Reincarnated Into Another World As a Maid

{Chapter Seven} The Crown Princess II

Diana and Pina both bowed their heads in greeting before making their way inside. The big gate closing behind them.

The inside of the palace was even more beautiful compare to the whole of Tarius. Rose bed flowers can be seen from the gate leading to different chambers,each with different kind of flowers. If Dianas memories serves her right, the flower bed with lilies led straight to the young princess chambers,and the one with daisies lead to the Crown princess Chambers,with guards on their red uniform embroidering with beautiful glittery beads, a sword in hand stationed at every doors in the palace.

Servants going about their various duties, two female maids in yellow flowerly gown pass them with basket of dirty clothes in hand. They bow their heads in greetings when they saw Pina and Diana.

Diana and pina gave a curt nod before following the flower beds covered in daisy to the crown princess chambers.

The maid gowns comprises of different colours which signify different ranks in command, mainly purple which was the highest in rank, Pina was among this set of maid, they give orders to the lowers maids and their job only consist of serving directly under the prince and princesses,followed by pink the second in ranks,their duty is to clean the chambers and serve food and sometimes made to escort the prince and princesses out into the kingdom and the last which is yellow, the lowest of the maids,they do all the dirty jobs of the palace like; sweeping of the compand, washing of dirty plates and clothes: and they are often times bullied same with pink.

They arrived at the door of the crown princess Lissa chambers and knocked,their heads bowed in respect. The door opened to a maid in purple flowery gown.

”Come in. ” She uttered and made way.

They bowed once again before entering inside.

”This way. ” She ushered leading them to a wooden door with bird like design. She opened the door to see a beautiful lady in a beautiful golden gown who was sitting down cross leg with a porcelain cup in hand as one of the higher maids poured for her hot tea.

*Must be one the crown princess.* Diana thought looking up sharply before looking back down.

The crown princess stared at the intruders while she sipped her coffee.

”Your highess… You sent for us. ” Pina voiced out her head bowed in respect.

The crown princess stared at them for sometime. ”You may leave us. ”

Diana let out an inaudible gasps thinking she was talking to her. But the maid who showed them the room,bowed. ” May you leave long your highess. ” She greeted and left the room.

”Stand before me. ” The crown princess demanded with a wave to her hand.

Diana and Pina hurried over to her front, their heads bowed in respect.

”You don need to be so formal with me Pina. ” Princess Lissa said softly.

Pina nod her head in affirmation.

”And you must be Diana? ” Princess Lissa inquired. ”I have heard a lot about you. ”

”Yes your highness. ” Diana replied,her head still down.

Princess Lissa watched her for some time before turning to Pina. ” What was the holdup?

Diana heart sank when she had the question. She was hoping that Pina would not implicate her.

”Am sorry for highness. ” Pina pleaded and went on her knees her head on the ground. ”Diana over there got carried away. ”

Guess Pina did implicate her, not that she can blame her. If she was the one she would have done a lot worse.

”Carried away by what? ” Princess Lissa asked facing Diana as she sipped her tea. ”Diana? ” She called.

”Say the truth and apologize. ” Pinko voice echoed in her head.

”Your highness. ” She called in greeting. ”I am very sorry,i got distracted by candies while passing the sellers stand. ” She remarked and got on her knees.

Princess Lissa looked at Pina who was till on the floor. ”Rise. ” She ordered.

”Thank you your Highness. ” Pina said in greetings and got up,her head bowed.

Princess Lissa nod her head to acknowledge the greetings. ”Is what she said true? ” She inquired from Pina.

Pina raised her head and stared at Diana. ”Yes. ” She conceded after a while.

Princess Lissa hummed. ”For saying the truth, you are forgiven. ” She let out looking at Diana who had her head down the whole time.

Diana let out a sign of relief. *Thank you pinko.* She thought to her system.

” But in other for this to not happen again,starting from this moment you are to stay in the maid quarters. ” Princess Lissa continued.

”Yes your highess. ” Diana responded.

”Good. ” Princess Lissa hummed. ”I will be going out tomorrow and i want you to escort me. I have already spoken with two other maids, so be prepared because immediately the sun rise we will be leaving. Is that understood?. ” She questioned sharply.

”Yes your highess. I will be here as early as possible. ” Diana proudly stated. Going out with the princess meant a chance to see thing and experience enjoyment that was impossible for maids in Tarius. *Anything to feel like i am wealthy is more than welcome.* She thought happily.

”You will see us at the petal tree near the water flow. ” Princess lissa finished.

”Yes your highness i will be there. ” Diana gave a curt nod. According to her body memories the petal tree is located at the other side of the palace.

”Hmmm . ” Princess Lissa hummed. ”Now i need to look at who will escort me, So… Raise your head. ” She motioned to Diana.

Diana inhaled and exhaled before she slowly raise her head. Her eyes bulged open as she finally saw what the crown princess looked like.

Princess Lissa let out series of giggle when she saw the look on the maid face. ”You look sursprise. ”She stated,she was not bothered by her reaction for she had seen it on a lot of people whenever they saw her face, infact she was amused.

Diana quiety shut her mouth and bowed her head. ”Please forgive me your highness. ” She muttered shakily. The princess face replaying over and over again in her head,that her head was starting to ache. She could not believe that the face of the person who killed her in her past life is now a crown princess in this life,her legs was trying to give out,but she stood her ground her head still bowed,she was unsure how she would react if she were to look up at the face again

She inhaled and exhaled slowly trying to calm her rapidly beating heart.

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