The hatred stares withered with his, scorning the act of bravery I sought to uphold.

It was a cruel mockery of a laugh.

But it breathed the face of the earth.

And the vulgarity of power.

e words howl conviction, but your eyes tell another story. ” His lips kink as I swallowed greedily.

”Given were not overshadowed by father why don you make an effort to convince me you
e capable, and Ill let this predicament, pass by me. ” The intensity of his gaze crawled over me with every whisper. Every fiber of my being shrieked to get him off, but I suppressed the tendency. I was a force of playing with fire.

”What do you want? ” I hissed.

”Theres the bravery, I seek. It wasn hard now, was it? ” The laughs that rang around sickened me. There wasn anything more vulgar than a group of people basking the acts of their sutor. But what was there to be expected from a reception that ardent together, since the first draw of blood? Durability would only itch a throb of vulnerability, leaving me defenseless.

”Does it make you more of a man announcing your decree to your disciples, I shift to peer over the hissing of assault. Why don you declare whats there to achieve. I don have all night to heed the injunctions of such magnitude. ” I hastily did a once over striving to find an advantage or a weakness if things got out of control.

”You better watch what you say. You
e pushing your limit, ” Mikael tightened his grip on my waterway.

”I was only reckoning…

”Liar! ”

A steadiness ran through my spine, paralyzed by his screams, emitted a quiver against a bitter wind above misery. My mind ran raw, as a bead of sweat seeped down my face while I recall a person assuring me existence if I disclosed the truth. The intensity of this perspective drenched recession, not knowing what to do, and too scared to even think as all these memories overran, my sight—left me helpless in the hands of my predator.

Who was this person? How did it associate with Mikael calling me a liar? To think I had seen everything, this validates the thirst to find out who I was at all costs even if I wither.

”Whats wrong? Did I finally lay the first stone and had a pick at your flaw? I guess you are not as polish as you fabricate everyone to believe you are. You
e just as weak as your mother. ”

”Shut up! ”

”I don know what excites me more the outrage running through your blood or the fear emitting from your eyes, ” Mikael crushed pieces of the wall beside me as he scents my neck.

”Tell me what you want already, ” I whizzed. Even if it crushed me, I need to stay clear-minded. Nothing will guarantee my existence if I strike out of anger. This quarrel was a game to Mikael, one I happen to be part of in the act of an opponent.

”Oh, Im sorry, did I overstep, or does the truth hurt? Ha. I guess you know how it feels to be the destruction of tradition.

But its alright; Ill tell you what I need. You see that building over there with the slanted windows and spiraling structure. ”

The structure he was pinpointing was nothing more than a dreadful sentence. He was insane if he wanted me to infiltrate such a dimensional capital enclosed by a swarm of men in heavy gear. There were alchemist best defense, high-tech mortals in authority to tower above us all. Even if I was able to outperform them, it was merely the exterior who knows what prevailed inside. Or how long it will take me to get the source, before dying in the attempt.

”What about it? ”

”I want you to head over there and retrieve something for me, ”

”Like what, ” I ask, wondering what he could require from such a place.

”That is for me to know and for you to discover in a given time. ” I subside my concern, how absurd can someone be.

”How do you expect me to endorse such an act when I don even know what to do? Are you out of your mind! ”

”I don care what you think, Amelia! ” He spat my name with unmasked distaste. ”I must make sure our kind doesn associate with certain people. ”

”You mean people other than your stature? ” I challenged.

He smirked, ”I knew you were a clever girl. Infuriating, but sufficient. ”

”Go to hell, ”

”Where do you think you
e going? Im not done with you yet, ” He grasped my forearm.

I huffed and made sure to shove him off, but before I fled, I hesitated.

”You know, before being introduced to the magical subordinates of your family, I had a perspective view from a world so deferred from mine. But I came to love it. Since then, I invariably came across this perception thats more complicated than any other, ” I looked at him over my shoulder. ”What on earth would possess a father, to turn an innocent soul into someone as vicious and arrogant as you? ”

”How rational for you to dwell on that?. You, regardless of what occurred in the past, assume foul words would bring my sentimental righteousness. Oh, how imbecile do you think I am! ”

”You tell me, ” I disputed.

”Don worry. I will. ”

Fuming, Mikael lunged at me, his hands wrapping over my shoulder, twisting my body up in the air, and knocking me back. There is a scream from within that forces its way out as if I had unleashed a demon. I quickly counteract my fall and race towards him swiftly, my blade fading in every angle as he avoids it.

