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Disesteemed Life [Edited]


A simple word that can explain how shitty and disappointing my entire life is.

Having a caring family? All you need gadgets? Schooling?

No! None of this is comes free in life. If you want this youll have to be one of the luckiest person on the whole planet.


That was the answer the only answer that I came up after living my twenty-one years. So, I decided to try hard, work hard! For a successful life.

Effort? Just by hearing those words now can make my expression disgust. I mean who would believe that? A successful person? For me, success was only due to that persons luck and talent.

Well, sure you can achieve better result than an average guy, but… can that person really be considered successful?

Without a luck and talent youll never be considered by the worlds successful.

Though, I have both of them, my luck for family is a bit shitty to tell the truth.

You see, my parents broke up completely. Because of my mothers greed in money, she ran off leaving her huge amount of debt to my father.

My father despaired after finding out what she did, as he worked himself hard so he could afford me and my big brothers schooling fee.

My brother and I was sent to the province where my father used to grow up with. Arriving at my grandparents house, we were happily greeted by my cousins, uncle and aunty.

My cousins was great, my uncle and aunty has a good personality. This was surely going to change my life in a good way… Or so I thought.

Just within the week of our arrival, my cousins personality slowly change as they became more cold and started ignoring us when each day passed. Even my uncle and auntie started getting angry at us without even a valid reason.

A month passed, the school just started.

Preparing my things and going to school early, we arrived after thirty minutes of driving.

The place seems normal as I made a couple of friends on the first day and sometimes we hang out together.

After just a week, I noticed some changes from them. They seemed like they
e distancing away from me.

Is there something wrong? I curiously asked.

No one replied, as they started growing more distance away from me.

Each day they started becoming odd and cold against me. Everytime I tried to make a small conversation they get angry for no reason at all.

Until one day…

After having my usual lunch, I saw my so-called friends talking to one of my cousins.

I tried to get nearer to them but, when I was about to called out their names I heard my cousins talking.

”Did you know that his mother was a gold-digger? Apparently, his mother left his father full of debt. ”

My cousin whispered to them.

”What!? Aren they disgusting like their mother. ”

”Well yeah. Just by looking at them disgusted me more, hahaha. ”

All of them laughed at the same time, while I was left broken. I couldn cry or felt anything like I was an empty bottle.

Greeting my teeth tightly, I stopped myself from going to them further.

Thats the day that impacted me the most…

Each days passed to weeks, weeks passed to months, months passed to years, I could still hear those conversations inside my ears. Everyday I became colder, as I started becoming more distance from everyone except for my big brother, my grandparents and father.

The only thing that was keeping me together in this world was my father, brother, grandparents and lastly, reading a novel. One of my most favorite to read was [Reawakened The Hero].

This story was all about a talented youth named Arthur, who was the reincarnation of the hero from the old times. He fought and defeat the one who destroyed his village for the sake of his revenge. But while he was fulfilling his revenge, he found himself in a dire situation where he would have to save the world from an unknown enemy, and there he would try and question himself about the real reason for his reincarnation.

Yes, he was the exact opposite version of me even though we both suffered from lost but him was a bit more extreme.

So continuing the story, Arthur will meet the goddess after two hundred chapters, there the goddess will tell him the truth of his origin and ask him to save the world.

After a few chapters, he then agreed after seeing one his

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