*After sleeping for a few hours, Ross had finally woken up.*

”That was one well deserved sleep. ”, said Ross.

”However, its time to move out now if I want to get out of here. ”, said Ross.

*Ross would then proceed to move out of his shack and further his progress in his dungeon journey.*

*After walking for a while, Ross had finally found a much larger area then the tunnels.*

”Ooh! Its been so long since Ive found anything other then the tunnels, this place might have something special in it. ”, said Ross with excitement.

*Ross explored the place for a while and finally came across a giant lake.*

”Woah, now that I think about it, I haven seen water at all! ” said Ross happily.

”This lake is also surprisingly as clean as can be, the water is completely see-through! ” said Ross.

”Hm, now that I think about it, I haven drank water either, am I perhaps able to go without water?, ” said Ross with confusion.

”Whatever the case, ill ignore it for now and try to focus on this lake alone. ”, said Ross.

*Ross would then see a little shadow in the water.*

”Is that a fish? I didn think there would be normal fish in this world. ”, said Ross.

*Shortly after, The fish jumped at Ross.*

”AH! ” said Ross while taking a step back.

*Luckily, the fish messed up bigtime and fell on the ground, flopping around trying to get back to the lake.*

”Im not gonna let you go! ” said Ross after running back and grabbing the fish, putting it in his mouth and soon after, killing it.

+15 EXP!

”Thats what you deserve! ” said Ross while dropping the fish from his mouth to better inspect it.

”It doesn exactly look like the fish from back then, it seems to have fins larger then its body, 2 pairs of eyes on both sides, surprisingly soft, it also seems to have a blackish-greyish body scheme, really interesting overall. ”, said Ross while he kept inspecting it.

”There isn anything else to see here so I guess Ill just chomp down, I hope it tastes like the fish from back then. ”, said Ross, excited to eat this fish up.

*Ross would then bite into the fish, making many crunching noises while also letting lots of blood spew out of the unfortunate fish.*

*As soon as he was finished, he noticed a school of fish.*

”A school of them now? If this one alone was able to give 15 EXP, I wonder just how much I can farm off this lake. ” said Ross.

”I can exactly swim but maybe I can trick them into doing what this one did. ”, said Ross.

”I guess Ill do exactly that. ”, said Ross, a bit nervous to see if his plan works or not.

*Ross would then go up to the lake in front of the school.*

*The school of his fish would then notice him and rush at him.*

*Jumping out and trying to bite him, Ross stepped back and saw them land on the floor with a thud, trying to flop back into the water*

”No time to waste! ” said Ross with a sense of urgency, he quickly ran over to all of the ones on land proceeded to kill them quickly one after another.

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

+15 EXP!

”Well,it seems I was right, this stuff is gonna be great for EXP farming! ”, said Ross with happiness.

*Ross would then proceed to employ this same start 3 more times, leveling him up!*


”That was a lot of work, finding schools of them big enough to level me up was a challenge. ”, said Ross annoyed but happy after his level up.

”Ill open up my menu now to see my increases. ”, said Ross

Species: Dinosaur ( Juvenile T-Rex)

Level: 6

Exp: 5/1200

HP: 650/650

Strength: 225

Durability: 215

Intelligence: 131

Stamina: 245/245

Abilities: Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater, Headbutt, Jaw crusher

”Yep, that definitely paid off big time, especially the big increase in health! ” said Ross cheerfully.

”I guess thats all I have to do, I think its time to finally move out. ”, said Ross.

*After getting out of the larger area, Ross would continue walking for hours.*

”Agh! What the hell, I feel like Ive been walking around here for years, when will I get out!? ” said Ross angrily.

*After crying about it to nobody, he finally stopped and kept on walking.*

*A few minutes later, he actually found light!*

”Is that light? Will I finally be able to get out? Thank god! ”, said Ross jumping up and down with happiness.

*Not thinking about it, he ran straight into the light.*

*Rather then actual escape, it turned out that Ross had stumbled upon a group of humans with torchs.*

*As soon as both him and the humans eyes met, Ross ran away as fast possible, jumping into a bush and hiding.*

”That way too close! I didn expect humans since I haven seen any, but at least I can deduct the escape is that way as thats where they came from. ” said Ross.

”What the hell was that? Have any of you seen that kind of thing? ” said Human no.1, confused.

”No idea, it ran pretty fast though, and it seemed to look really bulky, it might be worth a reward or so. ”, said Human no.2, the greedy one with only money on his mind.

”Lets not do that, we should try to get some information on such a beast first then we could try to fight, it might trick us if we don its habit or such. ”, said Human no.3, the coward of the group.

”Eh, Im sure its fine mate, nothing is gonna happen. ”, said Human no.4, overconfident one.

”Well, its a vote of 2:1 so I guess well move forward and try to kill the damn thing. ” said Human no.1.

”Alright. ” said the other 3 in unison.

*They moved forward.*

”Here they come, I should try to surprise attack, I know it seems inhumane but Im not a human anymore, rather a beast and a beast doesn pass up on humans. ”, said Ross, not knowing if he was gonna regret this option or not.

*The group would soon go by.*

”Alright, I think I can do it now. ”, said Ross.

*Ross would jump out of the bush and charge into one as fast as he could*


+400 EXP!

*The other 3 noticed the large thud and turned around to see the strange creature again.*

*Ross would try to bite the other one but got shot in one of his legs.*

-35 HP!

”AGH! ” screeched Ross.

”Oh god! I can move as well as before and Im bleeding out, I need to finish this quick! ” said Ross with urgency.

*Ross soon bit the leg of one of them, completely immobilizing him, Ross quickly bit down his neck and killed him*

+450 EXP!

*One of them threw multiple daggers at Ross, some landing on his body.*

-40 HP!

”GAH! These guys aren pushovers at all, I got to be faster! ” said Ross.

*Ross lunged at them but the human dodged and stuck his long sword into Ross.*

-55 HP!

[Special Ability Enraged enabled.]

*Ross would start having his muscles bulging out, having a kaioken-esqiue aura, all pain was now ignored with only rage filling his mind.*

*Ross would mindlessly move around and luckily hit one of the, instantly killing them due to how strong he was all of the sudden*

+430 EXP!


*The last one tried to run away but Ross was faster.*

”STOP PLEASE! ” screamed the last human before Ross decapitated him with a single headbutt.

+390 EXP!

”Argh! ” said Ross due to the strain of the enraged mode as well, he limped away to a bush and got knocked out cold.

Current stats

Species: Dinosaur ( Juvenile T-Rex)

Level: 7

Exp: 479/2000

HP: 461/780 (Bleed included.)

Strength: 255

Durability: 245

Intelligence: 132

Stamina: 50/248

Abilities: Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater, Headbutt, Jaw crusher, Body Shield

Written by Deathmap32 on Webnovel

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