It took me another few minutes to fully recover from my cum high, but when I did…

Screaming into my hands, I cursed as I slammed my fist into the ground beside me.

What if she never came back?!

Now I was pregnant and alone!


Panting, I dragged myself to my feet, slapping my cheeks.


Stop thinking like that!

Rely on yourself; you have a system woman! Use it!

Thinking that, I retrieved my hatchet, approaching another tree and staring to chop it down.

I would need to get some walls made to create some kind of permanent shelter.

I could also create long wooden spears, which I would lodge into the ground and use to help ward off some predators.

Next, I would need to create a bow and some arrows, and start training with them.

I wasn physically strong; yet, anyways.

So a spear and bow would be my weapons; I need to keep distance between me and any attackers.

Nodding to myself, I placed the tree into my inventory, before returning to the workbench.

Finding the recipe for a bow, I confirmed the selection, noting that it needed a few minutes to craft.

Alright; while thats going, Ill get some more wood.

Always going to need more wood.

Chopping another tree down, I nodded to myself before my eyes widened.

A few dozen feet away was a large boulder, which meant…

More stone!

Returning to the workbench, I nodded as I saw the bow, before making myself a bunch of wooden arrows.

Taking one of the heavier stones in my inventory, I moved towards the boulder, carefully creeping over to it and making sure to observe my surroundings.

Not seeing or hearing anything, I started chipping away at the boulder, getting myself some more stones.

Going back to my camp, I took my bow and arrows and put them into my inventory, before pursing my lips.

I needed to get better tools, which meant…

Glancing back at the boulder, I wondered if there was metal in it, only to shake my head.

I couldn do anything with metal yet; I barely managed to get this shoddy little place thrown together.

Crafting a few long wooden spears, I stared at the level up, deciding instantly on what I would get.

[Level Up

Level 4 (SS), Level 3 (BS)

You have one skill point!]

Selecting {Crafter II}, I wondered if it would increase my knowledge of crafting, to unlock more recipes…

Which it did!

There were improved weapons and tools available to me, like a {Basic Stone Axe}, which was larger and had a sharper edge, as well as better furniture and building materials.

Nodding to myself, I set about gathering things around the camp, getting some more basic materials.

Turning grass into both rope and fibre, I started crafting more cloth before creating a second workbench, only to widen my eyes as a new prompt appeared.

[Merge Workbench 1 and Workbench 2 to create {Large Workbench}? Y/N]

Selecting yes, I watched as the two glowed, before creating a table with a small shelf on the back.

It had a slightly wider surface, and now I was able to craft two small things at once, or one large thing a little quicker.

Grinning, I wondered if I could combine two large ones together…

However, considering each cost a bunch of wood, I turned that idea down; I needed my wood for a house, not a big bench.

Getting another skill point, I frowned slightly when I saw that improving {Crafter II} and {Forager II} to three required two skill points, but I just shrugged.

A few new skills popped up, making me smile.

[{Axe-Woman I}: Combat Efficiency and Harvesting Efficiency increased with Axes by (10%)

{Spearwoman I}: Improves Spear Attack Value by 3

{Archer I}: Improves ability to use a bow, as well as Bow Attack Value by 2

{Tinker}: Can attempt to combine things together to get newer, better things for cheaper]


Those were all so good!

However, currently {Axe-Woman I} was the most useful, as being able to harvest faster would be incredible!

So, I was now [Level 5 (SS), Level 3 (BS)], with some important skills already taken in both systems.

Thinking of my Breeding System, I stared down at my stomach with pursed lips, before smiling gently at it.

”I wonder what youll look like, little one~ Will you be like… Rhefia? Or will you be like me? Either way, mommy will love you as best she can… I promise… ”

Rubbing my stomach, I took in a shuddering breath; if Rhefia really did leave me alone, then I would need to find another woman to help improve my (BS) levels…

Well, thats all for the future; now I need to start getting those walls made…

Slowly crafting all the walls, floors, doors, shutters, stilts, stairs, bed…

Sighing, I realized that I had a LOT of things to craft, and it all took so much wood…

Resuming my healthy dose of deforestation, I would get large amounts of wood and sticks, only for them to instantly used on the house.

I also harvested the tall grass around the clearing, creating more rope as I needed it.

Tomorrow would be the day I truly built the house; staring up at the sky, I noticed that the blue sky was already darkening, letting me know night was approaching.

Stoking the flames, I stared out at the shadow covered forest with a sigh, wondering if Rhefia would return.

Lifting the grilled meat that I had reheated, I took a bite of the chewy meat, frowning slightly at its rubbery texture.

Sighing, I reluctantly filled my stomach with the reheated meat, only to yelp as I felt someone lay their hand on my shoulder.

Glancing over my shoulder in fear, I saw the now familiar tall, chocolate Deerkin staring down at me, two rabbits and three birds in her hands.

”W-Welcome back… ”

Staring at her with slightly watery eyes, my heart skipped a beat as she smiled gently at me, her amber eyes warm as she muttered ”Im back… ”

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