”W-Wait. I can help you make mountains of gold. ”

Mark said this, trembling with fear. Without holding back his bladder, he peed in his pants. He stood still just to avoid provoking Lucas.

Careful… Careful… Lucas mentally repeated as he held the fireball in front of Marks face, which was dripping with sweat from the heat.

”Hear me out…. ” Mark closed his eyes, crying and begging.

Meanwhile, Lucas continued to repeat the mantra to himself: ”Careful; I don want to cause an explosion that will draw the attention of the adventurers to me. ” Lucas thought, unaware that the adventurers guild and the elemental king were already aware of his existence.

”P-Please… ” Mark said the last words before Lucas blew his head off.

Marks headless body stood for a moment, as if unaware that his head had been destroyed. Then he collapsed forward onto his stomach.

”Pfu. Nicely done. ” Lucas said, satisfied that he hadn blown up anything around him, just his intended target.

”And now for the hard part… ” Lucas said, frowning.

Lucas dragged both bodies to the nearest sand dune and started digging a hole with his hands. Little by little, he dug until he finally dug a hole four meters deep. After throwing both bodies into it, Lucas buried it and collapsed on his back.

”Tired. ” Lucas muttered before losing his wits.

By the time Lucas came, it was late in the evening. The sun was setting, and a rain cloud was gathering in the sky.

”Well, good for me… ” Lucas said sarcastically, spitting at the ground.

Standing up, Lucas walked towards the city. When it was completely dark, it started to rain. There was only sand all around him, so there was no place where he could shelter from the rain. The raindrops that touched Lucas armor turned to steam, creating a fog in front of his eyes.

”Come on, ” Lucas said, looking around for shelter, but when he didn find any, he decided to do what he had promised himself he wouldn do.

Lucas gathered the manna in his legs again and kicked the ground hard with his feet. The sand rose as if a bomb had exploded in it, and from the top of the sand, Lucas flew towards the city.

”Control yourself. Control yourself. ” Lucas repeated to himself under his nose, trying to create an air barrier that would allow him to control his flight path and speed.

The city was approaching at lightning speed. And when Lucas was above the citys skyscrapers, he made an air barrier to stop his flight. But there was another problem: Lucas was as high up as he was on his first jump, which sent him flying into the desert.

”Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… ” Lucas cursed as he quickly fell to his knees. The barrier was the only way to stop the fall, but it would still hurt. Unlike in the desert, he couldn create a hurricane to cushion his fall.

After creating the barrier, Lucas descended slower and slower until he finally stopped in mid-air. Although he was still about 5 meters up, he was confident that nothing would happen to him.

”1, 2, and 3. ” Lucas counted and lifted the barrier that kept him in the air, then quickly reached the ground. Lucas was in a city park. More specifically, the noble families lived on the street of fire.

Around Lucas, there were a few people who had taken their children out for a walk and to play. Everyone was staring at Lucass black armor, which was steaming. Parents were chatting amongst themselves as they watched the unseen knight.

”Is he from our town? ”

”Maybe a relative of the king? ” Royalty? ”

”I wonder if he would sell that armor to me. ”

”My firstborn son would fit in that armor. ”

Lucas lay there, unblinking and cursing his fate. Of all the places he could have fallen, he fell into a street full of nobles. After lying down for a minute, he stood up and, with a quick stride, began to walk towards his side of the city.

”Sir… Wait. ” Mr. Weiward yelled to Lucas, who didn break stride but rather accelerated even more.

”Sir. ” Mr. Weiward ran after Lucas and stopped him in a dark alley with no one around. When he saw the look on Lucas face, he froze in place.

”Yes? ” Lucas asked, not recognizing this man—the same man who was the magic teacher in Lucas class.

”Can be… ” Mr. Weiward said, staring at Lucas face.

Even though Lucass hair was wet from the black resin that had formed with magic and rain, Mr. Weiward recognized him immediately.

”Lucas? Lucas Ciffer? ” Mr. Weiward asked, unable to believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes several times and even pinched himself on the jaw to check if he was dreaming.

”Do we know each other? ” Lucas dropped his soft smile as he closed his eyes. He was very unhappy that he had met someone he knew, but there was nothing he could do but smile and hope for the best.

”L-Lucas, are you an adventurer? ” Mr. Weiward asked, still trying to recover from his shock.

”Ah…. Y-Yes. ” Lucas chuckled nervously, scratching his head.

”I lost my memory on the last mission; can you remind me who you are? ” Lucas extended his hand to shake, the resin armor dissolving in his palm.

”I thought so! ” A big smile appeared on Mr. Weiwards face.

”I knew it was impossible for my apprentices not to have magical abilities. ” Mr. Weiward said, almost shouting, while squeezing Lucass hand tightly.

Lucas looked closely at Mr. Weiwards palm, but no visions appeared. Lucas sighed softly. Its always nice not to have to punish someone, Lucas thought to himself.

”This is absurd! ” Lucas said to the teacher.

”Of course, only the best go to elementary school. ” Lucas winked at the teacher.

”T-Thats right. ”You can believe how happy I am! ”

Lucas continued to snicker, hoping that soon the teacher would get sick of his own voice and let him go. But the teacher continued to raise his voice, causing Lucas to worry. Mr. Weiward bombarded Lucas with a wave of questions.

”Just tell me, where did your little finger go? ” ”How did you get it? ”

”And tell me, why do you tell everyone you don have magic? ” ”Why do you let others hurt you? ” Mr. Weivard asked.

”Teacher… Enough. ” Lucas said, still smiling, but wrinkles appeared on his forehead, showing his displeasure.

”That I am able to use magic is a mystery. ” ”That Im an adventurer is also a secret. ” Lucas said.

”And if that secret comes out… ” Lucass smile disappeared, and his eyes began to glow.

A black, ghostly aura formed around Lucas, which reached the teacher and began to suffocate him. He caught his breath, but Lucass aura wouldn let him.

”Its not going to be good. ” ”Did I create clair? ”Lucas asked. Then Lucas laughed, and his aura disappeared. and the teacher greedily caught his breath and bowed his head several times.

”Great. ” Lucas said, then disappeared into the shadows.

The teacher looked at the shadows where Lucas had disappeared and, adjusting his tie, asked himself.

”Was that really Lucas? ”

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