”But you have to consider the good side. You don have to earn money for food or water or gas because you are now a god and don need any of these and also you can enjoy this landscape as long as you want ”

I walked back in closing the door to the balcony behind me. ”Oh, and this shrine in better than a smart home ” Moon said. ”What? ” I turned to him. ”Well, this is your shrine so you can do stuff. Imagine the whole thing to be an extra arm. Like the clothes. If you want the door to close it will close. And you basically have a third eye which is damn nice considering it is always were you want. ”

”Stop, stop, stop let me try before you say anymore ” I looked at another closed balcony door on the other side of the room. I imagined the door opening but nothing happened. ”Like an extra arm ” Moon said. I tried just focusing on the movement and the door opened with a loud bang.

”Woa carefully, you don want to destroy your own home, do you? ” Moon said.

I turned to him ”How do you know all this stuff? ” He stared at the floor. ”Well, I woke up just like you did but, in the room, next door and I just knew. But I haven explored the shrine jet so lets go ” Moon stormed out of the room. ”Wait! ” I stepped out of the room, but moon was nowhere to be seen. I was at the highest point of the shrine. Up here were only four small rooms but after I went down the stairs there were so many places moon could have gone to.

”I will have to search moon then ” I said and took a step forward. I almost screamed in shock as I saw that my body disappeared. ”What is going on! ” I said as suddenly I bumped into a stone wall. ”Were did you come from? ” Moon asked staring at me. ”You just appeared out of nowhere. ”

I rubbed my nose just saying. ”Of a goddess you can at least expect that much ” I said because I didn want to admit that I had no idea what just happened. I looked around and noticed that we were outside of the shrine. ”Where are we? ” I asked moon.

While I waited for his answer, I inspected the surroundings. ”Thats the only place visitors will ever see of the shrine ” he said.

There was a big place paved with stones. And then 7 stairs leading up to the front of the shrine and 2 heavy doors. To the left and the right were places with roofs. ”That are the places people normally use to pray. Thats why there is the water and this strange window which grants you a few views inside of the room thats behind the window. ”

I still looked at the stairs. In the middle water was flowing down splitting the stairs in half. On both sides of the stairs stood statues of what looked like Moon in his big form but in an attacking posture. And above the doors There was another bigger statue of moon laying guarding the whole place.

”Statues of you. Really? ” I asked him. ”Do you not like it. I like it ” he said proud. Well I don know anything about that but I guess its normal for shrine gods to present their companion and symbol animal at the entrance of their shrine? ”

”What do you men with you are my symbol animal? ” ”I only know that every god has their own animal representing them. ”

I thought about it. ”Are there other gods and are they also reincarnations? ”

”As far as I know everyone gets his own world except for rare cases of mass reincarnation or very deep bonds so no. ”

”But what about the other shrine gods? ” I asked him

”I think shrine god in this way you are the only one but there are only a few others, and they have something like own churches. This world is generally more western medieval like so Japanese style goddess I think you are the only one. But thats all I know about this world ”

I stared in the distance. ”I think I need to sleep over all of this ” ”You
e a goddess you don need to sleep eat or drink ”

”Can I still sleep if I want to? ” ”I don know. Youll have to try.

”Then Ill just try that again ” I thought. I just started walking to the room I was in and thought of the feeling of teleportation again and my body started to disappear. As I appeared back in the room I stumbled and fell with my face on the bed I woke up. ”I need to learn how to not run into something every time I do this ”.

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