Chapter 14: The World Is a Beautiful Place, So I Have No Interest in Going to Hell

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Zi Xuan was breathless from crying and incapable of finishing her sentence.

Everyone looked at Zi Yi reprovingly.

Li Peirong almost could not conceal her fury as she asked with a stiff expression, “Yiyi, why did you hit your little sister?”

Zi Yi looked at Li Peirongs face that was on the brink of contorting, before she unhurriedly retrieved her phone from her pocket. She pressed a button and Zi Xuans ridicule could be heard.

“Theres nothing for you to be cocky about. How could a family as powerful as the He clan be interested in an idiot who hasnt even graduated from senior high? …Other than your face, you are absolutely useless!”

Everyone looked uneasy when they heard what Zi Xuan said.

How could she have said such things to Zi Yi at a time like this?

Zi Yi was dumb, but how could Zi Xuan be just as stupid?

Zi Yi said calmly, “She was right. I am not fit to marry into the He family.”

Everyone was shocked.

If Zi Yi refused to cooperate, how could the Zi family gain such powerful relatives?

Their eldest and second uncles wives and both aunts scolded Zi Xuan in unison.

“Xuanxuan, how could you have said that about your older sister? Dont you want our family to succeed?”

“Precisely. Whats wrong with Yiyi? She has an edge because she was born pretty. Anyway, Yiyi is still young. Even if she gets engaged to Young Master He first, she can continue her studies.”

“Have you gone bonkers from studying? How could you talk to your older sister so rudely?”

“Yiyi, dont take what she said to heart. If you can marry into the He family, you can have anything you want. Dont you love spending money? The He family is far richer than us, so you can buy anything you want after you get married.”

Zi Yi crossed her arms and smiled as she listened to everyone trying to convince her that it was a good idea to marry Young Master He, while Li Peirong hugged her daughter.

Li Peirong hated Zi Yi to the core. An evil thought suddenly rose in her mind. If some other girl from the Zi family was married into the He family, it would not affect the clans plans. However, her husband would beat Zi Yi to a pulp for disappointing him.

A sinister look swept across Li Peirongs eyes before she whispered to Zi Xuan, “Stop crying. Apologize to her and go to school. I will take care of her.”

She stood up and pulled Zi Xuan up with her.

Zi Xuans face was flushing from everyones reproving. Now that she heard what Li Peirong said, she felt even more humiliated. However, she was no fool and knew that she had to give in, so she lowered her eyes to conceal her hatred as she said to Zi Yi, “Im sorry. I shouldnt have said that.”

The moment she finished speaking, she took her school bag and ran downstairs.

“Xuanxuan knows she shouldnt have done that. I apologize on her behalf as well. I will take you shopping now. If theres anything else you want, we can get it while were out.”

Since Li Peirong spoke so nicely, Zi Yi would seem unsensible if she continued to be angry about it.

Zi Yi looked at Li Peirongs seemingly sincere face and saw that everyone was siding with her and helping to speak up for her. She calmly looked at them without arguing.

All of them headed to the designer boutiques located at the city center.

After Zi Yi picked out a few casual outfits, she left it to the women to choose the rest while she sat in the lounge playing with her phone.

She casually broke through the code exchange of two hackers on her phone.

They were talking about a well-defended company.

“Lu Group?”

“What are you doing?”

Zi Lian sat down next to her.

Zi Lian was the daughter of Zi Yis second uncle, she was the third child of this generation and was 24 years old. Since she was great at making herself look good superficially, she was well-accepted in the elite circles.

Zi Yi turned her head to glance at her calmly before she veered her eyes and continued reading the hackers conversation.

[Someone offered 200 million dollars to crack through Lu Groups second firewall. Does anyone want to take the job?]

[Just 200 million? They are renowned for having a top-notch security system. Cracking through every layer of security means hell. The mortal realm is a beautiful world, so I have no interest in taking a walk in hell. ]

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