The constant pounding on my chest chimed a ripple of adrenaline as I overlook Alchemys structural integrity. The storm above us whistled its awakening, bringing life into the city. Dominant winds hiked up the outline of the buildings, compelling its current to soothe our existence as I closed my eyes against the impression of serenity. No words could rationalize what was going through my mind as happiness flourished stitches of traumas. The essence of freshwater poisoned the setting as flashes of thunder mirrored a society, that forged authority and injustice overall normality. It was quite remarkable esteem something so diverse from a ground I wasn prospered by but nurtured.

”Amelia, ”

That authoritarian voice reminded me why they were here, why I was here. I gradually glance over my shoulder to distinguish the stern features of my maker, the abundant chief of the Kimeras, my father, Markus. Although his eyes stride tolerance, and his grip stood like steel, I refuse to crumble.

Whatever the circumstance.

”Forgive me, sire. It wasn my intention. ” I kneeled before him and his people.

The eruption of lightning relay our passion in obsidian armor, and weapons of decisiveness; the animal markings on their skins reflected our rankings from agility to strength —each of them an essence of what we
e capable of and how essential we subsisted for this mission. The viciousness that spurred the sights of a tribe against a tinted surrender enlightened an initial and my ultimate stop. To many, I was a leper posing as a soldier. To me, I was an entity, trying to determine her worth.

”Its alright; Markus sighs. You don have to apologize when youve done no wrong. Theres no reason to feel ashamed in acknowledging it. Its a common manifestation thats transpired in many of us on our initial mission. Even our ancestors fell as preys to its charm, ” The grunts that arise behind him spoke of erroneous deeds and declarations of the contrary. In a sense, this hypnosis wasn foreign; I wasn the only one bewitched by the panorama. I am not weak or mad; I rehearsed halting the fear of giving me more of a reason to panic for not being able to do my family justice. Given the condition, Im not allowed to be afraid, not authorized to show the tenseness that grows in my nature.

I am a warrior, a protector.

Preferably, the abstracted fire behind the acts of violence and betrayal that concurs the ease of others. Patriotism exists regardless of age; its achievable faster than any other counterpart. But it comes with a cost. A few growth spurts too many, and your childhood vanishes before your happiness begins. So I rise to the expectations; I stand tall no matter what comes my way, sword drawn, resting on the ground beside me. It is not for me to regret who I am but to fulfill the destiny given. So I ball up the fear when I must, allow it to seep out when its safe, and recognize that ahead lies a path I was born to follow.

”I can blame them, ” I wholeheartedly glanced back where everything came alive. Where the storm temporarily, held prisoner its people, in heated lights of colors. Discordant and insane howling hounds rattled the cavity of my heart, calling me inside.

”I can understand the likeness to it given their established inventions and their aspect of a character, but don let it deceive you, my dearie. Even the most beautiful blossom could be lethal. And I assure you, dearie, they won be so restrained executing you on the spot. ” His affection promise consequences if I stepped out of line. I may not be his blood, but that didn mean he would layover my troubles. The scowl Dean offered me told me Id said more than necessary.

I willingly inclined my head.

”If I may, sir, I expressed many times before my opinion regarding her contribution, and I reiterate— ” Those remarks couldn have conveyed into the open by anyone. Theres only one person who would want to disrupt me at all costs. With prudent precaution, I brightened to greet the words of my redeemer.

The orator stood there; a child expanded to an adult, in a short period, with irritation replenishing his anger, a kind of impetuousness. I traced the outline of his thin black hair moved over skin that yearned for suffering. His eyes were on the small side, afraid to let the light in, his mouth a little rigid that mask cruelty, perhaps born of a lifetime of suspicion, a particularly superiority that radiated contempt. It was one of those smiles that only twitched upwards when deception stood fulfilled.

A small laugh escaped my lips, ”Not capable? ”

”Thats what I said, didn I. ” His annoyance came across as a bug you couldn ever swat. Every word, every movement, or merriest breath I enacted seemed to infuriate him to no end.