”How he tolerates you, I have no idea. I only hope you
e so-called sire realizes he can do better, so much better. ”

”Shut up, ” I pivot every facet of my spirit, landing a few blows but receiving more in return. Havoc reflected more on me than anything else; he wasn even utilizing his full potential.

The way his league does not rush at me baffle their motive. I knew my reputation hasn preceded me in the past. But this was ridiculous. These disputants only saw me as a woman with a blade, so when their leader leans on a wall, its game on. With a flick of his hand, three guys with markings of the king of the jungle, each with a crimson blade, step forwards. How could he just let others join in while he took a bite of an apple? His tantalizing smile angered me, taking the offense. Before he took another bite, I had them knocked out on the wet sidewalk. My exterior is a story, but my heart is a beating flare, they massively outnumber me.

I quickly pry the edged around to clash steel. I wielded my blade even, a whole, undaunted horizon; always leveled with the structure of a beaker, just as Antoinette had taught me. I stalled the next mans strike but watched a wretched, stained grin split his lips as his blade shivered under the brutality of my compelling strength.

”Weapons do not belong in the hands of women, ” he growled, pressing it closer to my face. The blade flashed over his head and hummed a low, swift tune when he brought it down.

I was embolized, this was the end, I thought, as I closed my eyes. A loud blast flared pigments of fire as the blade before me rupture into shards.

”How odd a woman just disposed of your life without a break of a sweat. ”

”You bitch, ”

It was painful to gain consciousness, but I was able to imagine the scenery. Judging by the sarcastic tone of the newcomer, Jane, and her troops had made an appearance.

”As to what do we owe your presence, Jane. ”

”You believe Markus is a fool, Mikael. As soon as you went out of their way, he orders us to follow. Judging by what I just witness, you are so predictable. ”

”Stupid, wretched, what the hell do you know? ” That growl of his echoed in my ears, taking me away from unconsciousness.

”I may not know enough about the importance of her existence, but I do know we don draw our weapons to those we protect. ”

”Please, when does that rule apply before or after we legislate our allies. ”

”That was a mistake; we harbor accountable. ”

”And may I need to remind you that principle is the cause of your brothers fate. ”

”You more than anyone, recalls there wasn anything we couldve done differently. ”

” ta.l..king a..bout? ” I spit out in between breaths.

”Nothing that concerns you, ” Mikael bit out.

”If that is all, Ill be on my way. ”

”Michael! ” I hissed.

He veered around, extending a hand, entirely unarmed, ”Amelia. ” I didn know how to react to the softness of his voice. Was he anticipating me to accept his gesture? Why? He drops it after a while and continues. ”If you ever defy me like that again, Ill kill you. ” He smiles and walks away. Unbelievable.

”Here, let us help you, ” Jane suggests as her team begins restoring me.

”They sure did a number on you, ” A girl with wild hair crouches near holding my head as she whispers a foreign language. Immediately a hiss of pain unleashes my breath as the fractures of my bones snap-in-place. The whispers and the pain reminded me that day in the arena. How was it possible?

”Thank you, ” I whispered as her pale features appear before mine. Her melancholy irises reminded me of blue skies, in the sense of dwelling.

”We also helped you know, ”

A defendants voice brought me back to the presence of three individuals: two males and one girl. Jane was standing to the side, most likely reporting progress and setting up coordinates. Judging by their markings, they were spiritual figures. Hence the magical healing.

”Forgive me; I… thank you. ”

”Its alright; Im Rose. ” She helped me stand up.

”You already know Jane; this is Drake and Sin. As the one who healed your head, Ill let her introduce herself. ” Rose gestured.

”Its a pleasure to meet acquaintances finally; Im Katlin. ” She motioned with her fingers making a variety of creatures glide in the air around us.

”Amelia, ” We nodded at one another.

”We know who you are; The guy Sin gestures with a smirk. Your past perceives you. ”

Starting at him carefully, he was an inch taller than me—his features where implacable as all of theres were. He and the guy calked Drake had short dark hair and brown eyes; their bodys where constructed by the power they possessed— intense and magical. Drake was a few inches taller than all of them but seemed to have the warmest soul mask by apathy. Just like Katlin, Rose had colored hair and eyes. The term rose matched her aura. It was a fascinating faction of people, but they complemented one another.

