It made a disgusting crunching sound as it broke and splattered blood all over his shirt. The fight became nearly impossible to follow after Taylor started swinging his fists at the other four. We did well that night. I ended up with a black eye and a fat lip, but considering the odds, we call it a win.

(Fighting +5, Taylor Relationship +10 and Alexis Relationship -20)

Life was good when I was in high school. I had a great girlfriend and some good friends. I had a lot of money and the future looked open. That all came crashing down when I was tricked into selling weed to an undercover cop. Luckily for me, I didn have too much in me and I was still young.

I was found guilty in youth court. Unfortunately, I already had a record, so the judge wasn forgiving. Thats why I was sent to a juvenile detention center for my final years of high school.

Juvie wasn so bad. There were people there who had done much worse. I made so many connections with people on the wrong side of the law that it was virtually inevitable that I would fall into a life of crime. Unfortunately, Christine, my girlfriend, was very disappointed in me. She visited me, but it wasn the same. I was glad I told her the truth about my past, or Im sure things would have been a lot worse.

(Criminal Reputation +10)

I had mixed feelings when Taylor was accused of assault and sent to the same detention center. She had become more and more hot-headed over the years. Drunk or high, Taylor couldn even remember why shed beaten up a guy in a downtown pool hall. Though I felt bad about her being stuck in juvie with me, it was nice to have a friend.

We target the weakest. It was pretty easy since they were already scared to be there. All we had to do was scare them into giving us what we wanted. They were just punks, so we didn make a lot of money, but we made enough to survive. They all hated us, of course, but at least they respected us.

(Intimidation +5, Criminal Reputation -10 and Won $400)

The juvenile detention center I stayed at was affiliated with my old high school. The only thing it really meant was that we were eligible to join their sports teams. It was nice hanging out with the lacrosse team and seeing my old teammates. We had a good team my junior year and we even made it to the state championship. The big game was incredibly loud and was played in a huge stadium. Our team was nervous, but Alexis rode with the same confidence as ever. She became even stronger and more athletic as she got older.

she smashed an old lacrosse stick on her bus when they pulled over and we yelled threats at them before the game. When we took the field, his knees were gelatinous and barely fit to play. I don know if they played on purpose, but we won easily and became state champions. It made us local heroes around town.

(Intimidation +5 and Citizen Reputation +10)

Years passed. I was surprised when Christine asked me to the prom at her school. I would be the bad boy in a school full of innocent students… a wolf among sheep

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