Two years have passed. I trained ways of swords diligently under father pushing myself everyday. I swung my sword till my almost fall off and exercised until I pushed my body on the verge of breaking

I became horrified when I researched about people who are weak, or have extremely low potential. They become rejects, even worse than pets or slaves, at least they have a place in the society, they don . Although even common potential can grow up and match up to Gold in the long run, no one spends that much time and recourses over commoners who are bugs to be trampled upon in the eyes of nobles.

”Huff~ hah~ hah~ ” I was panting while swinging my sword and thinking about horrible things that could happen to me if I remained weak in this world. I was tall now, I am 43 with black hair and yellow eyes, I think I am gonna be handsome in the future. I was smiling to myself when I saw my father approach me. I have became close to him after spending time with him training swordsmanship. ”Jake, stop practising, we have to go to the guild ”

Today was my awakening ceremony, and my birthday. Although we commoners don celebrate our birthday, the 5th birthday is special for everyone in this world. ”Yes dad, let me change up ” I said to my father and went to change out of my sweaty clothes.

Leaving the house me and my father walked side by side on the streets where I was exploring the city trying to ease my nervousness. I took a quick glance on my father who seem to be indifferent at first, but his fist was clenched as we walked towards the guild.

The streets were busy as always, people talking, selling, buying, flirting and living life they always lived. Seeing the culture and life of the city I was once again reminded of my past life.

After half an hour we reached the guild, which seems to be a tall building with very high roof, after entering through the huge door, the whole guild came to my view, there were a lot of people, talking, drinking and walking around. Many of them carried weapons, they were naturally adventurers. I saw a huge crowd near bulletin board where quests were posted, and many groups of people with similar dress or badges, I guessed them as teams or as they call it, parties.

People started paying attention to us as we went to the reception desk, more accurately, the attention was on father an A class adventurer. Then their gazes fell on me, who was walking by his side all this time.

Before we reached the desk, a big burly man approached father and said ”Yo! Andrew ” he waved his hand, ”Is he your second? ” He said pointing at me.

”Yes Graham, its his awakening today ”

”Are you nervous? ” The big man asked me

”A little ” I replied, I lied, I was shitting bricks. My whole life depended on todays results. And the worst part is none of it was in my control. This world is truly unfair.

”Haha! Don worry kid, its gonna be fine ” he said and moved away, to make way for us to get to reception desk.

On the desk, a lady with auburn hair was working, as we approached she respectfully said, ”Mr Andrew, is it your sons awakening ceremony? ”

”Yes ”

”Okay, just fill up this form ”

I took the form and filled it up with mine and my family names, and gave it to her. She checked it up and stamped on it and gave us a token. ”Go to room number 14, its one the right. Only the candidate is allowed inside the room ”

Father handed me the token and patted on my back ”Go, son ”

”Hmm ” I meekly replied, honestly nervous as I walked towards the room.

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