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How Did We Come To This? 1

A day has passed after my argument with my mother. I was currently reading a book when I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Tok- Tok-

Placing my book back at the table, I sat up from my seat and went towards the door to open it.

”Young master, dinner is ready. ”

”Oh…go on ahead, Ill just put my book back on the bookshelf before I leave. ”

”Right away. ”

After the butler left, I went back inside my mini library to arrange my books back properly.

As I was about to pick up the last book, both my hands became warm for a second. Looking at both of them, I saw a black dot in the middle.

”Oh… this might be the first phase of the awakening. ”

Awakening is the reason people can use magic in this world.

There are three phases of awakening. When they became three, the first phase will begin when a black dot will appear behind their hands. Then, when they
e age reached four, the second phase will begin. The crest will begin to shape themselves into elements. And lastly, the third phase. When they reached five and when their crest formation completed, a bright light will suddenly appear to the surroundings of the awakening person. The light could also determine your crest strength.

There are two types of awakening.

The first one was the awakening of the crest element. On the right hand, the crest element will appear when they
e at the age of five.

There are supposed to be thirty types of elements in this world. Though, the author didn write them all down making me know only twenty-five of them. While the other five was still unknown.

The second awakening crest was on the left hand. The crest that will appear here was supposed to be from the special bloodlines. When the crest is completed, the person can obtain the special abilities, but. Having this second awakening crest is quite rare even for a noble.

The protagonist, Arthur, has a bloodline crest and three elemental crest. The bloodline was ”crest of Hero ”, while the other crest was the combination of crescent, dawn and lastly, gravity.

”Huuu… ”

I took a deep breath and started to reach on the tall ”for me ” bookshelf. Placing the last book back and arranging the chair back to its place, I prepared myself to leave.

I was about to reach on the door handle when I suddenly flinched for no reason.

”Why am I having a bad feeling about this… ”

I muttered to myself before continuing to leave the room and heading to where my mother at.

Arriving at the dining hall, I sat on one of the chair and prepared myself to eat.

The dining table was full of decorative, expensive dish and drinks that could make someone drool just by looking at it in just a second. But, for me, I wasn really paying attention to any of it because I was still thinking about my current awakening phase.

The original Athan in the novel has a bloodline crest and two elemental crest. The bloodline was ”crest of the white fox ”, and the other one was combination of the crest of barrier and lightning.

Sighing internally, I grasped on my hot chocolate and took a sip, as I started to eat quietly.

While I was eating quietly, my mother suddenly spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

”I have a friend coming over. ”

Closing my eyes and taking a sip at my drink, I responded with ”Hmm ” to her.

I wasn really curious about the friend she was talking about but, what she said next made me slight curious.

”She is from the demon race… ”

”Hmm? ”

Naturally, the human and demon race doesn have any peace agreement until Arthur turned fifteen, so having a connection with that race must have meant that my parents have so much connection with the others too.

”Their family name was Vladimir. ”

Hearing her mentioned the word Vladimir almost chocked me because, I was still taking a sip when she mentioned that.

The reason of my surprise was because one of the main protagonist heroine was from that family.

Alicia de Vladimir…

Her race was vampire and demon. In the novel, she was rather cold and have a superior complex when shes with others, she also doesn like talking with others. She also ignored Arthur in their first meeting in the mission. Because of the cold aura she keeps emitting, many people doesn get near her because they
e scared of making her an enemy but when it comes to the main protagonist, she couldn handle his strength alone when it comes to battle.

Her full strength when she battled him was just a childs play for the protagonist…

Thats just how strong Arthur was.

No one couldn handle his strength except for that one person…

”Ehem… ”

My mother, Celestia, made a fake cough, removing me from my thoughts.

I started to look in her direction and thats when I saw her expression. She was currently wearing a proud smug on her face because she thought that I was thinking about what she had mentioned just now…which is true.

I instantly recovered my composure after seeing her proud smug and asked, ”What are you looking at? ” with an irritated tone.

”What? You didn expect your mother has this level of connections? ”

She replied with a smile.

Sighing, I glanced back at my drinks and took a sip before replying.

”I know that the reason for them to come here was because of marriage. ”

Hearing that, she flinched and started to slowly avert her eyes while whistling.

”Tch. ” So, my guess is correct.

”Wh-whats with your attitude?!! ”

She slammed her hands on to the table with a flustered face.

I rolled my eyes and didn reply, as I soon started to eat my food again.

What an annoying mother…

I whispered under my breath.

Athan didn really hated my current mother. Though, because of the past experiences, he grew up never wanting to call his mother his own.

Maybe, you could say that this is the first time Athan ever felt love from a doting mother in this life.

After dinner, I went ahead back to my room to get some quick rest.

Arriving at my room, I quickly jumped to my bed, positioning my right foot above my knees.

”Sigh… ”

Sighing, I raised right my hand and looked at the middle dot on its back.

”Now, what should I do tomorrow…? ”

What Im talking about was my problem about Alicia. Because she and her mother will be arriving here tomorrow morning.

Also, Im currently thinking about a plan on how I should take advantage of the scenario that will happen in about three-days from now on.

After an hour of thinking, Ive finally finished thinking of a plan. My only problem was the preparation and also, the future consequences…

”Sigh, I never thought that the first thing I have to do is this. But… ”

{Goal: be friends with Alicia…}

”Well… this is more better than getting brutally murdered by the main character. I just hope that she doesn have the same kind of attitude when she grew up or else this plan isn gonna work. ”

Lifting up my hands and clenching it into a fist, I muttered.

”This is really troublesome… ”

After saying that, Athan fell asleep.



In the morning…

”When will they arrive? ”

Athan asked impatiently.

Looking at his watch, the butler answered.

”They should be arriving here in about a minute. ”

Glancing back at the door, Athan shook his head and turned around his back.

”Oh, Ill just be in the garden. ”

”Okay, young master. ”

Just after Athan left, the guest finally arrived.

The first one to get out the carriage was a mature-looking woman who also seemed to be in her mid-thirties. She had platinum-white hair and ocean blue eyes. She also had a pointed ear and a sharp teeth that represent her vampire race.

”Oh hello, miss Valentine. ”

Celestia greeted, as she started to raised her hands towards Valentine.

”No need to be so formal, miss Celestia. ”

Valentine spoke as she also raised her hands and shook with Celestia.

While they were talking, a petite little girl comes out the carriage.

Her hair has the same color as Valentine but her eyes were deep-red. Just like her mother, she also had a pointed ear and a sharp teeth while her hair was tied one-sided.

”Oh hello, Alicia. ”

Celestia waved her hands towards Alicia but, the little girl only looked at her before slightly bowing her head and proceeding to ignored her.

”Don worry about her, she just doesn like to talk to others too much. ”

”Okay… ”

Celestia became down for a second but she quickly recovered after remembering her argue with Athan.

”Hehe… ”

Celestia let out a small chuckle, that made Valentine looked at her in confusion.

”Huh? ”

”Oh, don mind me. I just remembered something. Also, lets go inside. Athan is in the garden, so lets have them meet up first. ”

Letting out a light chuckle, Valentine replied.

”Hehe…yeah, maybe we should. ”

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