ace for a while and arrived the destination.

”I think you might be hungry. Well, to be host, Im really starving, so lets have some food. ”

They entered a smaller bubble sphere than the hospital. It looks like a pub. Now, they could step on the floor again, which made Ryoichi feel easier than swimming.

S went straight to the owner, a strong man who had a type of water plant clamped between his teeth.

”Two jelly, one is tuna, the other is, ” he then asked R, ”what flavor do you like? ”

”Ummm, I don know. ”

”I like tuna. There are also eel, salmon, silverfish… Its okay if you want only plant. ”

Ryoichi thought he might start with the normal ones. ”Ill have eel please. ”

In a moment, the owner gave them two round stuff, which looked like jellyfish but with no tentacles. Inside was some paste, one was yellow and the other one side was black.

S held the yellow one up and put his mouth closer to the top of it. There seemed to be a suction nozzle where S started to suck up the things inside the jellyfish.

Ryoichi would like to do the same to his own food, but he didn know how to eat it with the helmet on, so he asked S for help.

S requested the seller for a very thin straw and stuck one side to the jellyfish, while putting the other side through the helmet worn by Ryoichi.

”Oh, thats very interesting, so the helmet won be broken. ” He sucked one bite, and it indeed had, as he anticipated, a smell of fish, but it didn cause him any nausea. Instead, he felt it fresh and a little sweet. ”Whats in it? ”

”Oh, just the regular fish and some healthy plant. ”

”Why is this straw so thin? ”

”Thats the mouth of garfish. You remember that? The fish with mouth like a needle. ”

After finishing half, Ryoichi asked: ”Im curious. Why did you, I mean we, start living under water? What happened to the land? How can we breathe under water without any device? Since when has we begun building the ocean world? ”

”Okay, okay. ” S waved his left hand to me, ”I know you lost your memory and has a loooot of questions, but I can promise to answer all of them. After all, Im not very good at history you know. Ill only try my best. Alright, so as I know, we started to explore the ocean very early because there are plenty of resources, which was when people had to wear some equipment or take some transportation to dive in the sea. As the climate is gradually changing over decades, our ancestors have never stopped finding another place to live. I remembered they even tried to explore the outer space, but unfortunately, none of the exploration ever found somewhere humans could live. Because of the warming, sea level was rising and gradually encroaching land area, so people started to think of building base on the ocean. ”

”Okay, that makes sense. So, are you suggesting that all of this living depends on technology, right? Is it the suit we wear can help us breathe under water? ”

”Yes but not exactly. The helmet you
e wearing, yes, its the product of technology, but the breathing thing, no. We
e, how to put it, reformed to accommodate the living under water. ”

It drove Ryoichis confusion, ”How? ”

”Very long time ago, its said that a scientist found a mermaid and did some human body experiment, combining the respiratory system of mermaid and human, and made a person can breathe under water like a fish. After years of evolution, this is it. We, including you, are just like a fish with humans shape, or you can say, we
e mermaids with two legs. ”

What he said really startled Ryoichi, ”so I can too? I mean, I don need the helmet. ”

”Well, I suggest you wearing it for now. The reason that helmet exists is that it can prevent some bacteria. In some seasons, people will get allergic to the specific bacteria, and the helmet can protect us. ”

Like the old face mask during COVID-20, when everyone was required to wear it. Ryoichi thought.

”Alright, so one more question. That has puzzled me since the beginning. ”

”Sure, go ahead. ”

”How can we talk in the water? Thats unscientific. ”

S shrugged and said: ”I don know, bro. ”

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