Groaning, I groggily opened my eyes, blinking a few times as harsh sunlight entered my vision.

My body was sticky, and my insides incredibly warm…

Remembering last night, I shot upwards, only to groan as my muscles screamed at me.

Looking myself over, I saw that I was completely covered in white semen, and a large puddle was forming underneath my pussy.

My stomach was slightly bloated, and I looked around my clearing, finding the woman responsible.

She was turning some meat over the fire, a sizzling sound reaching my ears.

Sniffing the air, my stomach growled loudly as I got a whiff of grilled meat, making me blush as Rhefia turned towards me.

”Good, you
e awake. Eat. You need to recover your strenght. ”

I nodded at the tall woman, staggering over to sit beside her.

However, as I looked down at my cum covered figure, I blushed furiously, trying to cover my bare chest.

Rolling her amber eyes, Rhefia gestured towards the pool, saying ”Wash first. Otherwise… ”

Her eyes turned hungry, and I noticed that she was still nude, her cock stiffening as she stared at me.

Scurrying over to the water, I splashed it over my skin, wiping the semen off my pale flesh before shivering.

”Come here. ”

The Deerkin dragged me over to the fire, draping… something over my shoulders.

Looking at it, I froze as I saw that dark ebony fur, recalling the close encounter I had with those wolves.

e no fighter; more suited for gathering than anything else. Here. ”

Handing me a skewer, I accepted it, nodding at her.

Taking a bite of the meat, I held my cheek as tears sprung to my eye, the taste of juicy wolf meat permeating my tastebuds.

”When was the last time you ate? ”

Hearing slight concern in her voice, I stared at her before shrugging.

”I… don know. ”

My voice hurt slightly, likely from all the moaning I did as Rhefia pushed me under her…

Blushing again, my eyes lowered towards her flaccid cock, making me breath a sigh of relief.

”Astra. Can you… humans breed with Deerkin? ”

Hearing that, I coughed slightly before staring at her, my face crimson.

Meeting her curious, but also expectant gaze, I pondered how to answer.

I had a feeling that if I said
o, she would leave, returning to traveling alone.

I… couldn have that.

What if more monsters appeared?

I SHOULD have died last night, but I didn …

”Y-Yes… ”

A small smile sprung to her lips, before she leaned forwards.

”Good. Then you shall be my woman. I can take care of hunting, while you… ”

Staring at the Lean-To, Rhefia nodded to herself.

”You seem pretty handy; I can do the heavy lifting, but you will be in charge of building our home. Understood? ”

Hearing how she instantly took the reins, declaring herself the leader of this relationship.

Which… made me relieved.

Was I slightly miffed by how she decided everything for me?

Sure, but…

Currently, I needed something like this; someone to take control for me so I could figure things out.

Besides that…

Recalling the notification, I blushed again as I rubbed my bloated stomach, wondering how long it would take to give birth.

Rhefia was eating, wolfing down the wolf – haha~ – giving me time to explore my Breeding System.

[Astra (Fertile Human Female; Pregnant)

Level: 3 (13/14)

Pregnancy Timer: 2 Months, 29 Days


{Fertility}: More likely to get pregnant

{Hybrid Womb}: Capable of being impregnated by any race

{Pleasurable Mind}: Any pleasure that isn lethal or extremely harmful, or as designated by you, is amplified and helps ease your mind

{Sexual Deviant}: You love any kind of sex, be it breeding, submissive, dominant, or others!]

Rolling my eyes slightly at {Sexual Deviant}, I scrolled down the list of available skills to buy.


{Rapid Birthing I}: Decreases Pregnancy Timer by (1/4th)

{Elastic Vagina}: Allows the vagina to stretch to fit any cock

{Pain Blockers I}: Reduces pain while having sex or giving birth by (10%)

{Sexperience I}: Increases experience gain when doing any sexual act by (1%)

{Pleasurable Body I}: Increases pleasure you give partners by (5%)]

Looking over the list, I selected {Rapid Birthing I} and {Pain Blockers I}, not wanting to be pregnant for long or be in incredible pain; I might not have many memories, but…

Well, just the sound of pushing a whole CHILD from your small vagina entrance made me shiver.

[Pregnancy Timer: 2 Months, 15 Days]

”Astra? ”

Jolting out of my thoughts, I stared at the serious Rhefia, who was looking at me with narrowed eyes.

”W-What? So-Sorry, just… thinking. ”

Sighing, she got up, moving to sit beside me.

Wrapping her arm around my shoulder, she said ”I asked if you were alright. After all, last night I… ”

Scratching her cheek, she pursed her lips before looking away.

”N-No, it was good! I f-feel fine… ”

Nodding, she tilted my head towards her, taking my lips.

Snaking her tongue into my mouth, Rhefia kissed me before muttering ”Why are you so… intoxicating? I want nothing more than to mate over and over again… ”

Shivering, I thought about pushing away from her, only to feel her hands grope my breast.

Pushing me back to the ground, Rhefia grunted as she reentered me, and my mind went blank as my cunt greedily swallowed her cock, massaging her shaft as it tried to milk her.

Pounding into my womb, Rhefia took me like…

Well, like an animal, swinging her hips wildly as she pummeled my womb.

Panting above me, she topped my womb back up with her thick seed, her face going slack as pleasure flooded her system.

”B-By the Goddess… Astra! ”

Lifting my waist, Rhefia resumed her pounding of my cunt, making me moan loudly as I wrapped my body around hers, losing myself to lust.

Why was her cock hitting all the right spots!?

Rhefia easily sent me over the edge, both of us feeding off the others orgasm.

Whenever her thick semen breached my womb I clamped down on her shaft, my folds massaging her cock as I tried to milk more semen from her balls.

After another hour of sweaty mating, Rhefia finally pulled herself from my snatch, panting above me.

”Hah… Astra… You feel so damn good… ”

Blinking up at her, I managed to decipher the noises coming from her mouth moments later, my muddled brain throwing together a sentence.

”Cock… feelsh sho good~! ”

Panting up at her, I saw the Deerkin take in a shuddering breath, trying to calm herself down.

Watching the giant cock that pleasured my pussy go flaccid, I let out a whine, wanting it to fill my aching, lonely cunt back up.

”I-Ill be back in a few hours… stay here..! ”

Getting to her feet, Rhefia had to drag her gaze from my bountiful breasts, scooping up her clothes and dressing herself before fading into the forest, leaving me alone.

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