He looked surprised and confused at the same time. He opened his mouth to talk but couldn say anything.

” Im so sorry, Im so sorry ” I quickly tell my boss as I wiped my tears away with the back of my palm.

He closed his mouth and nodded his head as he turns to leave. He stopped on his track and turned to look back at me. ” We.. are… having a meeting in the conference room in about an hour ”.

” Okay sir, ” I said feigning a smile even though my eyes failed me.

”Alright then ” He gave me a tight smile and left.

I guess hes still shocked. Im glad he didn ask me the reason for my breakdown because that would have been so embarrassing. My boss is in his early fifties and I am like his right-hand man. He loves me so much and took me as his daughter.

I walked back into my office and slam the door shut as I walked across my desk and sat down. I took a deep breath as I lean my head back and wheeled myself in a circle as tears trickled down my cheeks. This is the first time I let my guard down in the office and thats because of her. Isn it enough that I had to battle with something which knew of for years? Did she have to constantly remind me of how he damaged me?

I hope my boss doesn suspect anything. I sat upright and quickly grabbed some tissue to dry my tears as I start reapplying with my makeup. God bless whoever invented makeup because it has always been a saving grace for me.

No day goes by that I don need it. Is it to cover up the scars I inflicted on myself or how it boosted my confidence back anytime I feel like Im losing it. I took my time as I turn myself into a doll. I checked myself out in the mirror and I smiled back at the elegant lady staring back at me.

Without makeup, I felt it was easy for people to see through me because they will all know I am sick. They will all know I am nothing but a shell, a piece of shit, trash. Makeup is like the mask I used to cover that damaged part of me because one will be able to see underneath the mask. No one, because I make sure my mask never falls except for today which I regret.

I attend to some emails on my computer and then get prepared for the meeting which should start in less than thirty minutes. I go through some files before I heard a knock on my door as my secretary peek her head in.

” Its time Ma, ” She said with a smile and left.

I stand on my feet and take a full look at myself in the standing mirror and I love what am seeing. I head out of my office and hearing my heels click on the floor sounds like power.

I walked into the conference room and suddenly the noise died down as all eyes were on me. Everyone stood on their feet to greet me except for these three old fools who always feel intimidated by me. I roll my eyes at them as I walked inside and sat on one of the chairs on the long glass table across from them.

Mr. Herrera, Mr. Francis, and Mrs. Johnson are my seniors when I first joined the company but its crazy how within two years I met them at the top. They are no longer my seniors but colleague and rivals. They hated me so much and I must say the feelings are mutual too.

They have tried everything possible to bring me down or made me quit working yet all their plans are always futile. The more reason why I put my guard on is that theres only one thing that can bring me down. Theres only one thing that can destroy me and thats knowing that damaged part of me. If they get to know that the mask I was putting on was just a facade, that I wasn strong as they think I am, that I am just as light as a feather then Im doom and thats more reason why I will never let my guard down.

Thats one reason why I never had any friends or best friends because the people closest to you are your biggest enemy. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy.

Who is your best friend? Whats the definition of a best friend?

The one you feel free to share your deepest secrets, the inner you, and the dark side of your personality with.

Best friends know you from the core.

So when they turn into an enemy, they prove to be the worst because they know your frame of mind and your soft spots. They know things that can hurt you badly.

Whatever I have learned through my life is, ”Never share your inner self with anyone. If you do, you are making yourself their poodle. When they will betray you, they will do badly. ”

Welcome sir, everyone all chorused as the CEO whos in his early seventies walked in with his son who is my boss jotting me out of my thought.

Oh! The CEO is here? He hardly comes to the company unless its something important. I thought to myself as I stand on my feet with the rest.

” You may all sit, ” The CEO said as he took his seat followed by his son.

” Im going to make this quick because I have somewhere else to be, ” He began. ”Amyra, can you please come here ? ”

” Yes sir, ” I said with a smile as I stood up from my seat and walked toward him.

” Amyra has been an absolute star since she got to this company. We have gotten contracts we never thought we could achieve in fifteen years to come but with her help, we have achieved that within a year. Our stocks and sales have risen over the years and that credit goes to her which is why we will be honoring her with a promotion ”.

I opened my mouth as I registered his words. It was unbelievable. I could see the surprised expression on everyones faces as they all stood up to applaud me. I smiled wildly because something was at least going in a good direction in my life. Looking at everyone keep clapping and congratulating me made me realize at least one part of me wasn that empty.

After the applauding died down, the CEO continued his speech. ” I hereby handed the ongoing project to you because I trust you to ….. ” He couldn complete his sentence as Mrs. Johnson stand up and opposed his statement.

Its true we women are our own biggest enemies.

” Sir, I don think its appropriate to hand over the ongoing project to Miss Amyra, ” She said with so much hatred.

” I think I supported Mrs. Johnson on this ” Mr. Herrara said as he also stood up.

” I also opposed, ” Mr. Francis said too.

” Can you tell me why the ongoing project shouldn be handed over to her ? ” My boss asked.

” This ongoing project was to introduce

Luxury lingerie, swimwear, Bridal lingerie, hosiery, and many other sexier undergarments for married women to spice things up in their marriage so how is it possible for someone who is still single in her thirties to carry out the task when she hasn for once married or being in a stable relationship before ” Mrs. Johnson said and I could see her proudly smile to herself when she sees some of the staffs nods their heads in accordance.

” I think Mrs. Johnson is right, ” Mr. Francis said. ” It will be nice if the project is given to someone married and have basic knowledge of what married men love to see on their wives ”.

I smiled to myself as I allowed them foolishly speaks their mind.

I cleared my throat gaining everyones attention. ” I think they are all right, ” I said to the surprise of everyone. ” I think the project should be given to someone married but not to someone whos in her third marriage because no amount of sexy lingerie will be able to keep such men because she lacks basic knowledge of what men love, ” I said as I faced Mrs. Johnson with a smirk on my lips.

” Am I not right Mrs. Johnson? ”

” You! ” Mrs. Johnson said and angrily sat down.

” And I also think it shouldn be given to a married man whose wife dragged to court every blessed day for being a deadbeat father, ” I said and face Mr. Francis who gently sat down at my words.

” Oh, I forgot. It also shouldn be given to a man whos a chronic womanizer whose wife is about to divorce because she caught him with several multiple women ” I said and face Mr. Herrara with a smile on my lips.

” No wonder you are still single ” He muttered as he sat down back.

The CEO cleared his throat gaining everyones attention back. ” I think the person suitable for this project is Miss Amrya because I trust her to carry out the task diligently ”.

” Thank you so much sir, ” I said with a smile as I bow my head lightly to him.

” Keep up the good work, ” He said as he patted me lightly on my back on his way out.

There were murmurs as the CEO was walked out by his son while some staff came to congratulate me and I beamed as I keep telling them ” Thank you ”.

I could see Mrs. Johnson and her cahoot having their meeting and I know I should be prepared because they won stop at anything to bring me down. This project means a lot to the CEO and thats why I must make sure theres never a mistake in it.

We all walked out of the conference room after the CEO left as I discussed how the project will go with my junior staff who are under my supervision.

” Mom! ” I heard that familiar voice as I raised my head and my eyes widened in shock as I look at him.

Whats he doing here? How did he get here? Who brought him here?

Multiple thought runs through my mind as I look at everyone who was just coming out of the conference room and I could see the surprised expression on their faces including my junior staff who were beside me.

He ran up to me and enveloped me in a hard hug. ”Have missed you ”.

” So she has a son ? ” I heard Mrs. Johnson say with a scoff.


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