Chapter 13: You Pissed Me Off

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The next morning, the Zi residence living room was full of people.

In Zi Xus generation, there were three brothers and two sisters in total.

One of his sisters married into an elite City S family. The other sister was married to the Chen family who was as influential as the Zi family.

Even though the Zi family was looked up to in City S, they were far less influential than the capitals true elites.

Now that they finally had the chance to get backing from a powerful family like the He clan and had a chance to break into the capitals market, they naturally felt thrilled.

The men headed to the study the moment they arrived, while the women kept on praising Zi Yi nonstop.

Her eldest uncles wife said, “Yiyi is the best for making Young Master He fall for her.”

The wife of her second uncle chimed in, “It really helps for girls to have good looks. No one else in City S can compare to Yiyis beauty.

Her fourth aunt said, “We can sit back and enjoy the high life after she marries into the He clan.”

Her youngest aunt said, “I told you Yiyi is destined to have a good life with good looks like hers.”

Even though they were bursting with envy, they praised Zi Yi on the surface.

Li Peirong felt upset, but she kept chiming in with her sisters-in-law.

All their daughters sat without saying a word. They glanced at each other from time to time with envy and disdain.

The only thing praiseworthy about that idiot was her good looks!

Zi Yi stood by the staircase to admire their micro-expressions before she headed back to her room. The moment she turned around, she made eye contact with Zi Xuan who was coming out of her room with her backpack.

Zi Xuan was clearly still angry about what happened last night. The moment she saw Zi Yi, she threw a temper. “Are you happy now?”

Zi Yi smiled ambiguously. Her face that was free from makeup was flawless, rosy, delicate, and smooth. Her slightly upturned eyes were particularly mesmerizing. It was both harmoniously innocent and sexy.

In comparison, Zi Xuan had been studying till the wee hours of the morning and had just three hours of sleep before she woke up to start it all again, so she had severe dark eye rings, her skin was dull and she had a few zits.

The sisters were simply worlds apart.

“Theres nothing for you to be cocky about. How could a family as powerful as the He clan be interested in an idiot who hasnt even graduated from senior high?”

Zi Xuan stared at her face and cruelly mocked, “Other than your face, you are absolutely useless!”

The moment she finished her words, she wanted to turn and leave.

Zi Yi suddenly grabbed Zi Xuan by the wrist, when she came close by, and pinned her against the wall.


Zi Xuan could not help feeling afraid. “W-what are you doing? If you hit me, Im going to shout.”

“Go on.” A shred of coldness emanated from Zi Yis eyes as she analyzed her with composure. “I am the most important person in the family right now. What would they do if I suddenly said that I dont want to go to the capital because you hurt my feelings?”

“W-what do you want?” Zi Xuan was just a nerd and was not as tall as Zi Yi, so it was futile for her to struggle.

Although the moment she heard what Zi Yi said, she felt annoyed.

A cold smile suddenly appeared on Zi Yis face. “You pissed me off. What do you think I want to do to you?”

She punched Zi Xuan.


“You… Ahhhh!”

Zi Xuans piercing scream penetrated through the entire villa and immediately caught everyones attention downstairs.


“What happened?”

The moment everyone saw Zi Xuan squatting on the ground wailing as she held her belly, all eyes instinctively turned to look at Zi Yi as she calmly stood by.

Everyone promptly realized what happened.

Li Peirongs eyes reddened as she darted over to hold Zi Xuan and asked anxiously, “Whats wrong? Youre scaring me.”

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