Karin shut the rooms door gradually. It turns out that she was calling Mr Bian as she left.

”Hello! Gold! Mr was given my request to stop contacting me. Help! Our parents were both present when we first met. Since everything is now evident, there is nothing left to explain. We are going to meet in Jogja in three days ”Karin spoke up loudly and strongly before hanging up the phone.

”I simply cannot stay with you any longer, Mr! To have to sleep with a man like you is worse than being widowed! ”Karin murmured as she strolled by the garden near her room. She didn rush back into his room. Karin is only a mortal after all. It has been a long time for them after sharing a home with Mr Bian for six years and being close for the previous two. together with the presence of their two hilarious kids, Gavin and Tiara.

”We can revisit all of this, honey. Okay, Im khilaf, I apologize. Okay, I swear I won make the same error again. ” Mr Bian left a voicemail after trying to contact Karin back numerous times, but she taunted her as well. Up to the point that Karin simply opted to turn off her phone. He took a brief seat in a garden chair. A little bit of fresh air might be able to soothe his heart.

After only five minutes of sitting there, he can hear someone arguing behind him.

”Honey, you are mistaken! I agree with Gavin that there is absolutely no relationship! We are merely colleagues. Please… you know who I am! ” As she yanked on the mans left arm, the woman yelled.

”Stop! Take my hand off, or Ill yank it out firmly! From now on, you go! Go! ”The man spoke while gesturing emotionally.

The woman appeared to be sobbing as loudly as she could while passing the man. However, the man didn appear to care and departed right away, leaving her alone herself.

Accidentally seeing the incident, Karin couldn help but rub the womans chest. Exactly the same thing as what he recently went through. Karin then went back to her roOm because she didn want to become too lightheaded. Miss Nur is still cool enough to go play with Gavin. Tiara was still dozing off on the plush mattress.

Karin closed her two nets and asked, ”Oh my God… what do you mean by showing me what you actually have ”

Tiara is likewise undecided, trying to rest and sleep for a bit. But she was in no way in a position where he could have fallen asleep. His thoughts were still traveling in every direction. Even though he attempted several different sleeping positions in an effort to find the most comfortable one, he was unsuccessful. even after Tiaras sleepy awakening.

In the space, there was a ringing phone.

”Yes, hello, ” said Karin.

He questioned, ”With Mother Karin? ”

”Yes, I am, where is this from? ” asked Karin.

”This was taken from the hotels information page. If there are guests in front, Mrs. Karin, we will let you know, ” the hotel employee said.

”Searching for me? Who are you? ” Karin enquired.

”In the name of Mr. Ivan, please. It is currently waiting in the foyer, ” the hotel staff member said.

”Oh, right, Mr. Police. What is a don -do? Well, I discovered him right away. Thank you, ” Karin said.

”Miss Nur… Let me go first. Baby, the kids go to Miss Nur first, ” remarked Karin.

Gavin asked curiously, ”Mama? ”

Karin said, ”Meet Mom the cop who was dear. ”

Gavin said, ”Follow Ma. ”

Karin responded, ”Yes, Gavin and Mama. ”

Karin hurried to the lobby while carrying her son.

If the lobby is the location that is closest to this location from here, where is it, sir? Excuse me for interrupting for a moment. When Karin was about to board the elevator, she gently inquired.

The moment Karin recognized the man she was addressing, she exclaimed, ”This gentleman… isn that one, huh? ”

The man also graciously responded, ”Mom went down the first level, then turned left afterwards there was an indication to the location of the lobby. ”

”Oh, good. Thanks, ”said Karin.

Together with Gavin, they are both in elevator number three.

”Oh, you work here? Without anyone telling him, ” Gavin enquired.

The man was polite to Gavin as well.

”Yes, Om is employed here, Baby. Are you planning to stay here? ” The man enquired.

”Learn more about Om Dilan. Who are you called? ” the man questioned.

”Gavin, ” he said.

Mr Dilan remarked, ”Wow, it appears that our names are almost interchangeable. ”

Gavin nodded and grinned as well.

Karin tightly gripped Gavins hand, puzzled as to how the little boy could talk so intimately with someone he had just just met.

As the elevator approached the sixth level, Dilan said, ”Yes, thats when Om worked first. ”

When Karin noticed Alfin getting ready to exit on the floor, she exclaimed, ”6th floor? ”

”Bye Uncle. Gavin said, ”See you soon.

Om Dilan said, ”Bye… Ok. ”

Gavin, if you
e the same guy, don be that same again, right? ”Tomorrow again, ” he said. Karin stated.

Gavin regarded his mothers comments with confusion.

To Gavins doubts, Karin responded, ”Gavin… we don know the person we just met is a decent person or not? ”

”Om wasn particularly good, ma? Have you correctly responded to Mamas question? ”Gavin said.

They entered the elevator as it started to open and went to the first floor.

Karin said, ”Lets go sweetheart, lets go out. ”

Karin said as she followed Gavins fingers, ”Well… thats him there turned out to be the lobby. ”

”If police Om? Its obviously good, right? ”Gavin enquired as he raised his head to face the mother.

Yes, yes, Police are good, said Karin.

Karin entered the lobby and greeted Mr. Ivan, ”Good afternoon. ”

”Hello, Uncle police? ” Gavin greeted everyone as well.

”Hello, Gavin, ” I say. ”High-five first! ” Mr. Ivan commanded.

