e somehow managed, and I sucked on his tongue as if it had entered his mouth.

”Oh no, no more. ”

I can feel the hot rod trembling inside.

The sweat that ran down his cheeks dripped down his chest, and even in my vacant thoughts, I realized that he was reaching inside me, and I loved the warmth that gradually spread through my lower abdomen.

His hand, breathing on my shoulder, slowly reaches my chest and gently rubs it.

”Haa, it feels too good.

”Its fine. Its warm inside. ”

I just reached too many times, so my body is heavy, and I can help it.

When I vaguely stretched out my arms, Loire-sama covered me and hugged me.

When I buried my face in the nape of my neck and brought my lips together, I felt the slightly salty taste of his sweat, which made me want more, and I licked it up with the tip of my tongue.

”… I was thinking of refraining because its my first time. ”

”Hmm, what? ”

”Because Amelia invited me. Take responsibility. ”

Before I could understand Loire-samas words, it regained its mass and started rubbing inside me.

The fingers softly touching my breast were also being treated as if I were kneading my breasts tip.

”Heh, ah, its impossible, nn. ”

”Hey, youve gotten used to your magic power.

When my body, which was already sensitive all over, was shaken, and the tip of my chest was strongly pinched, my head turned white, and my vision seemed to flicker.

”Wait, huh ”

His lips were blocked when I tried to ask him to let me rest.

When my tongue was entwined and sucked, I was quickly swept away by a wave of pleasure, and I no longer had the energy to fight back.

”I told you that magicians
elentlessly seek. You don have to worry about it. Ill let you enjoy it for a while. ”

I let go of my consciousness as I felt something thrust into me.

When I woke up, the first thing that spread out in front of me was a white sheet, and I squinted at the sunlight shining through the window.

The discomfort between my legs reminds me of yesterdays events, and I realize that this is Loire-samas mansion in the country of Restore.

It seems he fainted overnight after that, probably because he was nervous about the victory celebration party.

I don have any clothes on, but neither my body nor the sheets are like last nights residue, and it seems I was cleansed while sleeping.

If you follow the arm around your waist, you can see Loire-sama hugging you from behind.

Was it because of my movement that I woke him up?

”Good morning, Loire-sama. ”

I turned to Loire-sama and intended to speak in the same voice as usual, but the effect of yesterday was a little hoarse.

”Hmm, good morning Amelia. How are you? Are you feeling sick? ”

”Its perfect. Thank you for your concern. ”

”Then thats good. ”

I stroke Loire-samas head, about to fall asleep again with her face buried in my chest, and combs her dark blue hair.

”Loire-sama, I don mind if its convenient for you, but is it possible for you to visit my family once?

”Why are you homesick already? ”

Loire-sama replied with a dissatisfied voice and looked up at me.

I shake my head to negate his words and kiss his forehead.

”No, I just want to talk a little. My family doesn know I wanted to marry Loire-sama, and I want to tell them Im happy to be with you. ”

”If thats the case, then its fine anytime. ”

”Thank you very much. Besides, I would like to visit Loire-samas family as soon as possible. ”

At my words, Loire-sama frowned openly.

”You don have to say hello to my family. I know youll be teased, so I don want you to meet your brothers, and its troublesome to seal yourself from head to toe to see your relatives. ”

”Come to think of it, Loire-sama has many siblings, right? ”

”I am the youngest of seven brothers, five older brothers, and one older sister.

”Well, everyone is excellent. ”

Hearing my words, the guy next to me had a disgusted look.

”The Royal Court Magician Division is a graveyard for single magicians. Its fine for those who entered because of their ability to control magic, but for people like me who entered with a large amount of magical power, they jingle magic seals even while working. I have to spend my time not interacting with people as much as possible. ”

My second son can marry me because he has excellent magic control skills, but my fifth son has a lot of mana, so Im still struggling to find a partner, he mutters while entangling his fingers in my hair.

”Come to think of it, Loire-sama is the deputy division commander, isn it?

”No, its just that I haven found anyone in this country who has more mana than me. It seems that they have the mana of dozens of ordinary magicians. ”

”It also makes sense that you used to call yourself non-standard. ”

e not standard enough to accept that. ”

While saying that, he gently puts his lips on my forehead.

I would like to enjoy this sweet time forever, but if I had let it flow here, this story would not have happened.

”But I still want to ask you to say hello. I will walk my life with you from now on, so I would like to express my gratitude to Loire-samas family. ”

”If you insist, let me think about it after the honeymoon ends. ”

Saying that Loire-sama, who had covered me, resumed his kiss.

As a result of being loved so irresistibly day and night, during the honeymoon, I hardly left my bedroom or put on my clothes, living the ideals he had previously proclaimed to me.

The month after the honeymoon ended, he took me to the Marquis residence as promised.

My parents cried joyfully when I told them I wanted to marry Loire-sama.

After that, as Loire-sama self-reported, I met his family, although he was in a state of jingling magic from his neck to his arms to his waist.

When I asked Loire-samas parents to say hello, Loire thought that he would not be able to marry, but he was pleased to be able to welcome such a wonderful wife, and I was deeply humbled. When I went to say hello to Mr. Samakata, he was surprised that he existed.

At that time, the fact that Loire-sama got married was triggered by a visit to the Royal Court Magician Division, and as a country where that Loire found a marriage partner, there were only a few people in our country, but dozens of applicants applied for the position of resident magician. They seemed to be inundated, but I will know about that a little later.

”Not enough, Amelia. ”

”Loire-sama, weren you dating late yesterday as well? ”

”I told you that a magicians love is heavy. ”

Before I knew it, it had become a morning routine to admonish Loire-sama, who would not leave me while hugging me.

After finishing breakfast and changing his clothes today, he doesn look like hes leaving next to me.

”Its hard for me to be separated from Loire-sama, too.

By the way, even if I say Im leaving, its not like hes going on a business trip or an expedition just because of his work hours during the day.

”If you think you
e missing every minute of Amelia while dealing with trivial documents and magic development, it makes me want to blow up the Magician Tower. ”

In his case, if he wants to do it, he can do it, so its not a joke.

”I have your mark on me, so if you
e interested, please listen to me anytime. Ill whisper my love to you each time. ”

”Ugh, you
e getting better at handling me. ”

”This is for my beloved Loire-sama.

She looks reluctant to my words and disappears while staring at me with reluctance.

Apparently, he gave up and headed to work.

I stare vaguely at the space where he disappeared, feeling relieved and a little lonely.

”I told you that a magicians love is heavy. ”

When he insists he wants to be with me, he usually says so in a sulking way.

Every mornings offense and defense are also a part of my special days.

Ever since I came here, Ive been filled with a sense of happiness that I didn know when I was desperate to be someones number one.

From the bottom of my heart, it was perfect that you liked and loved Loire-sama and wanted it as a reward.

I hoped this happy daily life would continue forever, and I quietly savored my happiness.

When I gently moved my gaze outside the window, the calm sunny weather was spreading outside the window.

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