Chapter 17: Zi Lians Intentions

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The Zi family checked into a presidential suite when they arrived at the hotel.

After dinner, Zi Xu was worried that Zi Yi might secretly go out to have fun if she got bored, so he said, “Learn proper etiquette from Lianlian. Dont make any mistakes at the He residence.”

Zi Yi could not possibly learn etiquette from Zi Lian. Instead, she said, “I want to surf the internet. I wont go out.”

Zi Xu frowned and wanted to scold her.

Li Peirong hurriedly said, “Stop putting so much pressure on her. I dont think its a big deal for her to use the internet as long as she stays put.”

Zi Xu recalled all the trouble Zi Yi used to make in City S and said nothing.

Zi Yi headed back to her room.

Since there was a computer in the room, Zi Yi checked how to get to Metropolis University.

There were still three days to go until it was Metropolis Universitys independent enrollment exam. Zi Xu had told his assistant to freeze her bank account and so she still did not have access to it.

If she wanted to go out, she certainly needed money.

Zi Yi leaned her chin against her hand as she muttered, “It seems I need to make some money.”

Someone knocked on the door.

Li Peirong entered through the doorway with a glass of warm milk in her hand.

“I brought you a glass of warm milk.”

Li Peirong walked up behind Zi Yi and placed the glass beside her. She subtly looked at the computer screen.

She smiled in relief because she only saw a map of the capital on the screen. “After we have visited the He family, I can take you around the capital for a couple of days.”

Zi Yi turned her head sideways and glanced at her without saying a word. She veered her eyes away from Li Peirong and continued using the computer, but this time, she looked at tips on being a high society lady.

Li Peirong happily said, “You are finally all grown up. Take all the time you need. I will leave you to it.”

Zi Yi calmly acknowledged her.

Li Peirong frowned when she noticed Zi Yi was suddenly being distant from her. She turned to leave the room and closed the door behind her, before her face turned dark.

After Li Peirong had closed the door, Zi Yi turned to glance at it with a smile on her face.

Not before long, someone knocked on the door once more.

Zi Yi went over to open the door and saw Zi Lian standing outside with an expression of concern.

“Yiyi, what are you doing all by yourself in the room? Are you playing video games again?”

Zi Yi leaned her back against the door frame as she crossed her arms and rhetorically asked, “Yes?”

“Im worried you might get bored, so I came over to hang out with you.”

Zi Yi glanced at her before she turned around and headed into the room.

Zi Lian instinctively followed behind her. The moment she entered the room, she checked out the computer screen.

She asked with a straight face, “Dont you like car racing? I heard that there are professional races in the capital. Also, there is one happening tomorrow. Shall we go and check it out?”

Zi Yi was about to sit down but turned to look at her when she heard the suggestion.

Zi Lian felt delighted at her reaction and continued, “I heard all the races in the capital are very professional and exciting. Also, you can make bets… I know you have plenty of money but just think about it. Isnt it thrilling to bet on a racer that you like?”

Zi Yi was a thrill seeker and obsessed with car racing and always blindly burned through money because of it. She was often conned out of her money by the bad company she kept. All the youngsters in their family knew about this.

Zi Lian felt that the capitals elites probably enjoyed car racing. If she convinced Zi Yi to go and the elites of the capital saw Zi Yi losing a lot of money at the races, the He family might learn of Zi Yis wastrel ways.

Zi Yis eyes glinted when she saw Zi Lians obvious delight and said in an unhappy tone, “Dad froze my account, so I have no money. Whats the point of going to the races?”

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