Hahaha, you peasant really don know how to give up.

Athan laughed.

”You guys are pathetic. No matter what happens, a peasant will always stay as a peasant. You guys already knew that everything will always revolves around in money and power. ”

Athan grinned mischievously as he looked at Arthur apathetically.

”You may be strong but to me, you guys are just pathetic that doesn know their place. Sooner or later you guys will die in apathetic way. ”

Hearing his statement, Arthur gritted his teeth tightly.

”You really talked too much. ”

Arthur began excluding his killing intent and the mana he had been releasing began increasing. The only thing he could think was to kill the brat that was insulting his family that died and his current friends.

The cage he was currently in was slowly melting due to the immense mana he was releasing. Seeing this, Athan slowly backed away in fear as he started calling out for more backup guards.

”Ill kill you!!! ”

Arthur roared in anger. Athan started readying his stance, but before he could even react, Arthur dashed forward, giving him a strong kick on the abdomen.

”Aghh! ”

Athan cried out in pain as he fell down on the floor while holding on tight from where Arthur gave him a kick.

Next, Arthur took out his sword and slowly walked towards Athans direction. Athan tried to crawl away and ask someone for help, but Arthur threw his sword, and hit his back, making him fall on the ground hardly.

”Hel -Huk! ”

Removing his sword from Athans back, Arthur kicked his abdomen, making him turn around and cough out blood.

”This is for insulting my parents… ”

Saying that, he used his fingers to stabbed Athans eyes, before throwing his body hard on the wall.

Athan opened his mouth and tried to scream for help, but before he could even do it, Arthur used his gravitational magic to crush every bone of his, then ripped his foot using both of his hands

”This is for my friends… ”

Raising his broken arms with his last bit of strength, Athan tried to crawl away to where the direction of the teleportation circle. But, before he could even continue, Arthur placed his hands into his neck, before pulling them out cleanly.

”Like I said earlier, if you ever tried insulting my dead family, and friends, Ill kill you using only my hands… ”

Arthurs cold voice resounded within the area.

Athans head fell on the ground. His expression was in shock while blood began pouring down to his eye socket.

From that day on, the Lohengramm family became one of Arthurs worst enemies that he wanted to destroy in the future…


Athan von Lohengramm… one of the villain that Arthur will brutally murder in the future, and who I was right now.

Originally, Athan has a good personality and was well liked by others. Due to his fathers death when he was at the age of eight, he became rather distant, arrogant and a trashy kind of person.

In truth, the part where Arthur killed Athan using his own hands excites me the most. But now Im him, Im already regretting that I laughed at his death.

Hehehe… Hehe… He… Fuck!

Cursing at myself internally, I returned my attention back to my current mother.

Celestia von Lohengramm…

After Athans death, his mother manipulated the whole country making them hunt Arthur. She also died from Arthurs hand after 300+ chapter.

The family Lohengramm currently holds the title count in this country. Even though their a count, due to their tactics and money they were considered one of the most influential family.

Their crest white fox represent their cunning and mischievous nature, though their family doesn have many strong mages or warrior, because of their nature, they were one of the dangerous family in this country…

Remembering my future death problem, I let out a long sighed.

Haaa… Brutally murdered? That is not the death I wanted. If my death was like getting stabbed in the heart, I would have agree to that…but being that brutal? No way!

Looking around the room, I once again let out a sigh after realizing that I was still a baby.

Oh…right, how could I forget that Im still a baby. Rubbing my chin using my baby hands, I continued, I Guess that Ill just create a plan in the future.


Its been three years since then, Athan was three years old now. In this three years, he got used to this world. He learned the language just by listening to others, and sneaks into the library each night. He also started learning to read thanks to his current mother.

While Athan was reading a book, an old man seemed to be in his early forties walked inside the room.

The old man was currently wearing a butler outfit and his brown hair started to grow a tint of grey that could be seen up close.

”Young master, your mother has been calling out to you. ”

”Hmm? ”

Placing his book back to where it came from, Athan walked beside the butler.

”Young master… I think you already know what she wants to do, right? ”

Letting out a long sigh, Athan nodded and then continued walking through the hallway.

Reaching his hands to the door, the butler glanced back his attention to Athan. Without looking at the worried face of the butler, Athan gestured his hands for him to continue.

After slightly opening the door, a woman with a long-cascading ashy-brown hair pounced Athan, and started rubbing his face.

”Mo-Mom… please stop… ”

Athan tried to remove her mothers hands away from his face, but before he could even do that, Celestia hugged him more tighter.

Uhh… Im gonna get suffocated if this continued much longer. Athan thought, while trying his best to remove his face from his mother chest.

The butler sighed because he already saw this scene hundred of times that was why he already knew that this was going to happen.



”Mom, why did you call me? ”

Athan already knew why she called him but he still asked anyway, hoping that she finally changed the topic.

Celestia smiled, as she gave him a paper full of names and photos of little girls inside.

Picking it up and immediately dropping it back to the table, Athan sighed, ”Mom, didn I just said that Im not planning to have a fiancée yet? ”

Celestia pouted and replied, ”You need to have a fiancée. I don want you to grow old alone… and beside, ” Picking up the photos and showing them to Athan, she continued, ”The girls in here will grow more beautiful in the future. ”

Athan rubbed his temples in contemplated.

”That isn what I meant. Im just three and you want me to betrothed to somebody that I don even know. Besides, do you think a three-year-old child like me can understand what it meant to be engaged to someone? ”

Pointing her finger towards Athan, she spoke, ”Thats the reason why you should have a fiancée. You already know what it meant but you
e still acting like you don . And, I know that you always sneak inside the library each night. ”

Hearing her statement, Athans face stiffened.

How did she know? Athan thought to himself.

Glancing back towards to the butler, Athan gave him a piercing gaze. The butler noticed his gaze and so, proceeds to ignore him.

Fuck… Im just three, and I already experienced betrayal.

Athan internally grumbled as he returned his full attention back to his mother, Celestia.

It really has come to this…

Swallowing his saliva, Athan spoke, ”Umm…but Im still a three-year-old. ” with innocence that could be seen in his eyes.

Celestia tried to ignore his innocent gaze but failed and decided to make the preparations when his fourteen.

Sighing internally in relief, Athan left the room and went back to the library to continue reading the encyclopedia about his current new world called ”Sapte Cosmos ”.

Opening the book and slumping his back on his chair, he muttered to himself.

”What a troublesome family… ”

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