Reincarnated Into Another World As a Maid

{Chapter Five} The kingdom of Tarius/The Scholar.

Diana woke up gasping for air,her stomach churned and her throat caught on fire with bile she couldn spit out. She could feel her optic nerve bleeding into her skull, her skin slipping on her face, all of his insides plastered and her joints floating. Her head was pounding and her arms and legs hurt like hell.Moving her body did not even cross her mind over the surreal, overwhelming, loathsome sensations.

Suddenly, she wasn feeling as nauseous as before. Awareness of her limbs came first, followed by the rest of her cognition. After seconds of peace, she noticed she was alright – completely so, physically and mentally alike. All of her pieces were set and she didn think she suffered any brain damage. She was lying sideways on an impossibly smooth surface. It felt cold against her exposed ankles. She rotated herself facedown and took a moment to rest before forcing herself up, worsening the dull ache on her shoulders.

She looked around her surrounding wondering where she was and how she was till alive.

e in another world. ” A computerized voice answered.

Diana turned her head,trying to see who spoke to her,but found none.

”Who are…you? ” She stuttered nervously.

A light glowed in front of her,then a pink floating screen with arms and legs appeared before her. It waved it tiny hands at her. ”I am your system. ”

Diana let out a scream and fearfully moved back,though she avoided hurting her dull aching body. ”What do you mean by system? And how am i still alive? And also what do you mean when you said *Another World*? ” Diana rushed out.

The system let out a computerized laugh and relax in the air,it legs crossed.

Diana stared at it, confusion written all over her face, her mouth flung open in shock. ”Why am i in a maid outfit? ” She questions the system with a scorn.

”First of all… You are lucky you were given a second chance. ” The system said, series of code showing on his screen.

”What are those? ” Diana asked pointing to the numerous code.

”This are the data collected in your previous life. And i can say you do not deserve this life. ” The system replied. ” But the higher ups decided to teach you a lesson by giving you this life in this new world. ”

Diana stared at the system trying to process what it just said. ” So….. What is this new world? ” She asked and relax back into the cranky wooded bed.

You would think that she might find it difficult to process this information ir possibly find it hard to believe, but for Diana she was more than happy to have a second chance ay life.

The system sat up straight and cleared it throat. ” This new world is an ancient world of about 3000 years ago. It is called ”The kingdom of Tarius. ” Tarius is ruled by the great and powerful king called ”King Fabiano. ” King Fabiano has three children,namely Lissa,Fiona and lex. ” It explained showing her pictures of and the city.

Her eyebrows rose up in surprised,all the names sounds familiar to her.

”Ehhhhen. ” She said. ”Your name? I can keep calling you it or system now can i? ” She asked staring up at it.

”You can just call me Pinko. ” Pinko said. ”Princess Lissa is the crown princess of Tarius kingdom and you work under her,while Princess Fiona care less about the crown but focus more on her beauty. And prince Lex, lets just say he is ”indisposed. ” Pinko continued in it computerized voice.

”Wait… I work under the crown princess? ” As what? ” I asked, my hands akimbo.

Pinko stare at me for some time. ” Wowwww you really are dumb. ” It stated and summon popcorn and 3d glass.

”Wow… You can do magic. ” Diana stated in shock.

”This isn magic. Its science. ” Pinko said slowly as if it was speaking to a child. ”Back to your questions. Why don you scan your memories or should i said the body memories, you will find all the answers to your questions. ” Pinko said eating it popcorn .

Diana stared at her system for a while before she finally closed her eyes,going through the body memories trying to look for clues on how this new world works. Pictures of different memories kept on showing in her head, she looked closely but could not see the crown princess and even who the King was.

”Done. ” She said and opened her eyes.

”Now you know all you need to know. ” Pinko said.

”Not all. ” Diana stated. ”I have a lot of questions. ”

Pinko motion for her to continue with his tiny hand. ”Go on. ” it said.

”My first question is, why am i still the same? ” She asked looking at herself in a handmade wooded mirror that she found beside the bed. ” I always thought that once a person die and is given a second chance at life. That second chance always comes with a new body. ”

Pinko let out series of computerized laugh. ”Where did you hear that from.? It asked quite keen on knowning.

Diana shrugged her shoulder. ”I read it in a reincarnation comic. ”

”Well… It ain true. ” Pinko said. ”Next question. ”

Diana inhaled deeply. ” Do i get power? ” She asked with a serious face.

”No. ” Pinko stated sharply.

”Whooo! ” Diana exclaimed her hands up in the air. ”It was just a question. ”

Pinko screen turned into what looked like a glared. ”A question? You should thank your stars that the higher-ups decided to give you a second chance. ” It said, pinging harshly. ”Your other questions? ” It asked after some silence.

Diana exhaled. ”Why do i need a system? ” She asked and sat up straight,her back was killing her.

”To keep you in check,and to make sure you get a punishment whenever you refuse to behave as a maid. ” Pink stated as a matter of fact.

”Harsh. But i concur. Not going to just quietly behave, but okay if this is how i make up for my past life. ” Diana said with a scoff. ” But…. What kind of punishment? ” She asked bewildered.

”The painful kind. ” Pinko said and then looked towards the door. ” Someone is here. ” It said and disappear into a puff of smoke.

”Goodbye. ” Diana yelled into nothing just as a knock was heard.

She gently got down from the bed and made her way to the door with shaky legs. She was greeted by a maid in flowerly gown tied together by a pink ribbon.

”Oh.. you are awake, i thought you were dead. ” The maid said with a snicker,her hands folded behind her back.

”If only she knew. ” Diana thought inwardly. ”What do you need Pina? ” Sheasked with a glare.

Pina let out a scoff and smack her lips together. ”The crown princess demand our present. ” She said.

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