Robotic Vampires

Robotic Vampires 1

Raucous laughter and silliness just didn have a place in the world thats becoming. The world that was is the one that we lived in. The world where we visit a friend without the fear of being eaten alive by some robotic yet mini-sensitive vampires. Yes, vampires.

Just like everyone thought, grief was wearying, gruesome death had already begun in a remote area somewhere in the Sahara desert. In six months, the armies of over a million had begun matching towards the real world. And we, the Green Berets of the US military, are the only ones to stop it. Master Chief Hayes, the commander in charge, plugs his gun and dumps it on the circular steel table situated in front of us in a transport aircraft heading to the Sahara desert,

”We don want to risk eyes from the ground. Well drop here from the sky, ” he says as he uses his pointer to tap a spot on the map, lying flat on the welded table sitting in the middle of the plane,

”Ohh, Jock hope you won freeze out, ” one Jason Maduro says, ”voo-voo, ” Jason smiles tapping Jock

”Does Jock hate jumping? ” Hayes asked,

”No sir, Im fine with flying around, ” Jock gets pissed,

Jason holds the short pitiful stunted middle east soldier, ”Jock you know the truth, don let me remind them of our training when we were newbies, ” everyone chuckled

Jock said ”Funny, but no one laughed, ”

”Ok, enough, focus… ” Hayes rounded his eyes around the team, and all 13 behaved, ”good, we continue. When we arrived at the target building half a mile from our landing position. Theyll be two teams, 7 on one side of the building, and 6 on the other, ” he stops and looks upward, then continues, ”well go in secure the red button and get out, hot or cold, we are Green Beret, ” he says ”any questions, ”

”Sir, ” Easton McRae raises his index finger, ”go on, ” Hayes says,

”What if things go South and we can get out, what do we do? ” Easton asked

”We are there to make sure things don go South, ” Hayes looks Easton straight in the eye, ”Our target is the red button, ” Hayes says, ”Intel from a CIA operative says its like a box made of glass with a single but effective red button inside. We get it, we hope to stop whatever is going on in Normans head, ” he looks around again and yells ”Are we clear, ”

”Aye Master Chief, ” everyone echoed

”Good, go get some sleep, we move out by dawn, ”

Everyone muttered and walked away to their bunker, made of clothes, tied around two irons on opposite sides and suspended in the air, ”I hope this works out, ” Easton tells Jock, ”

Jock folding his supplies into his bag turns and looks Easton full in the face, ”I won risk my fear for something that won work, ”

Easton still had an inkling something bad was about to happen. He thought, if Norman Peters had such technology, then he must have been assisted. By who? This question rang until he finally slept and woke again still hanging on with the thought of who assisted Norman to build a robot who would wipe us all out, ”Are we ready to jump, ” Hayes yells

”Yes sir, ” they all shouted. ”Suit up, ” Hayes parroted, with Jocks eyes still focused on the menacing dark cloud and the danger it would bring. After some routine checks by the safety operator, Easton was the first to dive out, then Jason, then Hayes, and not long the rest of the team had all landed on the floating atmosphere.

Swimming in the floating breeze above, Pike the African American shouted as a rocket took out the plane, ”Watch out, ”

Thwock…thwock…thwock, the blades of the plane shouted louder. The plane struggled to gain balance in the air but later loosed affirmation to the course and fell dead with all that was on it.

Pieces of the blown-away plane pierced into the skin of many of the soldiers, twelve in total. Eastons lucky abilities would be greatly exaggerated today, knowing he had been dodging dirty and unfortunate situations like this one, ”ahh, he lands fit firsts then crawls to grab his gun, ” The big harsh tarpaulin had covered him full body, ”Anyone, ” Easton said, the foggy area made things worse, but he managed to sit, ”Help me, ” Pike screamed,

”Hold on Pike Im here, I got you, ” the mid-thirties, Asian American soldier, long hair, covered with tattoos – Easton – ran to Pikes safety, ”hold up Im coming. ” From the other side of the desert, not that far though, Easton rushes to meet with lame Pike. Right leg twisted to the left, hands bolted towards the back, ”can you move it, ” Pike cried, ”it hurts badly, do what you gotta do, please,*

Easton Looks at the pitiful soldier, ”Im sorry brother, I can do anything. Youll have to hold up till help comes, ”

Easton stands up and looks around for any other survivors, but found none. He rushes to all the remaining eleven soldiers and finds dead bodies instead of real agile men, ”What do we do now? ” He says with a muted voice


The busy control room sits at the edge of a military base in Washington DC, with several computers suited in it, ”Captain Holden, we have a situation with the 13 Black Berets we sent to Sahara, ” one female computer operator sitting in front of a miniature screen tells Holden,

”Whats the situation? ” Holden locks his hands together behind his back, ”sir, I think the plane has been blown, ”

”Any survivors? ” He asked, ”Im afraid not, sir, ” she says

”What type of blast would take everyone out, without a single survivor, ”

”We suspect Norman knew we were coming so he sent the rocket, ” she turns around and looks Holland full in the face

”Have you tried establishing any form of communication with the supposed deceased, ” he asked,

”Yes sir, their radio went rogue, while the message board on the plane got blocked seconds before the attack, ”

”It was planned, and we need to know how, put the CIA on, ” he dips his hands into his pocket, ”what have you done about it? ”

”Command center in the sky has issued a drone to give a clear feed from the last position we last made contact with the pilot. Maybe we could get something from around there, ”

”Have you grabbed Officer Flynn on the situation at hand, ”

”Not yet sir, ” she answered,

”Let him know immediately, its his team thats in danger, ”


Easton ran unto Pike to know if he was still kicking around to borrow an idea, but it went south, real south, Pike had al

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