In a dark room, a spider nestled quietly into the comfort of its web. A small amount of light reflected from its eyes as it turned to observe the young man at the far end of the room who was speedily tapping away at his computers keyboard.

The speed with which the young man typed was unfathomable. The spider watched in awe, observing the young mans dexterity. It seemed to give the spider inspiration, as it suddenly returned to the newest areas of its web and began weaving a more intricate pattern with renewed vigor.

The only light in the room came from the screen of the young mans computer, which illuminated the dark circles around his eyes. His face was pale and expressed little beyond his exhaustion.

Finally, a timer went off. The young man jumped in surprise even though the timers beeping was fairly gentle. It seemed he had lost track of time again. The young man saved his files and powered off the computer. After a good yawn and stretch, he set the timer for five short hours and laid down on a sleeping pad rolled out on the floor. Finally giving in to his exhaustion, the young man lost consciousness and fell into a fantastically comfortable sleep despite the low quality of the sleeping mat his body was resting on.

From the corner of one of its eyes, the spider saw the young man retiring for the night and disinterestedly returned to spinning its web. It had witnessed this scene countless times and had unintentionally memorized the young mans schedule.

Wake up.




Thats all the young man ever did…

Well, at least the spider had an interesting life! Its next addition to the web would be completed by the time the young man woke up!

The spider spun with pride and fervor the whole night and lost track of time. Finally, it succeeded in finishing its work and the young man was still asleep! The spider felt proud for achieving its goal.

Turning to face the window, the spider noticed the sun was already up. It felt disappointed as it realized that the young man was late to start his daily routine. Perhaps it didn complete its web as fast as it had thought. It looked back to the young man with eight curious eyes. The alarm was beeping and had been for a few hours, but the young man didn get up from his sleeping pad.

In fact, he didn move at all…


{ Congratulations, you died! }

… what the fu-

The golden text didn wait for the young man to complete his thought and rapidly shot out a string of new messages.

{ Karma protocol: Your latest life will affect your next life. }

{ Reviewing… }

{ Determined. }

{ System assisted world selected. }

{ Live well. }

Before he could fully grasp what was happening, a blinding light flashed and various streams of bright colors started to fill his vision, whipping past him at incredible speeds. Suddenly, all the lights disappeared.

He found himself in a dark room, but felt it wasn the same one he fell asleep in. There was a glowing blue interface floating in the air in front of him.


[Name: -]

[Race: Haunted Machine]

[Class: -]

[Level: 0]

[XP: 0/10]

[HP: 4/20]

[MP: 10/10]

[STR: 6]

[AGI: 2]

[DEX: 3]

[INT: 9]


It took a moment for the young man to fully digest what had happened.

Huh. I guess you really can work yourself to death… Oh well. Lets hope this life goes better.


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