Reincarnated Into Another World As a Maid

{Chapter Six} The Crown Princess I.

”The crown princess demand our presence. ” Pina said.

”What? ” Diana asked in shock.

Pina let out a scoff. ”You heard me right. ” She stated with a glare.

Diana eye her. ”Do you know the reason why? ” She asked.

”Obviously to work. ” Pina said. ” I always knew you were dumb. But i never knew you were this dumb. ”

Diana squeeze her face in anger, this will be the third time somebody was calling her dumb, including her past life. ”I am not dumb. ” She stated with a glare.

Pina shrugged her shoulder. ” If you say so. ” She stated after some while. ”Come oh… We need to go,we can keep our kingdom crown princess waiting. ”

”Give me a sec. ” Diana said and went back inside, she saw her shoes under the bed and quickly wore it before going back outside. ”Lets go. ” She said and motion to Pina.

Pina let out a scoff and walked ahead of her.

Diana groan out loud,before following behind her. As she walked she was able to take in the beautiful scenery of Tarius.

Purple habiscus surrounded the side pavement creating a beautiful scene,there were also flowers like the red roses, lilies and dandelion and the rest which were been tended to by young men and women.

They waved at them as they passed.

The kingdom of Tarius a populated kingdom with working men and women, the kingdom was quite peaceful and the people of Tarius were nice people. That would be what an outsider would say if they did not know Tarius quite well, for it was anything but peaceful especially at night.

Diana and Pina watched them as they went about their various businesses. Some where already loading their goods on a table stand decorated with fine red leather and the rest already had customers of various kind including scholars.

Diana stopped in her track, her mouth watered in delight as she stared at the handful of candy laying on a table stand. She shook her head and looked ahead to see Pina three feet ahead of her, she stood till contemplating before she finally turned towards the direction of the candy.

She grabbed a small stack bag filled with candy. ” How much? ” She asked the seller.

”Just three silver. ” The old lady replied before attending to another customer. ”Sir… That one is fifty silver. ” She yelled at the man dressed in scholar uniform and hat.

”Here you go. ” He said in a southern ancient and handed her a bag of coin.

The old lady grabbed the bag of coin and poured it on an empty space on the shelf. ”Its complete. ” She expressed happily after she had finished counting it.

Diana stared at the scholar in shock, she just checked her pouch underneath her ribbon to find out that she had only five silver of coin. And here was a scholar ready to spend fifty silver for just a scroll.

”He must be rich. ” She muttered quietly before giving the woman her three silver. *Can believe i am worried about spending money.* She thought to herself.

”I am not. ” Came a deep voice.

Diana raised her head to see the scholar looking at her with a grin. ”What? ” She asked.

He let out a chuckle. ”I am not rich. ” He stated with a grin.

Her eyes was wide open as she stared at him. She could not believe he heard her. ”Sorry… For the statement. ” She said and lowered her head. *Damn… Can believe i just said sorry and i did not do anything. He is lucky he did not said this in my previous life, i would have beaten him for ease dropping.* She thought with a smirk. ”But Alas…. I can do that here. ” She muttered sadly.

He stared at Diana whose head hung low and let out a smile. ”Its okay. ” He said gently, after all she wasn the only person who thought that. And here he was thinking he had on a good disguise. ”What is your name? ”

Diana flinched before slowly looking up. ”This humble maid goes by the name Diana. ” She said and curtsy.

Outside she was looking quite humble, but inside Diana was furious. She let out series of cuss. *I blame the former occupant of this body* She thought in rage,but outside she had on a lovely smile that made people believe she was indeed meek and gentle.

The scholar let out a low chuckle , he had seen that kind of face to know that what she said wasn what she was thinking. ”Well…nice to meet you Diana. ” He said with a bow. ” I am Leo. ”

Diana looked slowly up at him before her eyes went back to staring at the ground.

”Where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you. ” Pina shouted in anger as she glared at Diana ignoring the young scholar.

Diana hung her head in shame. ”My apologies. I was distracted by candies. ” She mumbled quietly before tieing the bag of candies to one of the ropes on her pink flowerly gown.

The scholar let out a soft chuckle and shook his head in amusement. *What a funny character.* He thought and left after giving Diana one final glance.

”Candies? ” Pina yelled angrily, her hands flying in all direction. ”You know what? I don have your time when we get to the Palace you can explain to the princess why we were late. ”

Diana eyes bulge open at Pina statement. She asked. ”Me? ” Pointing to herself.

”Who else? ” Pina asked tirelessly.

Diana was finding it hard to breathe, she quickly inhaled huge amount of air before exhaling sofly, the first time she will be meeting the crown princess and she has to explain why she was late.She wiped her sweaty palm on her gown,her body trembling due to how nervous she was.

Pina let out a laugh on seeing the look on Dianas face. ”Don worry.. she doesn bite. ” She said gently.

Diana turned her head so fast that Pina thought she must have cracked a bone or two.

”Are you trying to comfort me? ” Diana inquired, she could not believe the gentle tone she heard was coming out of Pina.

Pina face change from that of a smile to a glare. ”Forget it. ” She dismissed and left.

Diana giggled forgetting that she was nervous before running towards Pina who stood waiting for her.

Diana breath heavily from the little run before looking up at the palace.

Two guards were stationed at the gate,each at both end of the gate, a spear in hand as they stood watch outside the gate, both end of the spear gripped tightly by both guards preventing anyone and anything from entering without authorization.

”Time to meet the crown princess. ” She muttered shakily before making her way to the palace gate with Pina beside her.

The guards bowed their head in recognition before moving the spears out of the way as the gate opened behind them.

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