From that day on, I kept kissing him every time I met Loire-sama.

He kisses me shallowly and deeply, asking me how Im feeling, and repeats the long kiss that melts.

Lately, my legs are weak when Im returning home, and I often have to ask him to support me from his accommodation to the incognito carriage.

While rocking the carriage, I vaguely gaze at the return route to the Marquis residence.

Even with such a deep kiss, our relationship hasn progressed beyond that.

Occasionally, I was asked if I could touch her, and although she rubbed my chest and buttocks over my clothes and felt them, it didn go any further.

Loire-sama really cares about me.

When I realized it, a warm feeling suddenly welled up in my chest.

These days I don know if I will persuade or be persuaded.

Thats how much I melted and bonded with his gentle kiss every day, and I couldn hide my affection for Loire-sama inside me.

When I got back to my house, something was different than usual.

When I tried to ask the person who had met me why a figure jumped out of the entrance hall.

The one who rushed over with a flustered look was my brother, who was two years younger than me.

”Sister, its serious! His Highness the Crown Prince suddenly visited us earlier. ”

Hearing the name of the sudden visitor, the heat that had been uplifting me just now suddenly disappeared.

My younger brother, who turned pale, stared at me with a face that looked like he was about to cry.

”I told you I was absent, but when I waited for my sister to return, I had tea in the reception room.

”Alek, Im sorry for worrying you.

When I patted Alecs back lightly, he returned to his normal state as if he was relieved and hurriedly took my hand and welcomed him into the mansion.

Alex, who will soon turn 16, has already surpassed me in height, but I still need to work on eliminating my bad habit.

Even with this, I hear he is earnestly studying as the next marquis, and his reputation at the aristocratic academy is not bad.

Im thinking of letting you relax in front of my family, but when I suddenly felt that if I were to leave my country with Loire-sama, I would be a little worried, and the marks on my wrist gave me a slight fever. I felt like I had

Recently, I sometimes have had a fever, so I don worry about it; I give instructions to the maid, go to the reception room, and prepare my mother.

It was over there that I was suddenly visited without warning, so I didn have to worry about that much to prepare.

I put on the dress I usually wear when I relax at my residence, and after a simple outfit, I headed to the reception room.

”Luis-sama, I apologize for keeping you waiting. Thank you for visiting our marquis residence. ”

”I am sorry for my sudden visit.

My mother bowed to Louis-samas soft voice and left the room with a smile on my face.

I guess he was pleased with the visit of his fiancée, who hadn visited in a while.

”What about the concubine case? Have you come to a conclusion? ”

How should I welcome someone whose first voice is this?

Ive concluded, but now that I haven been able to dissolve the engagement relationship, I have to be pleased with the visit on the surface.

”I have my thoughts, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some time. ”

”I see, its also a proposal that uses Amelias efforts so far, so Id like you to consider it positively. ”

Luis-sama, who rearranges his long legs and smiles sincerely at me, is the prince who came out of the story.

As long as he didn say something that trampled on my feelings.

”Is that what you need for today? ”

”No, I have a consultation about next months victory party. ”

At the words of the victory party, I held my breath for a moment.

Its a victory party celebrating the victory in a skirmish with a neighboring country.

On that day, Loire-sama wanted me as a reward, and I planned to get out of the current shackles.

”Since we
e engaged, its necessary to match the clothes, right? However, Lilia insisted on matching the clothes with me. I didn ask you to only give me the dress. ”

”Haa ”

It doesn matter, but please don use me as a spice to spice up your love.

”Then I will prepare my own dress and refrain from wearing clothes that match some of the colors. ”

”But we are still fiancée externally, right? Then, we can only match Lilias clothes openly.

”…In that case, how about wearing a pair of jewelry?

”Oh, thats a good idea. Thats Amelia. ”

Luis-sama smiles satisfactorily, but I wonder what he thinks of me.

I didn go to the aristocratic academy, so I had no direct acquaintance with Lady Lilia, let alone mediation between the two.

I began to wonder why I, the fiancée, was suggesting consideration for the cheating partner and stopped thinking.

Its no use just thinking about it.

Just a bit of patience, and Ill be free.

”Come to think of it, Lilia said, are you interrupting the Crown Princesss education now? ”


Every time I see Loire-sama, I show up at the firm, so Im not lying.

Impressing Louis-sama that we are going downtown will also support Loire-samas condition that we want to meet by chance.

Even so, what does it mean to hear about your fiancées current situation from your cheating partner?

Its probably not that interesting to me.

”The lecturer praised Amelia for having a good eye, and if you take care of it, the economy of the royal capital may also be activated. ”

”Its a wasteful word. ”

If hes not his fiancée, hes excellent in terms of workability and grasping peoples hearts.

Please guide me so that Lilia-sama and the people, including our Marquis family, can live happily ever after.

”Then, I will wear white and blue as the base color on that day, so please match it well. ”

”Im afraid. Ill keep it to the extent that it includes a part of the blue lace. ”

”Im saved. Oh, its an escort. ”

”Please come with Lilia-sama. ”

”Is that so? Actually, Alex just asked me to entrust you with my escort. ”

Alec, who attends the aristocratic academy, must not know about the relationship between Louis-sama and Lilia-sama.

