ess of his achievements and thoughts, he fell so hard that even his death was currently in the hands of the one who massacred his clan. From the thoughts that he was the main character to instantly becoming a dead man in a single night.

” I at least agree with his last sentences. There are really no eternal main characters in this vast universe. ”

He steelers his heart and accepted his death. However, as he was waiting for death like a frozen sculpture. Various memories of his life flashed past his life, summarizing his lived life that didn last for long.

As he saw different scenes of his parents, clan, and friends. Fury accompanied by a fighting spirit uncontrollably filled his heart, yet he couldn muster any strength to get up and fight back.

Thus and without any more options, he hopelessly muttered in a low voice. ” If there is someone out there, somewhere in the vast sky watching this scene. It would be great if I get a second chance to fix everything and get my revenge. ”

The cloaked man couldn hear anything that the man was saying the whole time, given the distance between them and the fact that Vladimir couldn raise his voice at all without amplifying it with spiritual energy.

Hence he was clueless about what was going on with him, thinking that he was just feeling despair and guilt over his actions. Joy filled his heart as he thought of that, making his body uncontrollably shiver from excitement and fun.

” You at least realize your mistakes. However, don think even in your wildest dreams that things will just be over and all the pain that you are feeling will be washed away after your death, cause I won be killing you, destroying your cultivation base and crippling you is a much more fun and amusing thing to do. ”


The cloaked man vanished out of the sky and appeared right on top of the miserable young man. A look of disgust and ridicule could be seen behind his mask.

With a few simple finger movements filled with spiritual energy that didn require much effort for someone in the Soul Palace realm like him to perform.

Vladimirs cultivation base was utterly destroyed, giving him no possibility of ever being able to cultivate again.

Vladimir didn even have the strength to even yell after the intense pain caused by his cultivation base crumbling suddenly hit him, and he simply thought to himself.

”Ah whatever, I should just suicide I guess. Death will wash away every feeling that Im currently experiencing in my heart. ”

” Yeah, just kill yourself by your own hands and follow your clan to the grave, thats more fun to watch after all. Hahaha. ” The cloaked man laughed like a maniac as he mocked Vladimir.

For some reason, Vladimir felt another burst of rage and fighting power rising up from a mysterious place at the depths of his very soul, and he subconsciously said with a determined look.

” Ill never take my own life. Doesn matter if you sealed my Cultivation cause one day I will surely take my revenge and bathe in your clans blood. ”

” Thats even way better haha, Ill at least sleep at night knowing that you are suffering somewhere or dead under a cliff. ” The cloaked man chuckled as he vanished into thin air, his tiger disappearing out of sight as well, seemingly finished his job here.

Im such a pathetic man, even my hidden feelings and thoughts didn give up. And yet I thought about suicide. I won give up and keep on going till I finally regain my foothold in this world and take renege with my own hands, and even if I didn succeed, Ill at least die trying and thus fulfilled my duty to my deceased clan.

Following his feelings, Vladimir affirmed his belief as he vowed to die trying to take revenge for his clan, and never taking the easy way out which is death.

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