3:00 A.M. The stillness of the small town night was shattered by a howling police siren.

”Shit. ” Lucas said to himself under his nose as he ran down a dark alleyway, soaking wet from the rain.

Lucass white-dyed hair, face and torn grey jumper were covered in the young blood of four men. His footsteps pounded the rain puddles, leaving a tiny trail of blood.

”How did they find me so quickly? ” Lucas said while nervously biting his lower lip, leaving a slight wound.

The echoing police sirens moved away, towards the centre of the town. All that was left was the sound of rain hitting the ground and Lucass footsteps on the wet concrete ground.

Lucas ran to the end of the alley and saw a familiar man wearing a raincoat and holding a gun pointed at Lucas.

”Its all over. Lucas. Enough. ”

”Shit. ” Lucas stopped running and raised his hands. His pulse quickened with the adrenaline rush; Lucas smiled impishly.

”Hi James. Haven seen you in ages. ”

James holstered his gun. His eyes were puffy from sleepless nights and endless tears. His hands shook with cold, and fear.

”I see you haven quit drinking yet? ” Lucas laughed awkwardly and took a step forward.

”Still working as a detective on my case? ” Lucas asked while trying to lower his hands.

James stood in silence, observing Lucass every move. James couldn risk it in front of a monster.

”Say something. ” Lucas got annoyed and took another step forward.


James shot, aiming for Lucass leg, but missed due to shaking hands. The sound of the shot reverberated down the alley, deafening Lucas for a moment.

”Nice aim, sir. ” Lucas chuckled.

”Please, Lucas. Don make me do this. ”

”Im not making you do anything… Just release me. ” Lucas said with a furrowed brow.

”76 people. In the last 8 years, youve killed 76 people… ”

Lucas raised his eyebrows in surprise; as if he didn know. He slowly lowered his hands and tilted his head in thought. He didn feel guilty, on the contrary; Lucas felt ecstatic. Besides, he knew how to break detective James.

”What was your daughters name? ” He asked, putting his finger to his head in thought.

”Lucas… Please. ” James began to beg again. He didn want to hear what Lucas would say.

”Lilith. Her name was Lilith. ” Lucas said while slowly closing his eyes.

”Tell me, Mr. James. Who killed Lilith? ”

James felt his chest tighten; the words caught in his throat. He wanted to answer, but he couldn utter a word.

”And who locked that murderer in the warehouse, and set it on fire? ” Lucas lost patience and raised his voice.

”ANSWER ME! ” Anger flashed in Lucass eyes, and he started walking towards James.

”Lucas… 76 people, Lucas. ”

”You know yourself that they were all the same. ”

”Just give yourself in, Lucas. You know you need help. ”

Lucass heart was pounding, but this time not with excitement, but with grief. Lilith, a brunette girl, around 11 years old; appeared smiling in front of Lucas and terrifying him. That face faded into a pale ghost with blood flowing instead of tears.

”STOP HAUNTING ME! ” Lucas screamed in rage, waving his hands in front of him, trying to push away the horrible image.

Suddenly, Lucas lost control. There was a fury in his eyes that he knew only one way to stop. But not this time.

”Im sorry, Lucas. ” James said as he saw Lucas approaching him at almost superhuman speed. And after a moment, he pulled the trigger.


James fired as Lucas came within arms length. The bullet tore through Lucass brain; killing him. After Lucas fell to the ground; James put the gun to his own temple.

”I am sorry. ” He apologized again, as tears formed in his eyes. James took off the hood of his raincoat and let the rain wash away his tears one last time.

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