”Oh, so if you
e here, that says a lot. Given if Im here, that means, huh, I wonder? ”

”You little shit, you think you
e so smart. Why don you come here and Ill show what your capable of! ” I never argued with fists, but his words packed a powerful punch. Carefully spoken, without remorse, that carried an air of finality to them, and no matter how hard I railed against them, nothing would alter his mind. But nothing prohibited me from shutting them down immediately.

”Shut up! ”

”You don have the right to give me orders! ”

”Silence, ” The outcry of Markus, empathizes with the roaring of the rain that brought silence over everybody. All of us knew never to contradict our creator even if we thought the contrary; we kept it to ourselves. Only those who beget the idea were fools to believe they would achieve anything in return.

”Don use formality to get your way, Mikael. Ive enlightened anyone whos joined before about the occurrences that may arise when being exposed to a world so different from ours. ” I hastily glanced at the familiar who, without a doubt, was glaring at me with hatred. Envy always had unfolded their mind, ever since I meander into his lineage. Reminiscing the day, his mother had saved my life against a wild varmint and brought me into her home, replenished a memory of mercy. Glimpsing at Mikael, I could see the similarities between the two, the same crystal blue eyes and black hair that resemble a panthers spirit. Remarkably, he was a great fighter that virtually equalized his fathers ability, but his constant tantrums impeded him from ever-evolving into a leader. In retribution, he seizes his outrage on me. Always underestimating my strength and overpowering his.

”Forgive me, father. I shouldn have dissuaded your orders. ” The way he consents wrongness hissed unrepentant behavior. But who was I to assess him?

”Even if you
e my heir, I won abide taking you down if you dare disobey the laws our saviors fought for a promising tomorrow. Do I make myself clear? ”

”Yes, sir! ” Mikael fastened his fist over his chest before inclining forward out of respect. Deep down, there was a source of honor of having this man as a father. Only he never expressed it out of dignity and doubt.

”Forgive me, Amelia, I was arrogant and thought only of myself and not about your inexperience with this origin. ” For an instant, I stood there motionless; this was undoubtedly unexpected. Never before had he ever acknowledge me as an individual. What changed? Was there an ulterior motive to call me by name when Ive been nothing to him before. By any chance, do I fall into a trap by merely reacting? Without, a doubt I carefully saunter towards him,

”Let me remind you all that I am not an antagonist in your reception. That Im simply a warrior, like any other with an ambition to put an end to the injustice Alchemy has implanted on our kind for centuries. Let tonight cloud over us, securing our own in the shadows as we strive for immunity overall. No law or weapon will withstand our clan if we stick together, so whos receptive enough to allow me to fight along with you! ”

The roaring of lions whistled my ears, drowning all the fear. Not even the bitterness that masked the kindness behind the fury ruined me. Strangely enough, I found myself burning. I couldn tell if it was out of anger or anguish, but I was burning inside.

”With no further delay, Id like to endorse a successor as your governor if tonight, you descend as the guarantee for the existence of tomorrow. Each and every one of you bring purpose this instant to infiltrate every borough Alchemy has to offer us behind its walls. Tonight, we exist as shadows of justice; but tomorrow, we will be the dawn of unity. ”

The trusts of weapons, into the darkness, cast a spell of conquest in Markus. Like any other, there is always taste in anarchy where every person marches to the beat of their drum.

Why am I not enough?

e incompetent and young.

The weak must rely on the strong to survive.

Reminiscing old memories was never easy when they weren mine to recall. Ever since I was little, these occurrences grew in times of despair, altering words of weakness. At first, I reckon they were facets of my imagination merely parodied versions of visually appealing images replayed in my head. I couldn have been more wrong.

