On his way home from a friends birthday party, Rio, an average 17-year-old boy, with black hair and black eyes, was about to cross the road when,


An out-of-control truck just barely missed him, and just as Rio was heaving a sigh of relief,

*honk* *honk* *honk*

The truck did an impossible 360-degree turn and ran over Rio

”Fuck, what are you, an isekai truck- ” was the last thought Rio had.

”Test Subject #854….. Soul Enslavement with Minimum Divine Essence Manipulation ”

”Where am I? ”

Hearing a strange noise he couldn make head or tail of, Rio opened his eyes, but to his surprise, he was in a dark place. No, he wasn going blind, his eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and he could make faint outlines of a cave-like structure.

”Covering Sample Test #854…s Soul in Divine Essence…. Error…. Repeating….. Error…. Repeating….. Error…. Repeating….. Error…. Repeating….. Error…. Maximum Divine Essence Allowance Exceeded…. Continuing The Test ”

Rio again heard some unknown gibberish, however this time it felt like he was drowning and it was painful before the feeling went away and suddenly he felt full as if he had just had lunch, however, he again felt like he was drowning but it was a little less painful this time, followed by a full stomach sensation. This repeated a number of times before it finally stopped. However, before Rio could rest a little

”Command: Kill the Orc Without Running Away. Time Restraint: 150 Seconds ”

Followed by the unknown noise, which now Rio felt like a language, a huge boar came out of nowhere standing on 2 legs, and before it could do anything, Rio turned around and ran at full speed. Yes, instead of standing in fear, he made a run for it. He didn hear the boar chasing him and he reached some sort of gate. It was a thick iron gate which was open slightly for some reason, but Rio didn think much about it as he entered inside and the clearing was clearly too small to let the boar in, and the door didn look like it could be opened easily.

After entering, Rio suddenly got blinded by a bluish-white light before hearing the sound of the doors shutting. Rio still in full panic mode quickly adjusted his eyes to see a beautiful levitating star-shaped crystal, almost as big as a small-sized car shining majestically in the middle of the room, rotating and turning around with no apparent pattern.

Beautiful.. Was the only thought he had. Completely mesmerized by the crystal and tired from all the incidents till now, Rio went up to the crystal and carefully touched it. As soon as his fingers touched the crystal, a clear and mechanical gender neutral voice resounded in his head.

”Sufficiently Intelligent Being Found, Would You Like To Become This Dungeons Dungeon Master? ”

Without actually thinking anything, Rio nodded. He didn know what language it was, but he could clearly understand it for some reason.

”Acknowledged, Greetings New Master- ”

Before the mechanical sound could complete the unknown voice spoke again.

”Time Up. Result: Failure. Proceeding Cleanup. Removing Test Subject… Error. Test Subject Bounded To The Temporary Dungeon. Breaking Connection…Error: Insufficient Authority… Solution: Removing The Dungeon Core….. Success- ”

That was when Rio once again lose his consciousness, looking at the majestic crystal slowly losing its shine.

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