Everyone turned to look at his phone.

Madam He frowned before she said to Butler Wu, “Locate her GPS.”

Butler Wu reached his hand out to Zi Xu. “Mr Zi, please give me your phone.”

Zi Xu instinctively rejected Zi Yis call.

Madam He looked angry.

“Mr Zi, what is the meaning of this?”


Just as Zi Xu was about to speak, his phone rang again.

This time, Butler Wu promptly snatched the phone from his hand and located Zi Yis GPS location.

The moment the GPS location appeared, a look of shock appeared on Butler Wus face.

He Fei had just come back from searching elsewhere. He snatched the phone and took a look when he saw the look of shock on the butlers face. In an instant, he slid his finger over the phone and picked up the call. He laughed as he said, “Yiyi, where are you?”

Zi Yis cold voice said, “Im at the back door watching the man-hunt.”

Everyone instinctively turned to look at the back door.

They were shocked to see Zi Yi standing there, pursing her lips.

“When did she get there?”

He Fei promptly rebuked them, “Everyone is here searching for her. What makes you think she could have gotten past everyone to enter the villa undetected?”

Zi Xu, Li Peirong, and Zi Lian looked at Zi Yi nervously.

Zi Yi walked over and looked at Madam He and asked, “I heard you sent men to search for me. Why bother inviting me over if you are so suspicious of me? Are you purposely trying to embarrass us?”

Madam He looked awkward and was furious inside.

He Fei walked in front of Zi Yi and said to his mother, “I didnt expect you to treat the woman I like so poorly! Let me make it clear. It doesnt matter whether you like her or not. The important thing is that I do.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he wanted to take Zi Yi and leave, but she took two steps backwards.

She said, “Young Master He, we are hardly friends.”

She turned to leave. Her footsteps were so decisive and confident that everyone instinctively made way for her exit.

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