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Finally... It\'s Time

How did it come to this?…

Currently, Alicia and I was trapped in a iron cage together. Also, from the looks of it, shes still regretting what just happened earlier.

Like her, Im also criticizing my idiotic self for letting her ran of after that.

Im such an idiot. Just because the novel said that the kidnapping scene of Alicia will happen tomorrow, I didn bother making any plan B or sort of.

I clenched my fist and covered my face with my arms, proceeding to turn my head back to where Alicias direction.

From this day on, I learned the importance of having backup plans… In a hard way.

”Hahaha, boss, we caught ourselves some pretty good money. ”

One of the guys spoke.

”Good job, boys! ”

Their boss spoke up, as he lowered his head to see both of our faces.

”From the looks of it, these kids is probably from a noble family. They
e family will probably give us fortune if we blackmailed them. Hahaha! ”

While the bald bandit leader was explaining how much well both cost if sold to the others, I desperately thought of a plan to get both is us out.

These guys really are annoying like my mother.

Now, you might think about on how did this incident happened in the first place? Well, lets go back ourselves a little bit.

Earlier, after Alicia and I arrived at the city, we both decided to looked around the stalls for a bit.

Placing my hands on to my chin, I pondered about what should I do to deepen my friendship on Alicia.

I was deep-in thoughts when I noticed Alicias deep gaze on the streets.

Taking a glance to where she was looking at, I noticed that her attention was stuck on the crepe stand on the other side of the street.

Aha! That should do it.

Returning my attention back to her, raising my lips into smile, I spoke up.

”Do you want that? ”

Turning her head to looked at me, she nodded simultaneously in reply.

Smiling, I extended my hands towards her.

”Why don we buy some. ”

Extending her hands also, she grasped my hands.

”Hmm. ”



The taste is quite similar on my past world.

After I finished eating mine, I lightly glanced back to Alicia who was still enjoying eating the crepe.

She seemed to be enjoying it that much. Well, I guess this should be her first time getting out without any guards beside her.

After she finished, I noticed that there was a leftover crumbs of the crepe over her cheeks.

”Alicia, your cheeks still has crumbs on it… here. ”

I reached out to my pocket and took out a clean wipes.

Bending slightly, I gently wiped out the leftover crumbs on her face.

After I finished, I looked at her and let out a bright smile on my face.

”Done! ”

Touching her cheeks, Alicias expression brightened for a moment before turning back into her usual stern.

”Thank you… ”

She finally showed a new expression! The step one is complete. Now, I can proceed to step two.

While I was happily celebrating about my first completion of the steps internally, I felt a gentle touch on my feet.

Looking down, I saw a black cat, with a gentle blue eyes staring towards me.

A cat? What does it want to me?

Kneeling a little, looking in its eyes, I smiled and picked it up onto my arms whilst gently petting its back.

I can finally pet a cat! This should be my second reward!

In my past life, I had an allergies to cats. So, even though I had the urge to pet one, I had to stop myself.

Unaware of my thoughts, Alicia hesitated for a moment and pursuing her lips, she lightly glanced at the black cat who was happily getting petted by me, and after mustering enough courage, she carefully said.

”Can I pet it? ”

Taken aback by her question, turning my attention back towards Alicia, I tried make sure that I heard correctly.

”Can what? ”

”Pet it… I mean the cat. ”

Staring at Alicias unusual seriousness, it took me a second to realized what was going on and a faint smile appeared on my lips.

… I totally forgot, she likes cute things.

Well, I guess that its quite true that Alicia has the heart of normal little girl… normally, I mean, if it wasn for her fathers death, she wouldve have lived in a quite loving family like any other normal girls.

Her father died in front of her, and he was killed by his human friend. Because of this traumatic event, Alicia acquired a scar that made her lose her trust on other people, except for her family.

I guess I should let her do what she want. This would also benefit me anyway to gain her trust.

Staring at the cat that was on my arm, I helplessly shook my shoulder.

”Well, why not? Suit yourself. ”

Her face brightened up after she heard my reply, as she got near the cat to pet it.

”Thanks… ”

”Purr… ”

The cat let out satisfied sound while she was petting it.

Next, after about a minute, the cat jumped out from my arm and went back to the dark alley beside the streets.

Unsatisfied about the cats behavior, Alicia ran and followed after it, heading to the dark alley.

”Wait! ”

Startled by her action, I called out to her. Though, she didn hear me so I naturally have followed her back.

After running for awhile, I finally caught Alicia.

Glancing to where the cats direction, I noticed that it disappeared.

Huh? Just where did it go?

Returning my attention back to Alicia, I pinched the middle of my brow before I started scolding her.

”Look here, you shouldn go running away like that just because the cat ran away. ”

Turning her head to the side, she deliberately ignored me.

Seeing her attitude towards me, I smiled bitterly as my eyes started twitching.

”Don ignore me when Im explaini- ”


Before I could finish my mid-sentence, I felt a tap on the back of my neck. Soon my mind was enveloped in darkness as I tried mustering my last bit of strength to speak.

”Alicia… ”

The last thing I saw was Alicia falling next to me.



Now, back to where we left of at the beginning.

Just why did the kidnapping happened this early? Is it because Im getting more involved about Alicia? … I don know, no, its more like Im not sure.

Originally, I wasn supposed to meet Alicia at this current time. Because in the novel, Alicia first has to make contact with the protagonist, before they met Athan. And also, the kidnapping happened after she turned four which will happen tomorrow. So, this gave me the idea of her being kidnapped which became sooner than expected.

”I should have thought this through… ”

I muttered inside my breath.

Thanks to this kidnapping incident, I finally realized… that every action I take, I must think deeply about its own consequences.

”…sorry. ”

Removing me from my thoughts was Alicias faint voice.

”Its all my fault… If only I had listened- ”

”Its fine… ”

Cutting her mid-sentence, I turned my face towards her and smiled faintly.

”Im not angry or anything… Its just would you please listen to me next time. ”

After all, I have no rights to blame everything all to her. This problem wouldn have started if I had know or had been more prepared about the consequences from the choices I had taken.

Besides, if I had made her take all the blame on this problem, thisll only lower the probability of me making her my friend.

”…okay. ”

She nodded slightly.

Now that both of us finally recovered, I had to think of a plan to get us out…

…and I already thought of it.

This plan also involved Alicia awakening. If anything goes wrong, I would most likely get beaten up black n blue.

Right now, its now or never. If this plan worked, the friendship problem that I had been thinking about will disappear, and itll also benefit Alicia because of the awakening.

There are two types of awakening method. The first one was the normal method, where he or she will wait until his age turned five. And the second was forced…

By forcing them into desperate situations, sometimes the persons awakening will also have an effect, where the crest will be forced to come out even though it wasn in its full form.

This method wasn really recommended because theres a possibility that the crest will be damage and continue to weaken instead of getting stronger because its forced to come out even though the form wasn complete. But, I have no time to think about this.

Its now or never…

Taking a long, deep breath, I bit my lips, forcing small blood to come out, and forced myself to make a grin.

”Hey baldy! ”

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