I woke up in look around in all I see is wood in a mini rengoku sleeping in the background.

Let me get my facts straight so i didn experience the baby phase thank Jesus for that because I don think I can do that i look like Im a toddler.in suddenly I get a surge of memory tat don look like my own but their are in my name is Atoru meaning sun or flame or whatever you want to put it.In in also got adopted it was pretty simple really something about my family being close with the rengoku family in all of them dying due to nizam killing them cause he saw them as a threat so if he know im alive im ** no amount of plot or Jesus would save me from him cause rn I look like a tooddler in In Im weak ass hell.

The kid sleep here wait that rengoku kyujuro rengoku in from what memory are telling me he one years older than me so he 10right now considering Im 9huh i have an older brother that i will not let die so even if I know he gonna be a pillar in the future im save him from akaza even tho he started training in flame breathing a year ago his dad in my adopted father would not teach us flame breathing in he started training in secret .

From my memory i can see so far.shinjuro rengoku is still a hashira but he refuse to teach rengoku anything in me also for that matter I don get any special treatment sad.

So I did the only thing reasonable for a human to do after having a existential crisis I went back to bed in went to sleep.

The best day

”Atoru wake up ”said a voice

”Ok ”I said as a start to wake to see rengoku looking at me with a beaming smile

”Morning how was your night my brother ” I said with the brightest smile ever

”Good just like always ”he said with energy in vigor while I was amaze on how he can keep that personality up for so long.

”So hum would you mind if I start training with you ”I said

”There would be no problem with that I will gladly accept a partner in my training ”

”Thanks You rengoku it mean a lot to me ”I said

”You my little brother so its my job to watch over you ”reply rengoku

”Im taller than you in its only 1year sheesh ”I reply

”But I was born first meaning Im the elder brother ”he said

I got out of bed in looked at him in said ”rengoku you know today is senjuro third birthday right you got him anything

”I made him he favorite food ”he said looking at me with the smile

I smile back in started walking to the bathroom in when I got there i cleaned myself up in look in the mirror i saw my reflection in I look decent .im kinda dark with black hair i actually look like a black shisui.

Now i know im a uchiha in have a great body in potential I may possibly also have chacra but I don know how to access that yet i may be the ninja hashira later.

I got out of the bathroom I went to say hi to dad who was drinking .

I looked at him say hi he didn even look at me Im continue drinking it hurt me somehow I know he care he just can show it I then see a picture of a woman on the wall she look familiar.I notice tears falling out my eyes Im crying why I then remember she was my mother figure in this world in I loved her .I wipe my tear in continues on my merry way to find rengoku in train with him to become strong but first I went to senjuro in took care of him for a while in after a while I went to meet with rengoku who was reading a book on flame breathing cause that the only way he can learn it.I came to him with a smile on my face.

I don know much of the demon slayer timeline so I did some research in found like rengoku became a demon slayer at the 12to13 so he must had started training pretty early like 9or10 yearls old in learn that he 7yearld older than senjuro don know exactly when the mom die tho I will appreciate any help or criticism.(if anyone knows how to switch this from a move to a fanfic il gradely appreciate it)

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