Getting off my knees, I stared at her as she dressed herself, binding her chest back up before pulling on her skirt.

Tossing me the wolf pelt, she said ”Make something to wear; youll need to stay warm, for yourself and our child. ”

Blushing, I nodded as I grabbed the pelt, opening my inventory and browsing the recipes.

”Alright; Ill go get a few more trees chopped down. Let me know if you need something other than wood. ”

”I… I will, Rhefia… ”

Saying her name made a small jolt run up my spine, and I stared at the ground in embarrassment.

Lifting my chin with her long fingers, Rhefia placed a kiss on my lips before muttering ”Make sure the house has a good, strong bed; I want to mate all night long… ”

Shivering as she stared down at me, I nodded again, only to moan as her hand grabbed my ass, squeezing it.

”Call me if you need something. ”

Letting me go, Rhefia moved towards the side of the clearing, hefting the axe in her hands.

Watching as her back muscles rippled as she swung the axe, I gulped, recalling their soft feeling under my fingers as I hugged her closer to me…

Shaking my head, I made my way to the workbench, thinking over ideas for this house.

Considering the clearing was roughly twenty by twenty, I shouldn go too big, or well lose most of our space…

It is just the two of us for now, and until…

Placing a hand on my stomach, I smiled gently.

Until the little one is born…

Even then, I have no idea how long theyll stay little, but by that point we should have been able to clear a larger area around us.

Maybe an eight by eight by eight cube?

Since Rhefia is so tall, that leaves some headroom, but I could also use that height to put in a small shelf for our bed, under which I can have the crib/bed for our child…

Nodding to myself, I started crafting four stilts, ten four by four walls, four four by four floors, and…

Pursing my lips, I wondered what I should do for the roof; should it be flat, or should I tilt it…

Do I go for right triangle, like the Lean-To, or an isosceles triangle?


Choosing the isosceles so we would have a little more headroom, I checked the queue, which listed ten minutes needed for all things to be done.

Thats fast..!


Well, I do have a system meant for this…

Thinking that, I got to crafting another axe in my inventory, moving over to help Rhefia.

”What? ”

Seeing me beside her, I shook my head as I said ”It takes time, so I thought Id help… ”

Pursing her lips, she looked me over before nodding.

”Very well; take this one. ”

Stepping back, she moved towards another tree, but I felt her gaze on me as I set to chopping mine down.

Felling it a few minutes later, I wiped off the sheen of sweat that gathered on my brow, noticing that Rhefia hadn made any progress; instead, she was leaning against her tree and watching me.

”W-What..? ”

Her hard amber gaze made me nervous, but as she stepped forwards to kiss me my worries washed away.

”Nothing… nothing at all… ”

Kissing me again, she let me go, and I went back to the camp, my face crimson.

What the hell was going on with me?!

Her minty taste and scent easily aroused me, and I wanted little more than for her to come over and-

Shaking my head, I tried to clear my mind, focusing instead on the finished stacks of walls, floors, and other building materials.

Adding some other things to the queue, like custom walls, stairs, a ladder, window shutters, and more, I moved back to get the shell of the house made.

Placing the long stilts into the ground, I created a foundation of sorts, before I thought of something.

Will my items be affected by gravity?

For some reason I had the urge to try it, so I placed the two walls on top of each other, before…

Gasping, I stared at the floating wall in amazement as I moved the bottom one, making me excited.

I could create things that simply should not work…

”What the… ”

Rhefia appeared beside me, staring at the floating wall with interest.

”How..? ”

I shook my head, feigning ignorance.

”I… I don know… but..! ”

Grinning, I turned to look at her, falling silent at her heated gaze aimed my way.

Smiling at me, she cupped my cheek and kissed me, whispering ”You just keep amazing me, Astra… Now Ill NEVER let you go… ”

Shuddering at her desire and possessiveness, I gently pushed her away, my face flushed.

”I-I need to keep building! ”

Smirking at me, Rhefia nodded, moving away.

But not before giving my rear a good spank, making me yelp.

”Remember; bed. ”

I nodded, my body hot at the reminder.

Watching her walk away, I again tried to distract myself by constructing the house, placing the floors, walls, and roof down.

Placing the stairs leading up into the house, I entered the room, nodding to myself.

Small, yet cozy and livable.

Besides, it really only needed to be a sleeping space for us; most of our time awake would be spent outside.

On top of that, I could easily expand this outwards, adding more space and rooms.

Nodding to myself, I walked back outside, where Rhefia stood.

”Its… small. ”

Glaring at her, I let out a huff as I turned away, approaching the workbench.

”Then sleep outside. ”

Taking the items from the bench, I was about to enter the house again when Rhefia wrapped her arms around me, standing behind me.

”Its quaint… perfect for two people- no, three people. ”

Sinking back into her warmth, I couldn find it in me to be angry at her anymore, closing my eyes as I felt more secure in her arms than ever before.

Eventually releasing me, she was about to walk into the house when I grabbed her wrist.

”Hmm? ”

Turning around, she stared at me, her head tilted slightly.

”I-Its not… finished yet… ”

Blushing again, I gently pulled her off the step, making her chuckle.

”Fine~ Ill be waiting~! ”

Nodding, I entered the house, placing the door down instantly to hide myself.

Setting about decorating the inside, I placed a small half wall in the middle of the back wall, creating a little cubby where I put down the crib.

Placing the shelf that would act as the platform for our bed on the left wall, I added the small ladder and climbed up, organizing the blankets and pillows I had crafted.

Going back down to the floor, I added the windows to the back wall, right wall, and beside the door, putting the shutters in instantly.

All that was left was some storage, which I had crafting outside.

Glancing around, I smiled to myself, enjoying the small, tiny space I had created for…


Thinking that, I opened the door, where an expectant Deerkin stood waiting, her amber eyes meeting mine right away.

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