Two days later after the kidnapped…

”Huaa…. ”

Stretching my arms, I got up from my bed and quickly went to the bathroom.


Taking a step forward to the shower and turning on the shower by halve, water soon started dropping towards my body.

Taking a shampoo that was resting to the right side of the shower room, I began washing hair.

As I was showering, I couldn help but remember the things that happened after Alicia and I saw the Onyx.

”Just what the hell did that Onyx was doing in the forest anyway? ”

I couldn help but be curious on the Onyx because in the novel, Arthur met the same Onyx Alicia and I, seen after the goddess of creation, Thesis, spoke to him to ask for his help.

On how I know it was the same Onyx Arthur will have to meet in the future, it was because the novel also mentioned the Onyx features.

{The humanoid creature in front of Arthur was for about 8 foot tall. It also has long and thin pair of arms and legs. The creatures facial features has long sharp teeth, and has deep green eyes, while its body was made of roots, and the cloak it wore was made from a monster called Chimera.

The thing that was standing out to this creature the most was the long claw on its right hands, and the written letters on its back that became visible when the creature turned around.

The letters written was something Arthur couldn recognize but still felt nostalgic to him.

The creature then opened its mouth to speak.

”I…am..Orvil… An…O-Onyx…and..t-the… guardian of..the..s-sacred…sword..Eπta…}

Yes… It was all thanks to the letters I saw on its back, I found out about it. But, how it was written surprised me the most.


”Why are the letters written on its back the same alphabetical in my past life? No, not just the letters but theres also numbers. ”

I don know how to explain it because in the novel, it was only said that Arthur couldn recognize the letters written on it, and it also didn mentioned anything about the numbers.

Letting out a long sigh and turning the shower off, I took out a towel on the right side that was hanging in the room.

Tying the towel onto my waist, droplets of water started trickling down to my body.

”But still… Why did that Onyx got scared anyway? ”

Walking towards the mirror, I took out a small chair that was resting under the sink, to climb on top of it to see my reflection.

Thanks to my current height, I have to use it. And honestly, it was quite embarrassing to reveal it.

Finally, after seeing my reflection, I started combing my hair up to my usual hairstyle.

After I finished, I said to myself.

”Neat, I must say. ”

I was about to hop back to the ground when my vision started blurring for a second before it disappeared.

”Huh? Thats weird… ”

Walking out the bathroom, I started changing on to my comfortable wear.

”They should be leaving here today… ”

Thanks to the road being cleared out away from monsters, they can now go back to their country. And also, for the baby it is decided that my mother will be taking care of it. Honestly, Ill be quiet thankful if she took care of it, because she can annoy me if she has something to do.

”But still… ”

{New quest has arrived.}

After I finished putting on my clothes, I then went to the mansions entrance to meet Alicia for the last time before they leave.

As I was walking through the hallway, I began to feel dizzy.

This again?

Struggling myself to walk forward, I slumped my arms on the walls to keep myself standing, while using my left hand to massage my temples.

After for about a minute, the dizziness disappeared completely, as I began walking straight forward again.

Just what the hell is happening to me?



Arriving at the entrance, I decided to talk to Alicia for the last time.

”I guess this should be goodbye for now, Alicia. Lets meet again in the academy after we turned 16. ”

Smiling, she replied.

”Yeah. Don worry, Ill become more stronger before we meet. And… please keep your promise to me until it really happen. ”

”Haha, no worries, Ill look forward to that. ”

Not far from us, was Valentine and my mother talking to each other.

”See you again, Valentine. ”

”See you too, Celestia… Oh, I forgot to tell you. ”

”Hm? ”

”Aamon will be returning after four years. On how I found out, lets just say that it is a secret. ”

Crossing both her arms over her chest, Celestia pouted in dissatisfaction.

”Hmph, here you go again with your secrets. ”

After saying that, they both chuckled to each other together. But suddenly, a cry was heard not far from Celestias back.

”Uwaa! Uwaa! ”

Picking up the baby and resting it on her arms, Celestia tried to calm it down.

