Chapter 19: Make a Bet

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Everyone instantly turned to look at Zi Yi when they arrived at the racetrack.

She was only dressed in a simple short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans. Even then, she surpassed all the other women who had put in so much effort to dress up.

Many young men could not help whistling at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi did not take it seriously.

However, Zi Lian found it an embarrassment as she walked beside Zi Yi. She felt that only indecent women would get whistled at by men.

At the thought, she told Zi Yi, “Wait for me at the entrance. I will buy our tickets.”

Zi Yi nodded and headed to the entrance.

Zi Lian suddenly felt jealous when everyone stopped looking in her direction.

She felt that she was pretty as well. Also, she was far more feminine than Zi Yi.

Were all these people blind or something?

After Zi Yi made it to the entrance, many men surrounded her.

A man with a nose ring brushed his bangs to the side as he warmly asked, “Are you here to see the race?”

Zi Yi looked at him without saying a word.

Another man piped up, “Zhang Shen, thats a stupid question. If she isnt here to see the race, dont tell me she is here to look at you?”


Everyone laughed in amusement.

The man called Zhang Shen punched the man who deliberately contradicted him, before he enthusiastically said, “Shall we go in together? Then I can explain whats going on. I promise to make it an adrenaline-driven event for you.”

“Really now?” Someone else jested.

Zi Yi looked at Zi Lian as she queued to buy tickets and asked, “Where can I place bets?”

Everyone was briefly caught by surprise before they looked at her oddly.

Zi Yi also looked at them perplexedly.

Zhang Shen swallowed his saliva. “You sure have guts. Do you know who organized this race? Or why it happened?”

Zhang Shen instinctively felt that Zi Yi was clueless, so he went ahead and told her, “Young Master Xiang and Young Master Peng made a bet, so all the racers are theirs. If you want to make a bet, it starts at 500,000 dollars. Also, you can only bet on one side.”

“Other than them, did anyone else join the race?”


Everyone went quiet and looked at her quizzically.

A man with blonde hair asked, “Are you from out of town?”

“Why?” Zi Yi felt that they had strange questions.

Everyone looked at her even more strangely now.

The man with blonde hair said, “Then you might not know their backgrounds. Other than those who are their equals, no one else dared to get involved when they made the bet.”

Zhang Shen added, “More importantly, they have hired internationally renowned racers. Since it is a battle between kings, all other racers will have to eat dirt.”

Someone happened to be telling He Fei the very same thing over the phone.

He Fei had shamelessly stayed at the Lu residence these couple of days. He was determined to marry Zi Yi, so he refused to go home when his family wanted him to marry someone else.

The moment He Fei heard about it, he was interested. “It seems Xiang Tao and Peng Ziming really mean war this time.”

He touched his chin with a knowing look sweeping across his eyes. “Since they are betting so big, something must be wrong.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lu Ming curiously.

“They must be in it together for the money.”

Lu Ming did not believe him. “I dont think so. They have never seen eye to eye with each other and often gamble like this. How could they be in it together? Also, they even made such a big deal about it.”

“You must be bonkers from studying. You should ask Second Older Brother about things like this. He has keen eyes and can tell if something is amiss right away.”

He Fei walked out the moment he finished speaking, but his phone suddenly rang again.

He Fei took out his phone, took a glance and promptly halted. An odd expression crossed his face as he looked at the caller ID.

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