face after seeing you have come back ” she smiles with a sinister which I have proudly taught her on full display.

Yeah even Im excited to go back.

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