Lenny looked shocked when I placed my hands on his head. That shocked look turned to fear as I slammed her melon against the old cash register. He looked around for help, but suddenly all of his customers were looking at his shoes or out the window. After the third ring of the bell on the head register, he relented.

”Im very sorry! ” he stuttered. ”I didn see you there! Here, here. ”

He took an envelope out of his pocket and thrust it into my hand. I moved on to Jimmy the Carrot and we left the store. Jimmy didn say anything as he added the envelope to the others and we headed to the next place.

(Heat +25, Intimidation +5, Citizen Reputation -5 and Family Reputation +5 in the life outline)

The title newspapers liked to use was Soldier. Jimmy was a made man and his job was to make money. Today he was a bagman, collecting tribute to send the ranks to Nelson and then to the Don, Terrence De Luca. This became a regular monthly outing for us, visiting the various rackets Jimmy had and rattling them for our share.

A few days later Jimmy and I found ourselves in a dark alley behind Flowers for You. The shop owner said she saw a ”creepy young man ” hanging around her shop late at night. As the store was under Jimmys protection, he was asked to resolve the issue. I don know why you didn call the police; probably because she was under Jimmys protection and any contact with the police was highly frowned upon.

Wed only been down the alley for an hour when a skinny man with bad acne appeared. Jimmy made us wait a bit to see what was going on. It didn take long before two street punks showed up and the three of them started whispering. Items and money were exchanged and the punks went on their way. Jimmy frowned as he advanced confidently.

”Did you lose, friend? ” he asked the dealer.

”Free city, man, ” replied the skinny one. ”Take a walk. ”

Jimmy looked at me expectantly.

He didn put up much resistance when I laid down on him. A few minutes later, I found myself standing over his bleeding body as Jimmy bent over him.

(Fighting +5, Criminal Reputation -5, Citizen Reputation +5, Jimmy Relationship +5 and Family Reputation +5)

”This is Life sketch territory, ” he said. ”If I see you here again, you
e leaving in an ambulance. Get lost. ”

We got back in my Mustang and drove home. The owner of Flowers for You was happy to have her problem resolved.

Thats how my days went, working as Jimmys chauffeur and bodyguard. I even received a regular paycheck from a legal source. Naturally, it was a no-show job that got me laundered money and a title. My paycheck said I was the Assistant Manager of the International Cargo Storage Department for Nova Daria Airlines. Sure, I didn have an office, subordinates, responsibilities and tasks to accomplish, but I still got a paycheck once a week. It was a good system.

(Won $2000)

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