He is a gentle younger brother who thinks of his older sister.

Thinking that todays visit might be about Lilia-samas affair, I was careful in my brothers way.

Even with the same result, instead of Louis-sama not choosing me, Alek wanted to escort me and tried to keep me from getting hurt.

”Alek was whining about wanting to escort me, so I was saved. ”

”If thats the case, don hesitate to let Lilia escort you. ”

When Louis-sama turned a beautiful smile towards me, he headed towards the door as if the business had been completed.

As I stood up to see him off, something was placed on my head.

”Amelia, you look a little pale, don you? ”

I realized that it was Luis-samas hand that was placed on my head, and when I raised my face, my gaze met with the blue eyes that were looking at me worriedly.

At that moment, a burning sensation ran through the marks on my wrist.

”Ugh! ”

When I reflexively hold my wrist, I sit on the sofa.

”Whats wrong, Amelia? Does it hurt anywhere? ”

”… its okay, Ive been pushing myself hard for the past few days, so Im just a little dizzy. ”

Luis-sama rubbed my back as if caring for a sick person, but the heat in my wrist didn go away.

”Get some rest early today. You
e working too hard, so you need to rest once in a while. ”

”Im sorry for your thoughtfulness. Im sorry I can see you off, but Ill let you go today. ”

I gently pushed back Louis-samas hand, touching my back, and slowly stood up.

Louis-sama said he didn have to worry about it and headed for the door.

Before I knew it, the heat on my wrist was no longer there.

After cleansing myself and returning to my room, I lie on my bed, and in the darkness, I think about what happened today.

I was thinking of one possibility.

”Loire-sama, can you hear me? ”

There was no response from the silent room to the leaked soliloquy.

He knew what the conversation with the stranger who had exchanged in the park before was, so I thought it might be possible, but it was just an oversight.

When I let out a small sigh, I lie down on my back.

Ever since I started wooing Loire-sama, Ive been reading love-related books until late every day, so even Louis-sama, who I rarely see today, said that my complexion was pale.

If you don keep things in order, Loire-sama will be worried.

Today I go to bed early and drop my eyelids to secure my sleep time.

The sound of footsteps resounded in the silent room.

A vague figure emerged in the darkness when I turned my gaze toward the noise.

”Lord Loire, is it? ”

”…It was bad. ”

Half in doubt, I called out to him, but what came back was an apology from the person I exchanged a deep kiss with during the day.

When Loire-sama sits next to the bed, she takes my hand and checks the marks on my wrist.

The mark he made was faintly glowing red.

”After all, not only can you find out where you are, but you can also hear conversations. ”

”Not all the time. If I consciously try to listen, I can hear it. ”

”Is Loire-samas appearance here also related to this trace? ”

”No, the transfer is because you called out to me, and the traces are irrelevant. ”

While conversing, his eyes were on my wrist, slowly stroking the mark.

”Why were you silent? ”

”… When I first met you, I couldn believe you, so I deliberately didn tell you everything and followed your trail. After we got to know each other, I decided to talk to you sooner, but I was told to turn it off once I learned about its true function. I couldn say it because I thought it might be. ”

I can look at this because I feel guilty.

With his head down, he continues to caress my wrist.

Indeed, I can let my private life go unnoticed, but Im not particularly embarrassed or embarrassed by Loire-samas knowledge, so I didn even want to delete it.

”If Loire-sama doesn want to erase it, I don mind. ”

”Really? You
e pushing yourself. ”

”I don have to hide it from Loire-sama, so Im not particularly worried. ”

Loire-sama, who lifted her face with an openly relieved look, lowered her face again as if she remembered something.

”… but it hurt. It was bad. ”

”Come to think of it, Ive been feeling hot and in pain several times lately, but does that have anything to do with it? ”

”I couldn control my emotions, so my magic flowed this way. Im sorry I made you feel hurt. I want to erase you, but too many men wander around you. ”

I don have a clue about the men around me.

I didn understand, so I stared at Loire-sama, and with a sigh, I lifted my arm and brought my lips to his wrist.

”Even though you told me not to touch another man, you easily let him touch you. Its not that; its because he thinks of you as his own that he has that kind of attitude. ”

With a pained expression, he said to spit it out.

”Even your little brother might see you as a woman.

Perhaps because he spoke too quickly, he rested his breath on his shoulder when he finished.

He gently lifted his lips from his wrist as if he had calmed down after pouring out his heart.

”… Im worried. Will you leave me? ”

This is probably his true intention.

The inside of my chest gradually warms up to the remarks that seek me as the only one.

”I only think of Loire-sama. ”

”Thats how you always make me expect. I want to bring you back to my country as soon as possible. ”

Loire-sama exaggeratedly sighed and made a loud noise as she lay down next to me.

”You, do you like this country? ”

”Yes. I have family members and employees of the company I run, so I have an attachment. ”

”I see. Still, will you come to my country? ”

”Of course. Because being desired by you is my greatest pleasure. ”

The sound of the creaking bed echoes and Loire-sama appears in front of me.