”Just like Mikaels animosity perceives him, ” Katlin adds as she burns the last scraps of blood plus any visible dents left from the quarrel.

”Hes not inherently evil, as you may believe, ” I confided.

Janes red eyes meet mine as she strides towards the end of the road.

”Lets go theres been too much disturbance; Division would most likely emerge any second. ”

At her alert, flashes fly out. These were hardly ordinary glimmers. They carried a mobilized toxin in them.

”Run, ” Drake shouts.

In an instant, we materialized ground through silhouettes; not even an eye could take notice of our own. It is why weve been on the low for decades. The ability to camouflage gave us the upper hand in more ways than others.

When we finally acknowledged we had lost them. I decided it was time to utilize my capability. With a hand gesture, I morphed into something more structured to the people of alchemy.

”Woah, how exactly did you just do that? ” Sin declared candidly, making the others glance at me.

”Just how you heal quite rapidly. I read it in some old scripts; I trailed off for a moment as I contemplated what to do. Voicing my concern was my best option than to ask a question instead. Whats next…. ”

”Wait, how did you know our sorcery came from old scripts? ” Rose questions me, alerting the others.

”I didn . You just asserted my suspicion. ”

”You are what everyone calls you! ” Sin exclaimed. His eyes had taken a glint of intrigue, visibly shaking with excitement.

”Plus, we couldn expect anything less; you aren that bad for a Kimera, ” Dean confessed with another chuckle.

”And why is that? ” I asked sarcastically.

e arrogant and cunning. ” Jane glared from the corner of her eyes.

”I am not sure if I should take offense or be flattered, ” I informed them.

”Take it. However, you like it. Mikael and his group weren wrong, ” Katlin equipped.

”So, your abilities? ” Jane questioned. Judging by her intense curiosity, she wasn going to let this go by.

”Yes, well, you see, I have a bound with an ethereal creature that nourishes me with some enhancements, ” I explained carefully. It was the truth, but not entirely.

”How is that possible? ” Katlin questioned whether to believe me or not as she glanced at Jane, who was studying me carefully.

”Just like how we acquire our healing, ” Jane declared, sincerely making the others restless.

”Aren you afraid of what others may do once they learn about you? ”

I glimpsed at Sin over my shoulder. ”Why should I? People may assume what they desire. Maybe they are correct, perhaps not. No prestige comes to me from it. My actions and nature are mines alone, even if, at times, I put up a mask or two where necessary. I will not impersonate something I am not, even if it does not give me any real gain. I can be loyal and possibly enamored those who want to worship me, but I wouldn abandon the potential to be myself. I believe in freedom of manifestation and value whats essential, given that I will not allow weak-minded imbeciles to take it away from me, ” I sauntered away, finishing my little rant.

”I must say I respect your opinion, ” Jane distorted me from leaving. ”Its genuinely a mellow passion to bring into the world. Most of our nation gratify Markus, even to the point of their detriment. You may have noted that we are different and that we take a more candid approach on certain occasions. If anyone displeases us, well generally discern it in a time of deception. Sometimes the best approach is the genuine one, even if others disapprove. ”

”But what if one day your logic ends up being your downfall simply because others decided not to view evolution, ” All of them glanced at me, thoughtfully contemplating what I had said before glancing at their leader.

”We have discussed this long enough. Why don we switch matters like how you believe Mikael is not entirely different from you? ” She asked.

”I don , ”

I declared frankly but hesitated. I didn know why, after so many years, I still believed Mikaels old spirit dwelled beneath his surface. It was probably the reminiscences of a young boy trying to mellow me down after retaining a vision. Or the fact I could catch a glimpse of myself in him.

Even when with how vital hes become, I inferred I might break from his girth if I stare long enough. Or if I end viewing him thoroughly.

The perplexity of everything made me realize I should have said something instead of remaining serene like always.

”Surely your joking right, ” mumbled Rose snapping her gaze to her leader. ”She can possibly believe theres a part of him that wields mercy. They
e somewhat cryptic whenever they address each other. ”

”Im sure this is a misunderstanding or something, ” deciphered Sin with a confused expression. ”Nobody would kill and be praised for it, not if you
e a fan of the source. ”

The intensity of their voices clarified their role in this case. They hadn appeared to keep an eye on Markus, as illustrated their objective was to attend and broadcast my every move.

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