Fifty or so men in black suit surround a huge mansion,each placed on different corners.

The large black shinning gate swung open to let in a white Limousine. The Limousine came to a halt, one of the men in black ran to where the Limousine was park and opened the door then move to the side, his hand on his head in a salute stance.

An old man of maybe forty five came down from the car, he was putting on a gray suit, he turned towards the car his hand out just as the lady sitted beside him grabbed his hand coming down from the car. She was dressed in a Golden elegant dressed and a gold wedge shoe to match her dressing, her stylish bag underneath her armpit.

”Welcome back Sir, welcome back Ma. ”The guards yelled their greetings, their hands on their chest in respect.

Mr and Mrs Ross both gave a nod as they made their way inside.

”How i wish their daughter was as kind as they are. ” One of the men in suit muttered.

”Keep wishing Fabian. ” The man beside Fabian said with a shake to his head. ” Where you not there when she assaulted a female worker all because she didn like her hair? And also slapped her maid for bringing back a dripping ice cream? ” He asked.

Fabian nod his head in agreement.

”Where you not also there when she kicked Lex in the balls for going against her? ” He asked again.

Fabian shivered remembering the scene again. ” I was close to him ” he mumbled.

”So you see just how hopeless it is to think that way. ” He stated before going about his duty.

”Money. The root of all evil. ” Fabian muttered and stood still staring at the back of his friend. He knew what he said will forever remain a wish as he watched Mr and Mrs Ross enter their mansion,after all it was just a wishful thinking. He shook his head before following behind his friend.

Mr and Mrs Ross mouth hung opened in shocked,their daughter Diana Ross was on the chair her legs crossed as she glared at both her parents.

She was seriously pissed at them for stoping her from dealing with the manager. ”Why did you do that? ” She asked angrily.

Mr Ross stared at her, his temperature rising because of too much anger. He tried to control himself by taking deep breath. ”How can you beat up your fellow woman? ” He seethed back, he heard the rest of the story after he had hung up on his daughter, but still he was happy he said No after she had asked for the guards to listen to her,if not it would have been a completely different story. Mrs Ross place a comforting hand on his back. ”Calm down. You know your heart. ” She whispered gently to him.

He turned to his wife. ”My heart will always be in trouble if this your daughter continue doing things to pissed me off. ” He muttered. ”Just hope that what you did today will not come back and bite you in the ass. ” He said to Diana.

Diana let out a scoff. ” Who would dare try such? ” She asked and got to her feet.

Mr Ross faced her, his eyebrows raise. ” So… If i had given you the go ahead,you would send the guards to beat up my friend? ” He asked, quite shocked. He was surprised his daughter turned out to be this wicked. Yes,he spoils her alot because she is his only child but not to the extent of her looking down on others. ”What have we done to deserve this? ” He sadly mumbled.

Diana let out a low chuckle. ” He is so lucky he is your friend. If not i would have dealt with him my own way. ”

Mr Ross mouth opened in shocked as he stared at his daughter.

”Diana. ” Mrs Ross admonish.

”What? ” Diana asked. ”What i said is the truth ” she continued and plopped back down on the chair.

Mr Ross stared at her for a while before he shook his head and went upstairs.

Mrs Ross looked upstairs before facing her daughter. ” Why do you always make your Dad angry? ” She asked, her hands cupping her bossom.

Diana smacked her lips together. ”Because he likes pissing me off. ” She muttered her eyes on the screen.

”Diana! ” Mrs Ross yelled and pinch her arm.

”Ouch… Mum! ” Diana pouted rubbing her arm. ”That hurt. ” She said after a while.

”Thats because its suppose to. ” Mrs Ross said and turned. ”Go outside, let your father calm down. ” She continued before climbing the stairs.

Diana groan. ” I was planning on going out before you told me. ” She yelled and grabbed her bag heading out.

Three guards rushed to her when they saw her coming out. ”Ma.. where are you going? ” One of the guards asked.

Diana faced them with a glare. ”None of your business. ” She said and stopped in front of her black Lamborghini.

The guards stared at themselves in confusion before rushing to her. ”Ma at least take two or three guards with you. ” The second guard stated.

”I don need a babysitter. ” She said and enter her car. ”And don think of following behind me if you don want to feel my wrath. ” She said and with that zoomed out of the compand.

”This job is not an easy one. ” One of the guards said earning a nod from his fellow guards as they watched the car leaving the compand.

”Come on. ” Lex motion to the guards and limped away, his middle still paining him.

Doug shook his head. ” I pity him. ” He said with a sign. ”But am lucky i wasn the one. ”

Max, Fred and Fabian nodded their heads in agreement before going about their duty.

A person in mask jumped out of the flowerly bush. ”Finally. ” The voice boom when he saw Diana car leaving the mansion.

Th mask guy let out a shrill laugh and hop into his car, thrilling behind Diana.

Diana whistle along to *Shape of you* by Ed Sheeran that was blasting loudly from her car radio before shifting gears to the next lane.

She saw from her rearview mirror how the car behind her also moved to the next lane but she ignored it and kept nodding her head to the music. She made a U_ turn , the car behind her doing the same.

She let out a sign. ”Must be those bodyguards. ” She thought as she stared at her rearview mirror.

” This is where you meet your end. ” The masked guy said driving behind her in a steady pace waiting for the right moment to strike.

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