Sniffing the air around me, the Deer Woman stared at me with narrowed eyes, making me shiver.

”What are you? ”

Her voice was low and raspy, and I couldn help but trail my eyes over her figure, making me gulp.

She was lithe, her muscles taut like a rope, but still there.

A six pack of abs was exposed to the world, her only clothing being a clothing binding her small breasts and a skirt covering her…


Pitching a tent in her skirt was a long cock, making me gulp again as I turned my gaze back to her sharp features.

Narrowing her eyes some more, she growled ”Answer me. ”

Yelping, I nodded rapidly before stuttering ”I-Im Astra, a Human… ”

”Human? ”

Tilting her head, she just stared at me before shrugging.

”What are you doing out here by yourself? Wheres your companions, your group? ”

Shaking my head, I said ”I… Im alone… ”

”Is that so… ”

Standing up, she finally became aware of her raging erection, only to shrug as she helped me to my feet.

Wiping the slobber from my cheek, she asked ”Well, Astra, my name is Rhefia. Im a Deerkin, and I travel alone. ”

Leaving her hand on my cheek, she leaned closer, a strong scent wafting into my nose and warming me up.

”For some reason… youve managed to put me into heat. Shall we mate? ”

Stepping closer to me, she pressed her giant cock into my stomach, making me shudder.

However, just as I feared, feeling her dick against my skin, paired with her intoxicating scent, pushed me over the edge.

Not getting an answer, she shrugged before moving her hand from my cheek to the back of my head, pulling me closer.

Pressing her lips against mine, I shuddered as her long tongue entered my mouth, her lips tasting like mint.

Moaning into her mouth, I shivered as her other hand fell onto my ass, slipping under my skirt and taking a handful of my bare bottom.

Releasing my lips, Rhefia gave me a small smile, her eyes hard as she said ”Actually, I care not; I saved your life, so we will mate. ”

Unexpectedly, her declaration of taking me, even if I didn want to, sent jolts running down my spine, my womb clenching as she pushed me back to the ground.

Tossing my skirt and bra to the side, she enjoyed sinking her hands into my breasts, pinching and rolling my erect buds as I moaned under her.

”You will make a very fine partner… ”

Hearing her raspy voice again, I bit my lip as I tried to clench my thighs together, attempting to alleviate the itch that was spreading around my dripping cunt.

”Lets start. ”

Removing her cloth binding and skirt, she revealed a long, upwards curving cock, her chocolate tip drooling clear precum.

Spreading my legs, Rhefia slipped her cock into my cunt, grunting as I instantly clenched down on her thick shaft.

Receiving her nine inches with ease, I moaned as she knocked against my cervix, wrapping her hands around my waist.

”Damn… ”

Grunting again, she buried herself to the base, her cock slightly entering my womb.

Moaning loudly as she pierced my deepest part, I clamped down harder on her cock, my cunt convulsing as I came.

For a few moments we just sat there, Rhefia grunting as my pussy constantly massaged her cock, my folds wriggling and wrapping around her thick shaft.

However, she quickly decided she wanted more, as she started thrusting her cock in and out of my cunt, her thighs slapping into my own, making me moan.

Leaning over me, she slipped her arms under my back and sped up, before placing her lips on mine.

Kissing her made me cum again, so I wrapped my legs around her waist and hugged her back, welcoming her cock into my womb like it was the most natural thing to do.

Feeling her heavy balls slap against my ass made me shiver, and her minty taste and scent flooded my senses, making my head spin.

”M-More~! Fuck me ah~ more! ”

Grunting, she sped up, slamming her cock into me rapidly, making me cry out in pleasure as I came again, my pussy incredibly sensitive now.

Her tip scraped at my insides with reckless abandon, trying to pull my cunt out of my body as she took me, before…

Grunting loudly, she slammed herself to the base, her cock piercing into my womb as she flooded it with her seed.

Gasping as she came inside me, I pulled her closer to me, her small breasts being enveloped by mine as we clung to each there, panting.

She continued cumming inside me, her balls shivering as she unloaded them into my womb, trying to breed me-

[Level Up

Level 3 (SS), Level 3 (BS)

You have two Breeding Points!]

[Notification: Deerkin Rhefia has successfully bred you; you are Pregnant]

My eyes went wide, but as I reread that notification I came again, euphoria running through my veins as I realized I was pregnant.

Some woman I had never met before pushed me down and bred me like a bitch!

She came inside me and made me bear her child!

Moaning loudly as I clamped down and milked more of her cock, my vision started to swim, before eventually fading to black.

I passed out with a womans cock buried in my womb, spraying her semen relentlessly into my womb as she bred me…

This wasn how I thought my first day would go, but…

Why did I enjoy it?!

So, like I said in the synopsis, this will have lighthearted moments and dark ones, which means the smut will reflect that; there will be funny, comedic accidental sex scenes, but there will also be things worse than this, where Astra might find herself in an unfortunate situation.

For those chapters I will post a warning, but I will NOT be skirting around them.

This is, at the end of the day, a book about a human woman trying to survive in a harsh environment. Will some scenes be… heavy? Yes. However, they will be few and far between, and will be labeled as such.

Anyways, wifey numero uno is a Deerkin~!

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