ou think of it as a wedding.

”Thank you very much.

At the words of our oath, cheers suddenly rise.

The story of a hero who saved the country and the daughter sought by the hero is like a romance novel.

With this, we can officially take the first step as two people who love each other.

”Wait! ”

At the sudden loud voice, the gazes of the entire venue turned towards you.

When I traced my line of sight, I saw a thin lady with tears in her big eyes.

Since Louis-sama is standing next to her, she is probably Lilia-sama.

The two wore the same fabric outfits and paired accessories as I suggested.

”Its too much for Amelia-sama to give herself as a reward.

”Lilia, you don blame yourself. ”

She seems to want to make herself a tragic heroine no matter what.

I don mind if you make me believe it in my heart, but I can ignore it when I say it in front of many people.

Luis-sama supported her back to comfort her, but she shook her head reluctantly with her face down.

I sighed softly so the other person wouldn hear me and walked over to the two of them while thinking I should put the woman I love in a good mood.

When I stood nearby, Lilia-sama, who looked young, was about the same height as me.

”Isn it Lady Lilia of Viscount Guarana? Please, please raise your head. ”

Honestly, its almost the first meeting, so I wonder if the other person is the person.

However, when I called her name, she lifted her face as if repelled, and tears began overflowing her eyes.

”Amelia-sama, Ive always admired you. But Im really sorry that I fell in love with Luis-sama. I stole your happiness.

Can you either cry or talk?

I tried to approach Lilia-sama, who was crying like a child, thinking that I had to somehow care about her on the surface, but there was an arm that stopped me when I tried to move forward.

”I will take responsibility for Amelias happiness. You don have to blame yourself. ”

Loire-sama, who called out to Lilia-sama instead of me, put her arms around my waist and hugged me.

Immediately, a yellow cheer rose from the surroundings.

Ah, I can think about things calmly because no one has stolen my happiness.

”Lilia-sama, Loire-sama is right. I was asked for it as a reward, and I am proud to be able to respond to it. ”

”…Is that true of Amelia-samas feelings? ”

Lilia-sama sniffs her nose and looks up while being supported by Louis-samas arm.

”Yes, of course. Its an honor beyond my control to marry a hero of our country and… ”

I lowered my voice and deepened my smile.

”If its more than being used as a concubine, it will be a reward for a great magician-sama. ”

Hearing those words, Shin and his surroundings fell silent.

I unintentionally let out a voice in my heart, but I don think Ill be involved with these two anymore.

”Please love each other and live happily ever after. ”

After bowing, Loire-sama escorted me back to His Majesty the King.

Perhaps it was because His Majesty had seen the series of events, and he didn intend to object to our marriage anymore.

”And Loire-dono, where do you plan to live after marriage? ”

”I am thinking of taking my wife back to my country, Rentwar, for the time being.

”What! What is Restore? Did Loire-dono come from that continents magical powerhouse, Restore? ”

The magic powerhouse Rentwar is the largest country in the continent beyond the sea, and it is a country that all nobles of our country must remember when understanding geography.

However, it was supposed to have been in isolation for hundreds of years.

”Our country was isolated for a long time because there was no particular inconvenience, but recently we decided to open the country, and each of us visited neighboring countries to grasp the situation. ”

Loire-samas remarks made the venue noisy.

The information that the magic powerhouse Rentoire has opened diplomatic relations is surprising, but the report that mages have visited various countries gives me a disturbing air.

”I came to this country with the order that my superiors would choose to invade if it was not worthy of exchange and had no defenses against magecraft or a military force to counter it, and that if I judged that exchange was worthwhile, I would select a friendly relationship and report back. rice field ”

”And what was the result? ”

”Its just as you can imagine. On this side of the sea, there is almost no knowledge of magic or defense against it. It would be a burnt field in a few hours if I were alone in this royal capital. You can

Everyone here froze as if they forgot to breathe.

”But I have found the woman I love in this country. ”

Loire-sama scooped up my hand that was holding me and deliberately put her lips to the back of my hand.

”She is a great patriot, and she cares deeply about this country, her family, and even the employees of her company. I don want to be broken. Therefore, from now on, I would like to ask you to treat our Rentwar country as a friendly country, but what do you think? ”

”I don want that. ”

”Then, over here. ”

Along with Loire-samas words, a man appears here.

Surprised voices from the people who saw teleportation magic for the first time rose in the silent venue.

”I am Prime Minister Langus of our country. Please proceed with difficult matters with this Prime Minister. ”

Langus stroked his jet-black hair with his finger and gracefully bowed toward His Majesty the King.

”I am Rentwaal Chancellor Langs Endora, who was introduced to me.

”Uh, hmm ”

”Since we can become a friendly nation of our country, lets station several excellent magicians from our country.

His Majesty the Kings complexion somewhat brightened at the proposal to solve our countrys national defense problem, which was one of the reasons for wanting Loire-sama to stay in our country.

Our countrys prime minister also confirmed the personal letter from the Rentwar country.

”Ah, as it is written there, there is one condition. Our country is strictly monogamous. No problem, right? ”

”Of course, its no problem. ”

”In that case, please do not make Yume Yume exceptions or exceptions. After all, mages dislike breaking promises, so please be prepared to receive appropriate retaliation if you fail to keep them. ”

It shouldn be my imagination that the eyes of the audience were focused on Luis-sama around Exceptions and Exceptions.

The prime minister of the country of Rentwar finished his greeting by saying that he would not mind replying later and urged Loire-sama to transfer as soon as possible.

”Ive followed your instructions, so please clean up yourself. ”

”Prime Minister Langs, Im sorry.

”His Highness is really rough with people.

Before Chancellor Langs finished his words, he had disappeared.

Ive just learned a shocking truth in the roaring crowd of people disappearing again.

”Umm, Loire-sama, aren you called His Highness now? ”

My bewildered voice echoes strangely in the large venue.

He was dumbfounded by my voice and blinked his eyes several times when he muttered something as if he understood.

His Majesty the King, who heard my voice, also hardened his expression again.

”Loire-dono, maybe you. ”

”Ah, sorry for the delay. My common name is Loire, but my official name is Lloyd Restore. I am the sixth son of the Rentoire royal family and the deputy commander of the royal court magic division. ”

Those eyes, which repeatedly blinked, were the gold I saw that night with green sprinkles.

”Gold-green eyes are the color of the Rentwar royal family, so if you have any doubts, please contact our country directly. ”

If possible, the voice continued; it only reached my ears.

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