This is my first ever time writing anything so I really would appreciate anything help or tips you guys can give me.English is not first language

Hi my name is Michael in I die not to long ago by a bus.It was a normal day after school that I decided to go buy some food like cereal in milk because we were running out so after I cleaned the dishes I decided to go buy some.I looked left in looked right there was no car In it was a red light so I decided to cross…..

I got hit by a boss while crossing like how can that happen I didn see it I looked everywhere but there was no bus the street were empty.

So now Im just floating in darkness with my thoughts it kinda horrible being stuck with your thought for so long that you start to hallucinate seing stuff that not there I started counting I lost track at the thousands .So I decided to look to my memory in watch all the anime I ever watched again in there over in over in over again.

”Hello there my child ”said a heavenly voice ”huh who that are you ”Michael said freaking out

”Don worry your fine in Im what you guy call a rob in Im here to give you 3wish in a reincarnation because you die before your time ”ROB

”In there is any strings attached to that right ”Michael

”No you a good kid in I wanted to rewards you for being such a good person your old short life ” Rob

”Me a good a person I just have a good mind in try not to be overly rude or aggressive but first are my parents ok ”Michael

”They are fine trust me they mourned your death for a while but their were able to recover it after 6years they really miss you ”Rob

”Can I go back to them or at-least help them in some way ”Michael

”Im sorry I can my child Im sorry but I can tell you they live the rest of their life happy ”Rob

”Ok ” Michael ”also what world Im going to ”

Rob ”the demo

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