Regrets Of The Ex Husband

1. Melting Destruction

When Karin arrived at the Bandung apartment where Mr Bian was residing, she exclaimed, ”Mbak Nur, please help Tiara. ”

She went out with her son Gavin after making sure her makeup was flawless while still in the car earlier. Because it was a special day to coincide with Karins wedding day with Mr Bian, the four of them walked the apartments corridor wearing Karins own major face. Her husband, who had been married for six years, was recognized as a valid kosher pair. She purposefully went to see her spouse without telling her because she truly wanted to give her a lovely surprise.

Hopefully Mr Bian is inside.

When Karin arrives at the entrance of the apartment with the number 109, she should be her true self today.

Karin hit the bell button and envisioned her husbands joyful expression upon seeing their arrival from Jogja to Bandung with their two children. She also imagined her two children. When the door was opened, Karin was astounded to see that it wasn Mr Bian but rather a lady who was half-naked and wearing obvious makeup glaring at her with a stern gaze.

The woman questioned, ”Who are you? ”

Karin remarked with a voice full of intensity and a stare that was no less piercing, ”I should have asked you! ”

From within, a male voice cried out, ”Whos it baby? ”

Karin yelled ”Mbak Nur! ” to get her babysitter to take care of Gavin and Tiara.

He immediately pushed the woman in front of him hard while waiting, practically stretching his back.

Karin yelled as she entered, ”Get out of the way! ”

Mr. Bian? When he realized that the man in the bed was Mr Bian, his emotions reached a new high. Karin, who was half-naked on the bed with the other man, threw his right hand, with all his power, over the mans face.

Karins chest tightened and her emotions continued to flood uncontrollably as she yelled out, ”Its so nasty! ” in an increasingly loud voice.

Whatever was on the table was thrown in the direction of Mr Bian and the female.

”You slut, ” Karin yelled.

She simply threw forth the angry remarks that came to mind.

”Baby! ”Mr Bian, who was attempting to control Karins emotions by raising both hands and crawling toward the still-standing Karin despite the fact that she was unable to stand any longer, yelled, ”Okay, Im wrong! ”

Karin attempted to stand up despite the fact that her legs felt spinelessly lifeless.

”STOP! ” Karin screamed.

”Don touch me! ” as she backed away from Mr Bians hand.

”Mr Bian, Mr! ”The woman in the room said. ”Never mind Mr! ”, attempting to stop Mr Bian from clutching Karins leg.

”Stop talking, Rose! ” Mr Bian yelled as she blocked the womans hand with her own.

Karin exclaimed, ”You two are both horrible! ” As she was already losing the ability to remain in the apartment room. She fled as her tears poured down both cheeks.

”Karin! Attend to Karin! Plis!! ”Mr Bian yelled. He attempted to flee, but as he was still partially clothed, he didn pursue until he had exited the room.

”Mamaa! ” Tiara cried out for her mother to be picked up right away. Karin collapsed on the ground before giving her two kids a bear embrace. He was uneasy because he had a broken heart. The cool clothing that Gavin and Tiara were purposefully wearing became wet with her tears. He honestly had no idea that things would turn out the way they did today.

Karin, the Mbak Nur babysitter, was silent due to the predicament of her employer. Mr B

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