As I closed my eyes and sensed it was slowly approaching, my slightly dry lips touched me.

Perhaps it was because I had been talking a lot until now, and when I gently licked it with my tongue, I was startled and shivered.

When I opened my eyes, there was Loire-sama with a sad expression in front of me, who had been able to see at night.

”…Are you going to make the dress the same color as him? ”

For a moment, I thought about what we were talking about, and I remembered that it was about making a dress for the victory celebration that I talked about with Mr. Luis.

”Im obligated to incorporate blue lace, but the others are free. It would be nice to incorporate Loire-samas hair and eye color. ”

”Then I want you to wear navy blue and gold. ”

”Is it gold? ”

Its dark now and hard to see, but I remember Loire-samas eyes were soft brown.

”Ah, I usually change the color of my eyes because its unusual and stands out. Didn you show it to me yet? ”

Loire-sama repeated her blinks several times, and even though it was dark, I could see the change in the color of her eyes.

Her eyes, which had been gentle brown, changed to a mysterious color that looked like green jewels were scattered in gold, and she was looking down at me.

”Its a rare and beautiful color. Im happy to know another thing about the Loire. ”

”Do you want me to be happy, make you look forward to it, and take responsibility for it? ”

”Of course. If you wear a dress with a dark blue accent color and emerald gold accessories, it will be close to your image.

”… Then Ill wear something light purple and silver. ”

”Fufu, my hair, and eye color. Thank you. Im looking forward to the day again. ”

When I laughed, I put my hand to my mouth, which was taken and sewn to my pillow.

”Hey, I want to touch you directly. ”

”Do you mean the third stage? ”

”… if you
e okay with it. ”

”Since my engagement has not yet been officially broken off, I would like to protect my chastity if possible.

Before I can finish speaking, Loire-samas lips cover my mouth.

The body, which remembers the pleasure given to me during the daytime, greeted me by inviting a hot tongue that split my lips and invaded.

Entangling his tongue and rubbing his upper jaw, he made a slurping sound and deepened his greedy kiss as if he were claiming it as his own.

”Hmm, ha ”

Desperately searching for air to catch my breath with a predatory kiss.

Heat builds up in the lower abdomen from the soft sensation that overruns the inside of the mouth, and the sadness increases every time the upper jaw is rubbed up.

His hand rolled up the hem of his one-piece nightgown, and I could feel my skin exposed to the outside air.

Even though I was groped through my clothes, I had never been touched directly.

I was stimulated even through my clothes, but what kind of sensation would it feel if I touched them directly?

With a whiff, his hand lifted my breast from below.

It is gently grasped as if confirming its shape and rubbed in a large circle.

”Even though you
e thin, is this the only meat you have? ”

Gradually, I feel the tip beginning to assert itself in his palm.

Every time the tip rubbed against his palm, a sweet throb ran through his waist.

”Hah, Loire-sama, its already painful. ”

”Where do you want me to touch you? ”

Saying that he parted his lips and stuck to the tip of my chest.

”Hi!? ”

When it is rolled with a hot tongue while in the mouth, the core of the head becomes numb, and it becomes impossible to think of anything.

The other tip was swollen and puffy from being touched and rubbed by his fingers, but he still wanted me to feel it and his fingers to move as my body swayed.

”N, ah, it feels good. ”

”Are you okay with this amount of magic flow? ”

”More, touch… ah! ”

His fingers penetrated my shorts and flipped the front protrusion.

The heat accumulated in my lower abdomen concentrated on the stimulus.

”Keep your voice down; this is your room for now. ”

Even while saying that, Loire-sama doesn stop.

His fingers clicked at the mouth of the dripping honey jar, smearing the honey onto the prongs in front of it and scratching gently.

His other hand kneads and flicks the tip of the breast, and his tongue licks and sucks the end of the opposite breast, continuously pouring in pleasure.

The body is startled by too much stimulation.

”Hmm!? Ah, hmm…! ”

Even though I desperately tried to keep my mouth shut so as not to raise my voice, an unimpressive agent leaked out from the edge of my mouth.

”Haha, it seems you have the talent to feel comfortable for the first time.

As soon as I said that, Loire-sama smeared the honey and pushed hard where I was scratching.

”Hmm!? ”

When I tilted my back against too strong a stimulus, his lips stuck to the bent breast, and the tip of the opposite breast was strongly pinched.

”Fa, ah, hann! ”

Strong stimuli piled up, and my whole body shook as if I was being swept away by a wave of pleasure.

As soon as the strength of the whole body is gone, it sinks into the bed as if gravity is hanging on it.

Loire-sama looked at me and seemed to ask if I was feeling unwell, but I gently shook my head and told him that I was not feeling ill.

Ah, Im the only one who feels comfortable, and I have yet to be able to return anything to Loire-sama.

I wish I could use my hands and mouth to catch him like I read in a book.

I smiled as hard as I could at him, who was looking at me worriedly, and my consciousness flew away as if melting into the mud.

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