”There, there. No need to cry, Chloe. ”

”Chloe? ”

Valentine asked in confusion.

”Yes. From now on, her name will be Chloe… Chloe von Lohengramm. ”

Thirty minutes later, the carriage was finally ready to move.

Waving her hands as a goodbye, Alicia spoke one more time.

”See you at the academy. ”

Placing my hands to my pocket and turning my head to look up on the clear blue sky, I muttered.

”Yeah… See you at the academy. ”

After they left, I glanced towards my mothers direction and made a fake cough.

”Ehem… ”

”Huh? ”

Turning her head to look at me, Celestia tilted her head in confusion.

”Is there something wrong? ”

Mustering all my courage to speak, I muttered, ”Train me… ” in a low tone.

{Goal: train your swordsmanship.}

Taken aback from what I said, Celestia tried to ask once again.

”What? ”

”I said train me on how to use swords. ”

Yes… My new goal has been decided. Thanks to the bandit encounter, I found out that with my weak body, Ill also have to train myself with a weapon.

To why Im asking to her is because my mother, Celestia, know how to use swords. Not just know how to use it, but is good at using it too.

She specialized on using short sword, and she already mastered it.

If your asking me to how I found out, its because everytime I go to my mini library, I always come across her practicing it. And not gonna lie, her swordsmanship has gotta be the best if you
e focusing more on speed.

Every slash and thrust she does with her sword, it was so fast that it was quite hard to follow with my eyes.

”So… Is your silence means yes? ”

Turning my head to look at her, I saw that her mouth opened and closed for a couple of times before saying.

”Finally… ”

”Huh? ”

”Your finally asking me something that you want. ”

Suddenly, a small tear left her eyes, as she begins to hug the baby tightly. The hug wasn too tight because the baby was still sleeping when she did that.

”Th-theres no need to be emotional… ”

Taken aback by her expression, I tried my best to calm her down.

Turning my head towards the butler and the maid to ask for their help, I also saw that their expression was the same as my mother.

”Correct, our young master always try to do something by himself instead of asking for someone for help. ”

One of the maid spoke.

”W-wait, why do you guys have to cry because of that? Its not like what Im doing is a big deal. ”

” ”It is… ” ”

All of them spoke at the same time.

Frowning, I sighed internally.

They are really too troublesome for me to handle.

But still…

For a second, I saw a vision of everything that happened in my past life. From the day I was born until the day that I died.

I can say I hate this feeling.

Even though I know that this feeling will just become part of my memories in the future, Id still hope that itll never end.

And for that, I decided to become stronger. Stronger enough to protect them.

Sigh… Thanks to being reincarnated inside this novel, I had to have a motivation… This is really too troublesome.

And so, my two years of training with swords will finally begin.


Somewhere outside the galaxy, a sound of swords clashing could be heard.



Dodging the slash from the side, the man followed up by thrusting his sword towards the humanoid creature in front of him.

”Hua! ”

Letting out a cry, the humanoid creature blocked it using its arm as the shield.

”You really are a tough cookie, Roc. ”

Stepping back a couple of meter, the creature spoke.

e more persistent than I thought, Aamon. ”

Taking out a futuristic gun from its back, Roc aimed it towards Aamon.

”Haha, no need to be so angry. Didn I told you that Ill chase you even if its the end of the universe? ”

Aamon taunted, making the creature looked at him in anger.

Gritting his teeth, Roc started shooting laser towards Aamon.

”This is the place where you will die! ”

Roc roared in anger.

Smiling, Aamon raised his hands, creating a huge energy ball above his hands, and aimed it towards the creature.

”I know… But before that, Ill be taking you with me. ”

[Galactic Bullet]

The huge energy ball became small, then shot towards the creature. It was so fast that the creature couldn react to its speed.

After hitting, the energy ball exploded, covering up the space in white.

Before Aamon was fully covered by the explosion, he muttered to himself.

”Ill be meeting you soon, Celestia, Athan. ”

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