Mr. Ivan said, ”Mrs. Karin, I tried to call her cell phone just now, but it appears to be dead, right? ”

Oh, I agree, Mr. Ivan. Sorry about that. Im intentionally away so I can take a break, ” Karin said.

”Okay. The automobile key for Mrs. Karin is already in front, ” Mr. Ivan stated.

”MasyaAllah, I want to thank Mr. Ivan for everything. So, how much will this cost? As soon as I can, let me transmit it, ” Karin replied, turning on her phone once more.

e not required to, Mrs. Karin. Mr. Ivan resisted saying, ”Take it easy. ”

”Wow, Sir, I can do that. Since then, the father has been a huge assistance to me and my kids, you know. Please accept this time, pliss… Mr. Ivan, ” Karin yelled angrily.

But Mr. Ivan reportedly continued to decline.

After seeing Mr. Ivan was being sincere, Karin gave up as well.

”Yes, forget it then. I pray for perpetual health for Mr. Ivan and his family, Sir. Oiya, just drop by whenever you
e in Jogja on vacation, ” remarked Karin.

”Id like to. I appreciate the offer that Mrs. Karin made very much, ” Mr. Ivan replied.

Mr. Ivan answered, ”Well then I simply excuse me, Mrs. Karin. ”

”Happy duty, Mr. Ivan. Okay, ” Karin replied.

”Gavin? Yes, Om, return to work first. Ill see you later, Om Ivan said.

Waving his hand, Gavin remarked, ”Okay Uncle Police ”

Gavin was then welcomed back to the hotel room by Karin.

When Gavin noticed from the balcony that the hotel also has swimming pools, he stated, ”Ma… Gavin wants to swim. ”

Baby swimming? Karin asked, ”Isn it cold?

Gavin responded, ”No, Ma. ”

Yes, that is all. Karin asked, ”What do you want mama to tell Me? ”

Gavin said, ”Mama. ”

”Yes, its all right; just take it as a refresher. After all, it appears that there is a kiddie pool there as well. Perhaps theres warm water too, ” Karin suggested.

”Okay. Lets just stroll down the entire path, Miss Nur. Rather than keeping the kids in the roOm, let them swim the entire time ”suggested Karin.

Miss Nur responded, ”I have a change of clothes ready for a while, maam.

When they arrived at the pool, they discovered that there were indeed warm water facilities designated especially for kids.

The Bandung holiday celebration has actually undergone a complete transformation. Karin keeps an eye on Gavin as Miss Nur follows Tiara. He purposefully avoided entering the water.

”Miss Nur, I first have a drink! Gavin had a look at it! ”yelled Karin.

Karin noticed the noise in the pool as she was ready to ascend to the drinking area.

”Gosh! Karin mumbled, ”Whats that all about? ” and then turne around right away.

He heard the screaming at the pool and saw the crowd.

”Pardon me! Im sorry. Im a doctor, ”Karin yelled as she made her way toward the middle of the mob.

In the middle of nowhere, a child appeared injured by what had just happened. The porcelain surfaces of the swimming pool were still being covered in blood.

”Please avoid crowding! Sir! I am a physician! Help the crowd break up now, please! One of the one adult men who know who hear, ” Karin yell at him.

Karin starts administering first aid to the injured child right away. Only those who are closest to the child can be considered close to it.

”Mom! any fabric? All fabrics are clean that matter! Stopping this wound right away is essential! ”yelled Karin.

Naturally, the sound of the childs weeping persisted.

”Baby, calm down! The doctors aunt! Okay? ”yelled Karin. He quickly multiplied the cloth tightly to the childs thigh wound after obtaining it.

Uncle Dilan rushed over and yelled, ”Whats the matter? ”

”Sir! This child is hurt! Must be taken right away to the hospital! ”yelled Karin.

”Joni! Get the automobile ready right away! Bring it here closer! ”demanded Mr. Dilan.

Karin continued to try to stop the bleeding while she waited, changing into dry clothing.

”Kindly P3K box? Anybody! Now, please, locate it! ”yelled Karin.

Soon after, the P3K box he was looking for arrived before him. Karin started looking for any medication she could use right away. Karin skillfully administered first assistance.

”Mother, kindly avoid speaking to her child! Okay? ”Karin said.

The infant was immediately hoisted into the automobile, which had already arrived.

”Baby! First, Mama went to the hospital! His sister is poor! Okay? You share traits with Miss Nur and her sister ”Gavin, who she believed was already accustomed to such a perilous circumstance, was addressed by Karin.

Karin climbed into the car without being asked. Making an effort to keep the child awake. Karin now decided to simply rip some of her garments off because blood was still dripping out of them.

”What are you doing, ” Mr. Dilan enquired.

Karin exclaimed, ”Its still pouring, along with the blood. ”

Mr. Dilan promised to be at the hospital shortly.

”Oh yes? Karin continued to pull at her shirt as she muttered, ”I don know whats happening.

”The wife is also involved, ” Mr. Dilan said.

Before the emergency room, the car has arrived. Mr. Dilan removed his tuxedo jacket.

”Wear this, please! Im sure you
e chilly, ” Mr. Dilan said.

Karin said, ”Attention also he showed up. ”

”Oh, okay. Borrow it first, ” Karin advised.

The child was brought in and treated in the emergency room right away. The childs parents also showed up shortly after.

The mother said, ”Where is my son? ”

”He is being handled, maam. Lets wait, ” Mr. Dilan said.

The woman answered, ”Anyway, the hotel will sue if something happens to my son. ”

Karin and Mr. Dilan also unintentionally ran into each other.

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