Days after days, months after months passed, and eventually three months passed since Kelvin was born.

In those three months, Kelvin was able to examine certain specific data. Firstly, he wasn his parents only child, and secondly, he might or might not have a father. He wasn sure, but he still couldn ignore the truth, so he had to make an assumption. Additionally, throughout the course of those three months, he noticed and surmised that the system wasn responsive and that the statistics displayed on the status page might actually apply to his present body stature.

After those three months of sonic observation, Kelvin was finally able to feel some strength from his eyes. With great strength, he forcefully opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, he was met by a blurry sight, but after a while he was able to see clearly.

Immediately his sights became clear, he looked around. Not surprising, he was in a room, the room didn look empty and at the same time it didn look filled. Also, from the appearance of the room, it looked like it was solely meant for ladies.

To Kelvin, the room looks very local when compared to a less standard modern room. However, he wasn disappointed by the appearance, neither was he pleased by it either.

Not bad thought Kelvin.

Just as he had that thought, a sudden question pop up from his mind. Although the question wasn necessary, he still wanted an answer to the question, and to answer the question, he raised his hands towards the ceiling and looked at it. Clear enough, his question was answered.

Staring at his tiny looking hands, he chuckled and thought, So my guess was right.

After confirming his guess (which was the question), he decided to look around the room to see if theres anything that would be in relation to the fact that he was being reborn.

However, just as he was about to look around, he received a notification from the system.

{Ding! The host would now be able to view objects, initializing Graphical User Interface (GUI) 3…2…1.}

{Ding! Graphical User Interface (GUI) successful initialized…}

At that moment, a screen appeared in front of Kelvin.

What the? thought, Kelvin with a widened pupil.

He was shocked by the sudden event.

What are these Kelvin asked as he stared at the menu in the screen.

On the screen:


Status: Alive,

Race: Human,

Gender: Male,

Age: 0,

Class: None,

Level: 0,

Mana: 2/2,

Strength: 2,

Agility: 2,

Endurance: 2,

Skill: [None],

Passive Effect: [None],

Quest: None


Looking at the screen, Kelvin thought, Is this screen touchable

Then he extended his hand to touch the screen, but as expected, his hands passed right through it.

I thought so

{Ding! New Quest: The host should hold his breath for 10 seconds. Reward: Level Up to Level 1 [5 Stat Points would be added to all stat points] [Bonus: Human Language Passive Effect -> Ability to understand and speak all human languages]…}

Eh! A New Quest thought Kelvin. Then he thought of the definition of quest.

If Im the systems host and the system provides me with a new quest. Doesn it mean that I should do it pondered Kelvin.

From the description of the quest, it says I should hold my breath for 10 seconds… Sounds, easy thought Kelvin.

Then he held his breath…



Immediately he held his breath to the last requested second, he heard a notification.

{Ding! Quest Completed! Reward: Level up to Level 1….}

{Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up to Level 1…}

Immediately he heard the level up notification, for a second, he felt a stream of warm sensation travelling throughout his entire body. Warming every inch of his tissues down to ever cells in his body.

What is this feeling Kelvin questioned as he closed his eyes while enjoying the intoxicating warmness of the sensation.

Although the sensation was for a second, however, he felt as though the sensation lasted more.

After the warm sensation was gone, Kelvin opened his eyes and looked at the screen, lo and behold, the status on the screen were different.


Status: Alive,

Race: Human,

Gender: Male,

Age: 0,

Class: None,

Level: 1,

Mana: 7/7,

Strength: 7,

Agility: 7,

Endurance: 7,

Skill: [ ],

Passive Effect: [Understanding and speaking all Human Languages],

Quest: None


{Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the first quest. The host could use the Hide Status to hide the GUI status menu….}

Surprising not only were there some changes to the status screen, After the warm sensation was gone, Kelvin also noticed something shocking, his real body status changed, that is, his strength and his agility has increased a lot. At that moment, Kelvin, a seen to be three month old baby, seemed to have the strength and agility of a three-year-old baby.

To ensure that he wasn dreaming or imagining stuffs, Kelvin stood up from the bed and walked within the room, although at first his steps were a little sloppy, and sometimes fell, after a while of training on how to walk, he was finally able to walk perfectly without slopping.

To Kelvin, this was an unpresidential news; He couldn understand how his previous weak body received so much strength. However, he knew something and that was, the seemly sudden change in body stat must have something to do with the system. To be precise, it has to do with the quest he just finished.

Thinking back on how he ignored the system, Kelvin shook his head. Now, all is left for him to do is to hide his current strength so that he wouldn be looked like an abnormal child. Although Kelvin didn want to hide his strength, he wouldn want to have, himself, used as a guinea pig. However, what Kelvin didn know was that he was no longer in his previous world where a baby walking at the age of one is known as a strange phenomenon called early aging (abnormalities/strange chemistry) and should be used observed for abnormalities or possibility used as guinea pig for the advancement of science and technology.

Presently, Kelvin was staring solely at the screen; to be precise, he was solely staring at the quest status. In fact, all his attention was solely focused on the quest section and the reason was because; Kelvin has become interested in the system and what it could offer.

To Kelvin, a former colonel, having an arsenal with potential growth is like having an extra life or extra possibilities to advance. So why shouldn he probe into the possibilities of the system assisting him in this unknown world.

Meanwhile, while Kelvin was staring at the screen, outside the room, a beautiful lady that seemed to be in her twenties was having some conservation with a seven-year-old girl. From the appearance of the lady and the girl, they seemed to be related

”Lucy, are you done with the sales ” The beautiful lady asked the girl with a serious expression.

”Yes Ma ” replied Lucy to her mom.

”Good… How about Mr. Charles, has he paid you for the herbs he took yesterday ” asked Lucys mom.

”No Ma ” replied Lucy to her mom.

”Okay… Tomorrow, Go meet him and tell him that we would be receiving new goods from the market, and we need our money to get the goods. ” said Lucys mom to Lucy.

”Okay Ma ” replied Lucy as she nodes her head repeatedly.

Looking at her daughter, Lucys mom smiled lightly and said, ”Now go check up on your brother ”.

”Okay Ma ” replied Lucy as she smiles back at her mom. Then she turned around and walked toward a room.

Meanwhile, while Lucy was heading toward the room Kelvin was in. Kelvin, who was staring at the screen in expectation, finally received his expectation.

{Ding! Due to the first completed quest, Quest Completed section Unlocked!}

{Ding! New Quest! The host should hold his breath for 30 second! Reward: Level up to Level 2! And 5 stat points should be added to each stat.}

”Eh! ”

Kelvin was shocked. Is the system psychologically okay, how does it expect a one-year-old baby to hold his breath for 30 seconds, isn that the same as a child wishing for death.

For a baby of three months old with a baby mentality, holding his/her breath is clearly impossible. Luckily, Im not a baby of three months old with a baby mentality thought Kelvin.

Then, he took a deep breath and tried to hold his breath. Just as he was about to try to hold his breath, he sensed someone walking towards his room. Quickly, he went back to bed and acted back as a baby.

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