Chapter 24: Deliberate Intimidation

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Zi Yi shrugged before she headed back to her room and changed into a dress.

Zi Xu was finally satisfied when his daughter instantly transformed into a little fairy.

The four of them got into the car and headed to the He family.

Zi Lian could not help covering her mouth and exclaiming in astonishment when the car arrived at the He residence entrance, “My God! The He residence is huge!”

The He residence consisted of an entire stretch of villa district and was not just a single villa. The main entrance looked grand and a team of armed security guards stood at its entrance.

Zi Lians eyes lit up when she saw this.

Zi Xu could not contain his excitement either.

In ancient times, the He clan would be considered royalty and the Zi family would be deemed a merchant at best. If they managed to marry Zi Yi into the family, the Zi familys status in society would rise.

He could not help reminding Zi Yi, “Watch what you do and hide those terrible habits of yours well. If you have trouble answering Madam He, then watch my cue.”

Zi Yi glanced at the anxious Zi Xu and acknowledged him calmly.

The car was stopped at the entrance.

Zi Xu told the chauffeur to open the car windows and told the security guard, “We are Madam Hes guests. My surname is Zi.”

The security guard nodded and gave him directions about where to go before he said, “All other areas are off-limits.”

“Got it.”

Zi Xu told the chauffeur to close the window before they drove in.

The He residence was huge, so the car drove for almost five to six minutes before the main villa finally came into sight.

A lot of cars had pulled up outside the villa and many servants were standing at the entrance. The doors were slightly open and light came out through the doors; many guests could be seen inside.

Li Peirong found it odd. “Why are there so many people in the villa?”

Zi Lian added, “Why do I have a feeling that there is a banquet going on?”

Zi Yi turned her head sideways to see the villa entrance and promptly figured out what Madam He was trying to do.

Madam He had deliberately not informed them there was a banquet going on in an attempt to embarrass them.

Zi Xu instantly caught on and looked upset.

“What should we do?” Li Peirong was genuinely worried. Even though she did not want to see Zi Yi marrying into the He family, she did not want their family embarrassed.

Zi Xu had the urge to turn around and leave, but he could not do it.

For the sake of letting Zi Yi marry into the He family, he had to put on a bold front and bring his daughter into the villa.

Fortunately, his daughter was gorgeous. She looked exceptionally presentable… when she did not open her mouth.

“Try not to talk later.”

After Zi Xu reminded Zi Yi, he raised his hand to straighten his tie before he got out of the car and led them into the villa.

A middle-aged man came out to welcome them as they approached the entrance.

“Mr Zi, how do you do? I am the butler. You can call me Butler Wu. Madam He is waiting to see you in the living room. This way, please.”

Butler Wu subtly studied Zi Yi as he spoke and was briefly awestruck by her good looks, before he inwardly shook his head.

So what if she was pretty? They were from a tiny family. How could they dream of marrying Zi Yi into a powerful family like the Hes?

He gestured for them to enter without batting an eyelid.

Zi Xu could not suppress his displeasure and asked, “It seems we arent the only guests tonight.”

Butler Wu sneered in his heart. Would Madam He have pulled this stunt if she genuinely wanted He Fei to marry Zi Yi?

He replied courteously, “We already had the banquet in our schedule. Since Miss Zi is in town, Madam He thought it would be nice for her to be introduced to the young ladies of the capitals high society. It will be a real boon for her.”

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