The constant batter against the grace of wet concrete, suppress all judgment as I steep path towards the edge of the formation. Every drop of drizzle simmered my cloak in clashes of daggers as I heaved my being into the open. My perception of time distorted, everything that obstructed life smeared until there was nothing, except my core and the sky above. The aura that seemed to swallow me whole, I enmesh with it, kissing the atmosphere, grasping the endless abyss of blue. Everything was a blur, a blur that swirled out of existence. Suspended in the air, I closed my eyes and surrendered into the streets.

The job is simple.

Grab as much Intel as possible, and vanish.

Upon landing, I take an interest below the alleyways that lead to the center of the city. However, I am, of course, forbidden to use them, inflicting me to want it even more. The dark and misty sole between the rears of the towers would cut twenty minutes out of my purpose. But before I could take a step forward —an obstacle of absurdness drawbacks, the prosecution that compels me to sigh in annoyance.

”What, ” I slap the hand away.

”Where do you think you are going? ” Kyoto eyes me carefully. That stare might have worked when we were little, but like with everything else, it has faded away —leaving the ashes with the unknown.

”What does it look like I am doing? ” I hinted the obvious.

”Wait, you can be serious, we won anticipate our defense if we walk through their mercilessly. ” Their yellow eyes enlisted the obedience they vowed to follow. No more, no less. An act of siblings.

”Kyoto has a point. Do you wish to get caught? ” I peeked over at Kaleb, who gave a glance at Kyoto before returning his irrational fear towards me. His concern wasn mutual. Theres a thing about me that no one else knows, a secret that may terminate existence if this knowledge were to be released.

”Well, this isn how I visualized things set in motion, but I am not complaining. Mikael doesn esteem me as a threat for nothing, sweetheart. ” The corners of my lips twitch at their disbelieve.

”Don be reckless!

Youll endanger us all. ”

More than one protest spilled out.

”Im not asking any of you to come. You can effortlessly follow protocol. Be my guest. Im seizing my route. ” I alleged firmly without putting up with the fury of Kaleb and Kyoto.

”Fine, you are on your own! Lets go, ” Kaleb commanded our unit. I cocked my head to the side as they withdrew and headed back. I couldn blame them for taking things so cautiously. After what happened a year ago, I wouldn dare act recklessly.

Subsequently, I glance over my shoulder, making sure I was alone and no, one was visible. Before abandoning the gloom for the well-lit municipal, my heart quickened as I got closer with every step. Every detail persisted more than described, why would no one express the beauty behind the madness for what it breathed. Flashes of a little girl running happily with her parents brought back the reality at what abided around —the lie of a dystopian culture where the average individual breathes out the utopia of psychopathology. Youve only got to look carefully at the world to know who is in charge. Or isn that what you used to say, mother. I think back to her rounded face, slightly lighter than ivory, with a rose-colored tint to her cheeks. Her small brown eyes that were lively and warm that sparkled with bliss when she smiled. The smooth blonde hair with soft curls that fell just past her dimpled chin. Her pink, slight, buttoned nose that was just above her delicate lips that always carried a faint smile. But then again, I recalled her misery; and the dimness that grew behind them.

”Tusk, tusk, ”

That accent brought me back to reality. Every inch of my body shivered at the hiss of fear. Carefully I turn around coming face to face with Mikael and his gang.

”So you recognize I esteem you as a threat, what a smart girl, ”

”Why are you here? ” I stressed. I couldn give him the satisfaction of smelling my dismay. What was he doing here; these weren his coordinates to navigate, had he tracked me down. Given the certainty that I brought about his foolishness earlier might be the reason. But I wouldn assess him too quickly. He might be a reckless idiot but not stupid.

”The same as you, I suppose, although I might admit Im surprised to learn about your tangible intentions. ” He unhurriedly snaked around me, whispering his opinion.

”What are you on about? ”

”What would father say if he found out that his precious warrior dared to disobey orders simply for the selfishness of ruling. ”

”And who said youd tell an utterance without me finishing you off first, ” I glared at him.

You must understand something that amassed me the name of a serpent.

No one threatens me and gets away it.

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