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How Did We Come To This? 2

”Yawn… ”

Yawning, I slowly opened my eyes and sat up to reach my blanket that fell on the floor last night before starting to stretch my body.

I stood up from the bed and went ahead to use the bathroom.

Taking a look at myself on the reflection of the mirror, I started to wash my face and also took a quick shower.

Unlike the normal shower back on earth, the shower in here was produced through magic stones.

Magic stones has many types and categories.

One, for example is water stone. It is normally used for the shower, washing dishes and many other water related problems.

Some of the magic stones can also be used for training and fighting. It can even be used even though your elemental crest isn related to the stones. You only need a little bit of your mana to operate magic stones.

Thats why magic stones is convenient in this world…


Taking a step forward to the shower and turning on the shower by halve, water soon dropping towards my small body.

”Sigh… ”

I was currently thinking about what miss Valentine said yesterday about the abnormalities of the monsters right now. Also, the ”Friendship ” problem.

The reason for the monster problem to appear was because it has something to do with the organization that killed Arthurs parents.

The organizations first goal was to summon the true demons and morphed monster from hell.

Arthur will have to deal with those guys when he went to hell because he tried to save one of his comrade got trapped in there.

The part where he fought five hundred thousand true demons soldiers and morphed monster alone honestly scares me.

Though, some of the true demons he fought isn rank and some are still in baron rank, but that doesn mean it was weak.

Unlike the normal demons in this world, the true demons from hell is five-times stronger than any average demons combined. Fighting even one of those guys need at least one S rank adventurer, but he soloed an army of it.

The rankings of the true demons are Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke, Prince and lastly, the King.

Theres also a special rank for them like soldiers, commander, captain and general.

Unlike their normal rankings, the special rank is more like a title to them. Also, these title isn to be made fun about.

The strength of the commander alone can wipe out a two hundred thousand true demon soldiers. That means, if Arthur didn escaped with his friends early, they would have gotten themselves killed if they
e late even for a minute when five commanders was sent to eliminate them.

Even though the Arthur that day is powerful, that doesn mean his current power is enough to beat five commanders.

His strength was still sealed when they raided the dukes mansion that day. And also, he hasn regained his full memories.

The reason for his strength to be sealed is to help his body to adapt faster to the changes, because if it went out of control, he may accidentally destroy the whole world.

But, the true demon kings power is still incomparable to his, even if he fully regained his power its still not enough.

Im not sure on what the method they did to defeat him or if they failed to defeat the demon king, because I didn get to finish the story before I died.

Although, right now the possibility of them defeating him is 0%, but if the story progress like in the novel, itll increased into ”30% to 50% ” if those guys really come.

If the novels storyline is like the others, the ending would be like they will defeat the demon king using the ”power of friendship ” or some sort. But, if this was the case, I wouldn have wasted my time reading it.

The reason I was still taking my time to keep reading the novel is because the author always like to keep the story a bit interesting everytime it progress. And also, I knew that the author is still hiding some secrets about Arthurs past, and no matter what theory I came up about Arthurs past, a new evidence will come up thatll ruin my idea. Its like the author knows what I was thinking and was merely playing on me like a puppet. Just by thinking about this is making me question if I was a fictional character that the author created from the real reality…

Am I a fictional character inside the novel? Or was I, a real person from the real reality?

”No! ”

Shaking my head and looking at my palm, I spoke to myself.

”Questioning whats real or fake about reality will only hinder my current thinking. Beside, if I was really just a character in a novel, then that just mean that this world is my own reality…right? ”

But still, I couldn shake the fact of being stalked by other people when their story was being written in a book or in a website. Just by thinking about it makes me shiver.

Now that I think about it, is this how a protagonist will react if they found out their being stalked by other people?

Im starting to regret that I watched…no, I mean read Arthurs story.

”I feel like Im a stalker… ”

Walking towards my closet, I took out a formal wear with a noble-like design.

Putting it on, I looked around and tidy my room a little bit before heading out.

”…why do I have to waste my free time to do this…? ”

After I finished talking to Alicia yesterday, my mother ordered me to show Alicia around the city.

I wanted to refuse to her but after thinking about its benefits, I agreed because I still have to fulfill my plan on making Alicia my friend.

My mother also didn forget to ask for Alicias permission and she agreed to her by only nodding without a reply.

Arriving in front of the door, I took a glance to Alicia, who was currently wearing a small black dress with finely decorated silver patterns.

”Are you ready to head out? ”

I asked Alicia.

Which she approved by saying ”yes ” in a low tone.

After waiting for about a minute, the carriage appeared in front of the mansion.

”Arthur! ”

Looking around, I took a quick glanced to where the voice came from.

”Haa… ”

Letting out a long sighed, I ordered Alicia to go inside the carriage first.

”You should go on ahead. Ill follow after you. ”

Returning my attention back to my mother, I said, ”What? ” in irked tone.

”I just wanted to give you this. ”

Lifting her hands, she handed me a pouch full of money inside.

Taking the pouch from her hands, I looked inside it before placing the pouch inside my pocket and turning my back to leave.

Its really good to be rich!

I was about to hop inside the carriage when my mother called out to me again.

”Don forget to make a move on her on the way! ”

Frowning, I hopped inside the carriage and ordered the driver to leave.

Shes really annoying…


After Athan and Alicia left, Celestia went back inside the mansion and headed to her office.

Knocking on the door three-times, she went inside before closing and locking the door on her back.

Looking to her left, she slowly walked towards a certain painting of her, Athan and Athans father, Aaron.

e son really have the same attitude to you, dear. ”

Celestia smiled faintly while touching the painting of Aaron.

”Just when are you coming back you stupid husband. You
e making Athan and I feel lonely because of you. ”

”You know, Aaron still have a mission to fulfill. Itll probably take a few more years for him to comeback here in the human domain. ”

It was Valentine…

Without looking back, Celestia smiled, picked up a small box from the table and opened it.

Inside was a small white orb, that was handed down to her by Aaron before he left without saying or informing her about his mission.

After leaving, Valentine visited Celestia and informed her the reason why her husband left but, she didn informed her whats his mission is all about because Aaron only told her that he was going to do an important mission by himself.

”Whats that? ”

Valentine asked with a tint of curiosity.

”Oh this? ”

Picking up the orb from the box and showing it to Valentine, she spoke.

”Aaron gave this to me and said that I should give this to Athan when the time comes. But, he didn said anything about when. He also said that this thing will be the key of solving the future calamity. I don know why he wanted our son to be the one to solve it, but Ive gotta put my whole trust on him as his wife. ”

Celestia let out a best smile, as she started to put the orb back on to the box.

Sighing, Valentine looked outside the window before saying, ”Yeah…maybe your right. ”

”Oh yeah, here. ”

Celestia extended the box towards Valentine.

”Huh? ”

Valentine looked at Celestia in confusion.

”Why are you trying to give this to me? Didn Aaron said that you should give this to Athan in the future!? ”

”Oh… about that, I have a feeling that you should be the person who will give this box to Athan in the future. ”

”Why? ”

”Isn that obvious? You
e the only person that I could trust. And besides that, if something happens to me in the future, this box will be safe with you. ”

Frowning, Valentine spoke up.

”…why don you just tell me the truth already? You only gave this to me because you want to run away from your responsibility. ”

Gasping, Celestia looked at Valentine in surprised and said.

”How did you know!? ”

Sighing, Valentine didn answer and only averted her gaze back outside.

Your too easy to read!

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