Robotic Vampires

Robotic Vampires 4

Officer Flynn, ”

”Officer Flynn please, Im Agent Washburn from the CIA, just want to ask you some questions about the recent situation that has raised a red flag in the USA, ”

”Im keen on what you
e about to say now, Agent, ”

”Don worry, Ill make it as quick and easy as possible

”Ooh, ok, get at it, ”

Flynn stays almost half an hour with Washburn then comes out and whispers through the ears of Holland.

e saying the Chinese took out our aircraft from the sky, ” Holland gets in shock

”Pull up the video coverage of the attack on our aircraft, ” Flynn tells Shae, ”Copy that sir, ”

Shae tabs some buttons on her keyboard, and moves the little mouse around the freshly shaved circular wood, ”here, ”

”Zoom back to where the rocket hit the plane, ”

”That part wasn captured, sir, ”

”We just need to confirm whether or not we were hit by the Chinese workforce, ”

”Theres no way to find out not with the information we have, ”

”Send me the video Ill go watch it a hundred times in my office, ” Flynn says,


Ria finally arrived at the first heaven. There are no robots here, just a group of trusted friends that started the course with him. She finds her way to Normans apartment and badge in without knocking, ”Be man enough to come by yourself next time, ” she moves closer to his rotating bed,

”You came around to say hello, ”

”Im not working in technology, I won be involved in any of this never again in my life, ”

”Its funny and very concerning how you waste your time, to move 16 levels up here, only to make a claim that you know won be accepted, ”

e a joker, I won accept it because I don care who you turn, not anymore, ” she parroted, ”not anymore, ”

e right Im not gonna use anyone else, Id use you this time, ” He paced around with his iPad,

”Your erroneous way of thinking you control the world when in fact youve control no one shows your foggy sense of understanding, ”

”Goodbye, Ria, Id see you in the technological meeting in an hour, ”

e dreaming Im not coming anywhere, ” Ria flinched. Norman saunters from his bed to Ria, ”The meeting begins in an hour, and you
e gonna come and take part because if you don Ill take out your mouth, ”

”You have no right… ” Ria tries to pull back,

”shuuu, you
e not in any situation to make claims, ” Norman locks eyes with Ria, ”Ill take out your mouth, so in case you finally succeed in running, you won have what to use and sell, your dream afterlife, remember, ”

e a bitch, ”

”Youve said that 223 times since you came into the new world, ”

”Stop telling me how many times Ive said a word, ”

”Its 56 minutes left, go prepare, the mistress should be done with your scientific wears ”

”I said Im not putting on any of those, ”

”Since when I found you in the gutter that the trenches of taxes and college debt had put you. Right from the first day, you stepped into this new world. You have been asking yourself whats in the second heaven. Who fills that space, ” Norman walks away in front a few steps, ” you started believing its where I hid the red button. 9 Hearse, fills the second heaven. Do you know what Hearse means, ” Norman turns around to look at Ria from behind, she shakes her head, no, she meant.

”A vehicle thats used to transport dead bodies, so far 37 people have died in heaven, 35 has a result of decapitation, one cancer, and the other suicide, ” he said, ”you
e not special Ria, you
e just important, and I like important but if you want to join the 37 dead bodies in second heaven you can get your wish, maybe you won get to see whether or not Eastons plan of getting out would work, ”

”Please, just let me go, I won tell anyone, please, ”

”I can , it won help the course, ” Norman frantically batted away with his iPad, heading to the technology department, which was on the seventh heaven or some, ”Ill see you in an hour right, ”

She shook her head, ”I don know yet, ”

”Make the right choice, it would help even with Eastons social life, ” Norman walked into the elevator, ”if you
e dead, hell be left alone and you won forgive yourself, ”


Almost half an hour after Flynn had decided to watch the video looking for a loophole thatll tell him China had deliberately taken out their high-tier operators without a proper reason, ”there you go son of a bitch, ” he actually finds something, makes a jerking turn smiling and running into the control room, ”Capt. Holland cmon theres something you need to see, ”

”Got anything yet, ” Holland asked

”Cmon, ” Flynn and Holland rush into Flynns office. Flynn swipes his iPad left, ”see that, ” he pauses at a picture of Pike looking up at the sky saying; watch out,

”If he was looking up, then Washburn is right. The rocket came from the sky, we need to know the command center responsible, ” Holland forcefully collects the iPad from Flynn, ”give me that, ”

He rushes to Shae, ”hey trace Pikes eyeballs to where hes looking at, ”

”Yes sir, ” Shae pulls out the photo from the gallery and makes some computer calculations, ”got it, sir, ”

”Whats it like? ” Holland says

”Its a command center up in the sky, Im not cleared to check out stuff like that, ”

”Tap in, theyll understand, ” Holland hovers around Shaes seat, ”sir, we can still do this by the book, ” Shea says

”Do it, its a direct order, ”

”Yes sir, ” Shea makes a few taps taking the back door into the U.S command center someplace in the sky, ”they
e two arks there, one Chinese and the other unknown, ”

”Whats unknown? ” Flynn asks

”I see a white pie symbol, ” she stops, ”I think its safe heaven in the sky, ”

”Thats interesting. Norman home is also situated in the sky, ” Flynn jerks and mumbles, ”I want everything you can get from that center, ”

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