Chapter 8: Zi Xus Fury

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In that instant, Su Ci finally noticed there was something different about Zi Yi.

However, this roused his primal instincts even more.

Indecent images had already risen in his mind.

He felt that doing her inside her fiery red race car was a good option as well.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. “Fine. Since you are so anxious to be my woman, I will satisfy you.”

“Lets start from the foot of the mountain to Camel Ridge and come back to the starting line. Whoever makes it back first wins. A drone will film the entire process and there will be people guarding behind us, so dont you try to wriggle out of the bet when you lose.”

Zi Yi accessed a satellite map and glanced at the route before she said, “Sure. Lets start.”

“She has so much personality. I like her.” Su Ci gestured to the people outside the car.

Everyone backed off to a safe distance. A sexily-clad woman walked out in front of the cars holding a small flag.

All the race cars shot out like arrows leaving a thunderous sound of an engine in their wake, the moment the woman waved the flag.

Everyone at the starting line quickly went to the monitor.

A wave of shocked cries soon came from their mouths.

Li Xiangnan was left completely forgotten as he squatted by the side of the road, with a livid expression on his face. “Id like to see if you can even drive your car back without my help.”

He had decided if Zi Yi lost and wanted to hire him again in the future, he had to charge her double. Otherwise, he would leak gossip about her and ruin her reputation.


Meanwhile, on the racecourse on the mountain.

All the guys stared at the monitor as though they had seen a ghost, when the bright red race car disappeared in a blink of an eye.

All the employees worked for Su Ci and kept reporting on Zi Yis location.

“Young Master Su, Miss Zi has already drifted past all three sharp turns.”

“Young Master Su, Miss Zi has gone past the 70-degree slope!”

“Young Master Su, Miss Zi has gone past the devils bend!”

“Young Master Su…”

Su Ci could not help feeling annoyed in his heart. He used to adore the adrenaline of extreme car racing, but all he felt in his head was an irritating buzz.

How could that stupid Zi Yi be capable of driving a race car at that speed?

That was the biggest joke on earth!

He suddenly suspected that someone had taken his employees phones and was pranking him.

But where had the red sports car gone?

Su Ci went into a daze.


A car rammed hard into the mountainside, flew into the air, and spun a few times before landing on the ground. The sound of the car breaking into pieces could be heard as everyone shouted in shock.

“Young Master Su got into an accident! Send for help!”

Su Ci was badly injured, so everyone sent him to the hospital for treatment and Zi Yi drove home with her spirits dampened.

The moment she entered the villa, she heard Li Peirong persuading someone. “Xun, dont be mad. Yiyi is just a kid. Its normal for her to be a little naughty.”

“A kid?” Zi Xu was so angry that even his voice sounded stern. “Xuanxuan is one year younger than her, but she was able to skip a grade and become a third year senior like her. Just look at her. It was one thing for her to be incompetent, but she even skipped the monthly exam this time!”

“Maybe something happened to her…”

“What couldve possibly happened to her?” Zi Xus roar sounded like it could almost rip the roof off. He was clearly furious. The sound of something heavy getting kicked to the ground could be heard.

“I am going to teach her a lesson today! Youre not allowed to speak up for her!”

The moment Zi Yi heard what he said, she turned to leave the villa.

She was not a masochist. Why would she walk in to get beaten up by her father?


After Zi Yi left, Zi Xu received a phone call.

It was a call from the police. The police said Zi Yi had taken part in a race with some people. Su Ci got into a traffic accident and was sent to the hospital and Zi Yi was gone.

Zi Xu instantly looked upset when he heard about it.

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